Why Are Movado Watches So Expensive?

Movado watches are elegant and brilliantly made. It’s a watch brand that manufactures luxury and affordable fashion watches. You might wonder, “Why are Movado watches so expensive?”

Their high precision level and aesthetic features are some of the factors that make them stand out to watch enthusiasts. But why are Movado watches so expensive? Let’s find out.

So, Why Are Movado Watches So Expensive? [5 Reasons]

1. Reputation

Movado was once a luxury watch company that first put design and quality in their products in the 80s, 90s, and the 20th century.

Take, for instance, its Museum classic watch, which was famous for its minimalist style and the signature dot at 12 o’clock. Both its design and function have made it stand out among its competitors since its release.

After 2000, the fashion watch brand expanded its target customers, focusing on young people with fewer financial resources. This decision caused them to lose their prestigious reputation, mainly because there was so much competition in that target market. 

Among its competitors are Tag Heuer and Cartier. Still, Movado continued to produce impressive timepieces, allowing them to earn back their place in the watch industry.

Their iconic design has even graced the wrists of people who prefer a more casual look and those seeking formality. The company is famous for its Swiss-made timepieces, which are more affordable than other luxury brands.

2. Swiss Quality

Another reason Movado watches are expensive is that they didn’t cut corners with quality. 

Movado watches are known for their accuracy and quality. So, it is no surprise that many horological experts praise their timepieces. A Ronda quartz movement equips all watches. 

Additionally, these reliable watches have proven themselves as durable in any situation.

Additionally, the Swiss government has strict watchmaking standards to maintain the “Made in Switzerland” product status. So, Movado continues to adhere closely to such standards daily.

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3. Design

Movado’s design team studies their design concepts for every part of the watch, even the steel bracelets. 

If other companies design the case first and the bracelet after, Movado has a different approach: they develop the bracelet and case in parallel. This move speaks volumes about their attention to detail and their experience in watchmaking.

Even up to this day, Movado’s philosophy is that “ˆless is more.” So, they are meant to showcase the beauty of the one-through-one element – the dial.

Moreover, several museums have featured their iconic design. One of which is in New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Their classic product lines have dials with sapphire crystal, meaning they can resist any scratch. 

Furthermore, the company manufactures them in Switzerland. They also carefully inspect the finished products before shipping them to other parts of Europe or North America. They always ensure no buyer will be disappointed with their luxury Movado wristwatch.

Of course, there are Movado watches manufactured in Hong Kong and China. The Movado Bold product line is among them. Their reason for doing so is to reduce manufacturing costs. 

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4. Functionality

The functions of Movado watches are straightforward, making them reliable and easy to use. You can also personalize it to fit your style, as the brand has extensive customization options.

Some Movado watch features include chronograph capabilities, multiple time zone support, date display, and various other functions. In addition, accurate quartz movement powers the watches that keep track of time as you’re on the go.

Whether you’re searching for a reliable or elegant watch for an extra flair to your ensemble or to wear every day, Movado has excellent options.

5. Materials

Movado uses various materials for its watches, such as stainless steel, porcelain, and 18K gold. These materials create different effects on the timepiece, making each model unique.

The 18k karat gold, the highest quality in most Movado models, is rich looking. It creates a unique sound when you click the case together. It can also last a long time as well if adequately treated.

Movado uses a stainless steel material that is both beautiful and sturdy. It provides an ideal balance of aesthetics and durability. Porcelain is an uncommon material used in watches because it is delicate. Movado made use of such material as it is lightweight.

5 Best Movado Watches for 2023

1. Museum Movado Watch


Starting off this list is the famous Museum watch. It is stylish and simple every day with a sporty touch. 

This watch presents a 40mm diameter case made of stainless steel with a sapphire crystal. Its classy, simplistic design has even been compared to the Bulova dress watch 96C132. Meanwhile, the size of the Movado Museum watch is reasonable and works fine for different wrist sizes.

For added versatility, the Museum watch comes with a stainless steel bracelet. This feature gives it a more sporty look. It likewise has a 30 or 100 feet water resistance capacity, which can withstand water splashes (not for swimming).

This watch is so popular that even those unfamiliar or new in the watch industry have seen this iconic timepiece.

2. Movado Alta SE Automatic Chronograph


Another popular model from the brand is the Movado Alta SE Automatic Chronograph. It features a stainless steel and ceramic case material and sapphire crystal for added durability. 

Such a watch covers the black sunray-textured chronograph dial with three silver-white subdials, super-LumiNova accents, and a date window. It is also water resistant for up to 100 meters.

Moreover, it has a sport-elegant design that showcases the peak of modern luxury. It represents the evolution of the original Sports Edition from the brand with its signature technical ingenuity, exquisite attention to detail, and sleek, sculpted silhouette.

3. Movado Series 800 “Dive”

Why are Movado Watches So Expensive

The closest to a dive watch and sometimes compared to the Rolex Submariner, the Series 800 is a good-looking sports watch.

It also features a durable sapphire crystal, a 40mm stainless steel case, and 200m water resistance. The overall design is classic and can be worth both casual and formal. Of course, it’s nowhere near the durability of a Submariner, but it is reliable enough.

Additionally, a Swiss quartz movement powers this affordable watch. It comes with a stainless steel bracelet and a unidirectional aluminum bezel. However, many still prefer Rolex watches to inexpensive watch brands. 

4. Movado SE Green Dial

Why are Movado Watches So Expensive

Talk about understated! If you’re in the market for an exquisite watch with a sporty design, go for this Movado SE green dial watch.

This watch gives the impression of minimalism with a combination of elegance. A Swiss quartz movement drives it and has a case made of stainless steel and yellow PVD-finished stainless steel. 

The link bracelet is comfortable, and it’s also water resistant for up to 50 meters.

5. Movado Bold Thin 3600260

Why are Movado Watches So Expensive

The Movado Bold Thin 3600260 is elegant, stylish, and sleek with a minimalistic design. It has a large stainless steel case, a polished bezel and slides, and a slim profile. 

The small lugs of this Movado Bold Thin watch likewise ensure that it sits better on the wrist. We especially like its monochrome look and silver bracelet and case.

People Also Ask: FAQs About Movado Watches

Is Movado considered a luxury?

Yes, Movado is a luxury watch brand. However, the more accurate segment of the watch market that it competes in is the “accessible luxury” market. Most of its timepieces range from US$870 to $2,500.

Does Movado make luxury watches?

Yes, they do. The company manufactures both luxury and fashion timepieces. The Movado Sapphire and the minimalistic Museum model are two top-selling luxury watches from the brand.

Is Movado a good quality watch?

Yes, it is. Movado watches are certainly reliable as a top-quality movement equips them. 

They also produce inexpensive, premium models; all are highly accurate and have appealing dial elements. If you want to learn more if Movado is a good watch, you can read our previous post.

What makes Movado special?

Movado watches are known for their signature metallic dots in the dial and minimalist style. The dot symbolizes the sun at high noon. 

The company also focuses on making elegant and stylish timepieces. Their watches are unique; many watch collectors have one Movado. However, they often have it because they’re proud of the watch’s manufacturing and design rather than for resale.

How long does a Movado watch last?

It can last for years with proper care and maintenance. As for the battery life of a Movado quartz watch, it lasts approximately 18 to 36 months under regular use. After that, you need to replace the battery.

The Verdict: Are Movado Watches Worth The Price?

Why are Movado Watches So Expensive

All things equal, Movado is an excellent product and brand. The finish of their watches is high. Plus, the design is unique.

As to whether they are worth the price, our answer is yes! All their watches are luxurious, and their quality is impeccable. From fine Swiss pieces to affordable quartz watches, you’ll find a Movado watch that fits your budget, style, and timekeeping needs.

Lastly, these watches are easier to find than Rolex and Breitling watches. Considering all these factors, Movado watches are genuinely worth it. They will continue to stand firm to the test of time.

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