Why Are Invicta Watches So Cheap?

Invicta is one of the top brands in the production of wristwatches. It does not need any introduction to best-selling watches since they offer top-quality, attractive design watches at a very affordable price. 

Are you wondering why Invicta watches are so cheap even though they manufacture such terrific styles and models of watches? The answer lies in the quality of material, place of manufacture, and its strategy of selling watches in bulk.

Let’s dive a little deeper to know all about Invicta brand watches and their low-cost strategies.

History of Invicta Watches

Raphael Picard established a swiss watch company called Invicta in 1837 at La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Invicta is a Latin word meaning “invincible.” The intention behind this company was to manufacture top-quality Swiss watches for everyone, irrespective of their prominence and rank, at very affordable prices. 

Due to this concept, the Invicta brand became one of the top recognized Swiss watch companies and enjoyed attention, love, and success until the early 1970s.

In the early 1970s, quartz watches were introduced to the world. Japanese new technology of these watches became the new standard of wristwatches. 

People loved quartz watches because they were more accurate, inexpensive, and easy to manage than mechanical watches. It shook up the Swiss and automatic watches market, and Invicta went bankrupt in the 1980s.

In 1983, Invicta was sold to Ondix S.A, which kept manufacturing these watches in Bielle. However, it couldn’t go long-term due to disappointing sales.

In 1991, it was bought by US-based owners who rebranded its image but held the founding principle. It rose again in the market, and the Invicta group came back to light. 

They gave the public access to Swiss watches at affordable and cheap prices. For this purpose, they adopted cost-cutting strategies using the best possible material. Now, the CEO of Invicta is Eyal Lalo, and its headquarter is located in Hollywood, Florida.

Changes in New Invicta Watches

The Invicta Watch Group hasn’t transformed much compared to the old times. It still holds the concept of designing high-quality, stylish watches at affordable prices. However, Invicta introduced a few manufacturing and selling strategies changes to survive and retrieve its brand reputation.

The primary strategy was to sell its watches in bulk. For this purpose, it offers discounts on the price of watches by keeping low-profit margins. Any company that applies this strategy looks for different methods to reduce costs while maintaining profitability.

The other change it adopted was to switch to producing different kinds of watches from fully Swiss-made watches. 

However, it still manufactures some of its timepieces in Switzerland and states them as “Swiss Made” on its website. It also uses Swiss parts and the phrase “Swiss parts” on those watches.

Moreover, some Invicta timepieces have been converted to Japanese quartz watches, which are more accessible and cheaper than Swiss mechanical movements. It outsources its manufacturing from third parties, and its timepieces are being assembled in several countries worldwide.

The Base of the Invicta Group

The philosophy of the Invicta watch company is built primarily on three words:

  • Embrace

Invicta is a watch brand that continues to promote and embrace unique ideas and symbolize a comprehensive range of design to details and precision engineering.

  • Innovation

It combines elegance with adventure in all the activities it can work with.

  • High Quality

It distinguishes itself from its competitors by establishing high physical look and performance standards.

Why Are Invicta Watches So Cheap?

The basic foundation of Invicta was to make affordable watches for everyone, but after the quartz invasion, Swiss timepieces suffered a lot. 

To deal with this problem, the new owners of Invicta Group applied some new strategies and changes, which helped it retrieve its position in the market again by holding the founding principle. To offer low prices to the consumers, you must look for cost-cutting methods.

Invicta watches have adopted large-scale manufacturing practices, which result in low-cost manufacturing. Most low-price watch brands use this same strategy. 

The low price of the Invicta watches also depend on the following factors:

Materials Used in the Manufacturing

Materials used in the manufacturing of watches significantly affect their prices. Cheaper materials lead to more affordable prices. However, this doesn’t mean that Invicta uses bad-quality material, as it tends to use commonly used materials without affecting the quality of the watch.

Like other lower-priced watch brands, almost every Invicta watch uses stainless steel. This material is good quality and is commonly used for the bracelets and casing of inexpensive watches. 

Invicta watches are made with standard quality stainless steel. Some luxury brands also use stainless steel for their wristwatches, but they use exclusive stainless steel quality.

In gold-tone watches offered by Invicta, it uses ion-plating instead of golden paint. Golden paint is cheaper than ion-plating but fades quicker that’s why Invicta does not use it. Ion-plating offers better quality, lasts longer, and is less expensive.

Moreover, Invicta uses sapphire-coated mineral glass for the watch’s glass face. It is cheaper than sapphire crystal but a quality choice to maintain good quality watches.

When it comes to the material, Invicta does go for the cheaper options but still makes sure the quality of the material is not wrong to sustain its brand image and consumers. 

Movements Used in Invicta Watches

Movement affects the cost and pricing of the watches a lot. Brands that offer luxury timepieces make their in-house movements, resulting in time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive procedures. 

On the contrary, Invicta outsources the movements and has joined companies that make movements in bulk and offer them at low prices. These companies are Ronda, ETA, Seagull, and Seiko and make good quality movements. They also provide great movements at affordable prices.

Invicta watches also use a Japanese quartz movement, which is not just reliable but cheap. Imagine a bulk production process and a low-priced movement system, and you’ll understand why our Invicta watches are so affordable.

Place of Manufacturing

The other factor in the low prices of Invicta is the location where the watches are manufactured. It is a US-based company but outsources its manufacturing process from other countries. 

These countries offer cheap labor leading to lower manufacturing and assembly costs. Low cost leads to low prices for the consumers to pay. The watches here are manufactured in bulk, but the quality is affected.  

The entire manufacturing process of Invicta Swiss Made watches is done in Switzerland, and that’s why they call them Swiss Made. These watches are luxury watches and cost high because Switzerland has higher wages. They are also expensive but still affordable as compared to other luxury watches.

Why Are Invicta Watches Cheap on Amazon?

Amazon is known for offering the lowest prices on Invicta watches. Amazon has a large client base, and Invicta desires to sell as many watches as possible. 

So, it is a simple way to exploit Invicta’s reputation for internet sales to gain popularity. That’s why Invicta watches are cheap on Amazon.

Does it Make Good Watches?

Although Invicta uses cheap material, it doesn’t mean that they make bad watches. The quality of the material is good enough to be called a good watch.

Are Invicta Watches Worth Buying?

Whether or if a watch is worthwhile is usually a personal decision. Fortunately, deciding on a less expensive watch, such as an Invicta watch, is far easier than determining whether or not to buy a luxury watch. 

If you consider the quality of the watch in comparison to its price, then Invicta watches are worth buying. They use cheap but not the worst materials. These are cheap, look sophisticated, and have good quality.

Invicta watches are ideal for any situation, either in a club or even if you are doing some outdoor activities. When you don’t want to wear your luxury watch but still want to look elegant, the Invicta watch is what you are looking for.

No doubt the quality of the materials used in Invicta watches is low but so does the price tag. It doesn’t last a lifetime, but it will be around you for a couple of years. In simple words, it pays off the price you paid.

Best Invicta Watches

1. Invicta Men’s 9094 “Pro Diver Collection” Automatic Dress Watch

The Invicta Pro Diver series is likely the most well-known Invicta watch collection. These watches were initially designed as dive watches and are fashionable and practical.

There are a lot of different timepieces in the Pro Diver category, all with various looks and designs. There are stainless steel watches, but many gold tones watch too. Ion-plating is used to create these gold-tone timepieces, which are more durable than golden paint.

Regardless of the look, these watches offer these functions too.

  • All-Pro Diver watches feature a 200-meter water resistance rating, making them excellent for diving.
  • These watches are powered by the Japanese automatic movement, a low-cost but reliable movement technology.

If you are looking for a simple yet elegant watch, the Invicta Pro Diver is just for you. It is affordable and goes excellent with its job. 

2. Invicta Men’s Aviator Stainless Steel Quartz Watch

Another popular watch collection from the Invicta Group is the Invicta Aviator. It is a pilot watch, and in this series, you can find a great variety in design and looks. Some watches in this collection have silicon bands, while others have metal bracelets. 

The silicon bands have black color that adds amazingly extra attraction to the watch. The metal strap watches also have a charming look. These are gold, metallic, and fusion. So, you can choose depending on your taste.

The Japanese quartz movement of the Invicta Aviator watches is water-resistant to 100 meters. The watch face is more significant in aviator watches than other watches, measuring 48-52mm. So, no matter where you go, roll with the full throttle and confidence.

3. Invicta Men’s Specialty 45-millimeter Silicone Quartz Watch

The Invicta Men’s Specialty 45-millimeter Silicone Quartz watch goes a little off track compared to the Pro Diver and Aviator collection. It offers many watches from other watches in the same collection. 

Some of the watches in the Invicta Specialty collection are jeweled and have a unique royal look, while some look classy and elegant. But still, all these watches look lovely.

Some of its collections feature leather straps in different colors to match your timepiece with the outfit of your choice. A few of these watch collections give the Swiss quartz movement.

However, you have to check that out beforehand. Invicta watches are very inconsistent in Invicta Specialty, but undoubtedly all these watches are adorable and affordable. 

If you are a person who likes to have matching clothes and watches, then this watch is exactly you should look for. You can find almost all the colors that will go perfectly with your wardrobe.

How to Choose an Invicta Watch?

If you want to know how effectively an Invicta watch will serve you, you must focus on three specific aspects. 

First and foremost, you must determine the watch’s size and compare it to the size of your wrist. Second, you must choose how long you will use the wristwatch and how rough you will use it in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Invicta watches are high-quality and relatively cost watches. You will surely get what you pay for. Invicta has applied all the possible cost-cutting strategies that result in cheap manufacturing but good watches.

Hopefully, we answered your question, “Why are Invicta watches so cheap?” 

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