Why are Stuhrling Watches So Cheap on Amazon?

Why are Stuhrling Watches So Cheap on Amazon?

Despite all the functions of smartwatches, luxury diving watches have always been popular among people. These watches give a classy look and have become a trend over the years. 

For that reason, several brands like Stuhrling have started focusing on manufacturing and providing quality dive watches.

The Stuhrling company is one of those brands that offer aesthetically royal, trendy, elegant, and cheap watches. The designs of these watches are more appealing than the world-famous top brands. 

Stuhrling offers these magnificent watches at a low price, giving tough competition to its competitors. Moreover, you can easily explore and buy its stylish and majestic wristwatches from its website or other online platforms like Amazon and eBay.

Remarkably, with Stuhrling watches of good quality and high-standard services, Amazon offers you luxury diving watches at low prices.

Are you wondering, “Why are Stuhrling watches So Cheap on Amazon?” To answer this query, you need to know where a Stuhrling brand watch is manufactured and what watch movements it uses in its timepieces. 

Keep reading to learn all about the Stuhrling Watch Review and understand why they sell it on Amazon for an affordable price.

Why Are Stuhrling Watches So Cheap On Amazon

Stuhrling Watch Review

History of Stuhrling Watches

In late 1999, Chaim Fischer, from Switzerland, started his own new watch company in New York, Stuhrling. 

The company name was inspired by a famous watchmaker of the 19th century, Max Stuhrling IV, who lived in Switzerland. The company designs and sells luxury watches and their accessories.

The vision of this watch brand was to offer luxury and affordable watches so that people could easily buy these watches. It has gained a significant grip with time, and now it’s one of the most popular luxury Swiss watches brands.

Stuhrling has always mesmerized its consumers with its innovative and exceptional timepiece designs. Stuhrling Original watches with Swiss movements undoubtedly offer outstanding quality.

It has introduced classic, formal, and adventurous themes in its collection. You can wear a Sturhling watch anywhere, anytime, whether you want a casual or formal look.

Its timepieces are made so gracefully that they look costly at first glance, but in reality, they cost very cheap compared to other Swiss watches. If you are looking for an elegant and stylish timepiece in the range of $100 to $1000, then the Stuhrling watch on Amazon is the best choice.

Where are Stuhrling Watches Manufactured?

The cost of the product dramatically depends on the location of manufacturing. Although the founder of Stuhrling belonged to a watchmaker from Switzerland and hints at Swiss production, these eye-catching watches are made in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong offers cheap labor, and hundreds of factories manufacture consumer electronics on a large scale, decreasing prices. These prices are profitable enough to sell these good watches at low prices compared to top brands.

The machinery has been updated with time, and labor in Hong Kong has learned to produce good quality products. But still, defects are common due to a lack of quality control.

What Movement Does a Stuhrling Watch Use?

The prices of Stuhrling brand watches vary a lot based on the watch movements it uses. 

Some wrist watches use Chinese Tourbillon movements, while others use Swiss-made movements. The Swiss-made movement automatic models are comparatively expensive and have a high-quality mechanism.

Stuhrling also imports Japanese movements, which are relatively cheaper than Swiss movements and reliable. Most of its collection, including Chronographs, is powered by Japanese movements.

The only quality concern lies in the Chinese movements.

Stuhrling Watch Materials

316L stainless steel is a feature commonly used in most wristwatch cases, thanks to its heavy-duty and reliable steel. Stuhrling has also used Krysterna crystal throughout its watch collection, a shatter-resistance, and scratch-free solid material. 

The Shatter resistance of Krysterna crystal is advanced and higher than its competitors.

The materials of Sturhling watches bands include rubber, leather, and stainless steel. To make its wristwatches even more interesting, it has included exotic animals like alligators, crocodiles, and lizards on the bands of its high-end collection. 

Are you interested to know more? Well, read on! This article will help you learn more about why are Stuhrling watches so cheap on Amazon.

Are Stuhrling Watches Good Quality?

Stuhrling aims to offer stylish timepieces that are cheap but still look luxurious. With its unique concept, it has taken the market in a short time. Its wearables have a mixed reputation. 

Most customers prefer A Stuhrling watch as it speaks for its price, while few complaint about their movement problems.

Keep in mind that this problem occurs only in watches with Chinese mechanical movements, which are comparatively very cheap. 

Otherwise, people who bought Swiss and Japanese movement Stuhrling watches have agreed that it produces good quality watches. It all depends on what the automatic watch offers and how it was manufactured.

After a fair evaluation, it is reasonable to say that Stuhrling watches are high-quality watches.

It’s practical to know about a brand before spending your money on its product. Different watches have different qualities and prices in comparison with others. 

Here are some pros and cons of Stuhrling watches that you should know before spending your hard-earned money:

Why Are Stuhrling Watches So Cheap On Amazon

Pros of Stuhrling watches

Luxurious Design

The invincible designs of a Stuhrling watch have the most significant advantage. Every model looks exquisite, making it look like a several-thousand-dollar piece of work. Amazingly, you only have to pay a tiny portion for how it looks.

Tourbillon and skeleton watches are its top jewels. Regarding the appearance, only a few top-notch luxury brands can stand the comparison with Stuhrling.


The watches are not just about the looks but also feel light and comfortable on your wrist. 

Its thin casing makes it so low weight that most people forget that their watch is still there during an active day and night. You can easily clip it to a shirt cuff or jeans coupled with a belt.

Wide Selection

Stuhrling has a wide range from sporty to elegant when it comes to selecting. Whether you want casual or dressy, you can find a wide range of timepieces that suit your lifestyle and occasion. It offers a variety of colors and materials to almost every model.

It also provides you with automatic watches, quartz watches, skeleton watches, and mechanical watches. 

Affordable Prices

It’s hard not to mention the affordable prices whenever you talk about Stuhrling wearables. Luxurious designs and low prices complete the description of a Stuhrling watch. The majority of the watches are available for between $50 and $300.

Stuhrling Tourbillon watches are probably a little higher in price than other models. Still, it costs a tiny portion compared to the tourbillon watches of other luxury brands.

Stuhrling understands that many people cannot afford a tourbillon and knows the importance of your hard-earned money. Therefore, it gives an impeccable opportunity to those people who want to own a tourbillon watch at affordable prices.  

Classic Look

These watches have a hold on the classic look that’s perpetual. Their timeless design suits your wardrobe no matter what century you live in; the classic look of the Stuhrling watch leaves an incredible everlasting impact on every occasion.

Durable Crystal

Stuhrling watches use Krysterna crystal which delivers enhanced resistance to scratches and shatters, far better than top-rated sapphire crystal. Krysterna crystal was firstly designed for the eyewear industry.

Cons of Stuhrling Watches

In this Stuhrling watch review, besides these excellent pros, let’s look at a couple of cons that you should consider before buying it.

Part of being low cost, there are few concerns over the quality of watches. Some consumers have complained about the inconsistent quality of automatic movements. They have complained about losing or gaining too much time and don’t keep time accurately.

Warranties do not cover shipping which can cost up to $50 to send back, making it difficult to rely on the warranty replacement.

Why Are Stuhrling Watches So Cheap On Amazon

Why Amazon?

Amazon is the biggest online platform. This website sources its products from several suppliers, giving you various options for a single watch. For effective shipping, you can even customize your order with other products.

Moreover, its shipping is free and reliable, which allows you to save on shipping costs with excellent services.

At this point, you must have gotten the concept of why Stuhrling watches are so cheap on Amazon. Let’s briefly look at the top three cheap Stuhrling watches on Amazon that might match your glorious personality:

Stuhrling Pro Diver 3950A.2

Are you looking for a sophisticated dive watch that can add value to your favorite outfits? Look no further. 

Stuhrling 3950A.2 is a classically designed modern timepiece with a blue dial, white hands, and hour markers. With its analog display, you can easily read the time even if you are busy with different activities.

It comes with Japanese quartz movements and is water-resistant up to 100 meters.

Interested? Click here to buy it!

Stuhrling Original 3997Z.2

If you are a modern, elegant-looking man, Stuhrling Original 3997Z.2 is perfect. It features a trendy and classy design which adds the factor of both coolness and boldness to you.

It goes with all kinds of outfits adding value to your style. It’s 40mm in diameter with a black dial window to see time accurately. 

Interested? Click here to buy it!

Stuhrling Original 3927.1

Stuhrling origin 3927.1 is around an analog display of a Japanese quartz watch for women with a 32-millimeter case diameter. 

This watch features a silver stainless band with silver color hour markers that adds more value to its gorgeous and elegant looks. It also has a water resistance of 30 meters and matches your whole wardrobe. 

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Final Verdict

Why Are Stuhrling Watches So Cheap On Amazon

Hopefully, this Stuhrling watch review clears why Stuhrling watches are so cheap on Amazon. So, there is no need to be confused about deciding to buy a new classic and elegant watch.

We highly recommend buying Stuhrling watches on Amazon, thanks to their affordability and accessibility.

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