Why Are Gevril Watches So Expensive?

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Have you ever wondered why Gevril watches are so expensive? If you haven’t heard of Gevril yet, it is a luxury watch brand that has made a name in the watch industry.

Take a look at the casing of Gevril watches, and you will notice that it’s Swiss-made. High-quality watches with swiss movements are globally known for their high-quality function and design. These are carefully handcrafted to withstand air pressure, humidity, and other factors. 

In this article, you will learn about the history, background, and manufacturing to know if these Gevril watches are a good buy despite being costly.

If you want to understand better why Gevril watches are so expensive, keep on reading.

What Is a Gevril Watch?

Gevril is a Swiss company with a history of more than 250 years. This company is one of the renowned luxury brands in the market today. 

At present, Gevril watches feature an iconic classical style combined with the technology of this generation. 

Gevril History and Background

Gevril watch started its roots in the royal family, founded by the then promising clock and Swiss watchmaker Jacques Gevril in 1758. He presented a collection of musical automatons to King Ferdinand VI with his colleague Pierre Jaquet-Droz. 

The king was very fascinated and bought every piece. Jacques Gevril was eventually appointed as the Royal Watchmaker of the king. 

To this day, Gevril pocket watches are considered high-end collectibles. One store is located in the Museum Geneve, and another is kept by the founders of Rolex, the Wilsdorf family.

How Gevril Became a Swiss Company

In the 1990s, a Swiss distributor acquired rights to Gevril. This acquisition launched a series of Gevril watches at the Basel Fair in 1995. 

In 2001, the Gevril brand was purchased by a Swiss businessman with a passion for pocket watches and the desire to help Gevril prosper in contemporary watchmaking. 

Each year, six thousand strictly Swiss-made watches are made at the Gevril factory in Switzerland. Most of these Gevril watches are limited edition 18KT gold or stainless steel mechanical watches.

What Makes Gevril Swiss Watches Different From Other Brands?

The holy trinity of luxury Swiss brands includes Rolex, Omega, and Breitling. 

Although these brands are at the top of the spectrum, there are more luxury Swiss watches in the market. One of them is Gevril. Gevril is considered a part of the entry-level luxury Swiss watch category in terms of price.

Why Are Gevril Watches So Expensive?

Why Are Gevril Watches So Expensive?

Gevril watches are expensive for their Swiss-made quality. The Gevril brand handcrafts their mechanical watches, which are more resistant to air pressure, humidity, and water. 

Aside from excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail, the materials used in producing the luxury watches are expensive.

Gevril watches use sapphire crystal glass for their dials. This material is also used by top-end brands like Rolex, Omega, and Breitling. As for the glass, Gevril uses an anti-reflective coating for easy readability on their watches. This coating is almost invisible to the naked eye.

Gevril has three types of cases: stainless steel, titanium, and ceramic. Watch experts and enthusiasts who prefer a watch with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal should opt for stainless steel. Meanwhile, those who want a more lightweight wristwatch can choose Gevril watches made of titanium.

Gevril’s case backs and crown are screwed-down for water protection. Their dress watches have a water resistance rating of 100 meters, while the diving collections have a rating of 300 meters.

Most of Gevril’s expensive watches also have an 18k gold coating on stainless steel and titanium. It does not take a mathematician to add why Gevril watches are hefty, noting that these are the materials they use for mechanical movement.


Gevril watches are durable because of the high-quality materials the brand uses. One practice they always ensure in their craftsmanship is the use of sapphire crystal glass for their watch dials. This is the same material that top-end brands like Rolex, Omega, and Breitling use.

Another high-quality characteristic of Gevril watches is their crystal glass that’s almost invisible to the naked eye. This crystal glass has an anti-reflective coating that enhances readability on their watches. 

As for the cases, Gevril watches have three types: stainless steel, titanium, and ceramic. Their stainless steel watches are scratch-resistant, while their titanium watches are the lightest to wear.

On watch functions, Gevril watches have functional bezels that are useful for tracking time spent on diving or other activities. The case backs and crown are also screwed down for water protection. The typical water resistance rating of Gevril watches is 100 meters for their dress watches and 300 meters for their diving collections.

Gevril offers three strap options: stainless steel, titanium, and water. Their more expensive watches use 18k gold coating on stainless steel and titanium.


Gevril watches follow a mechanical movement that requires a higher level of craftsmanship and great attention to detail. This type of artistry takes years to polish and given that Gevril has existed since the 18th century, the brand can reach such excellence.

Some Gevril collections are also quartz watches with the Ronda 673 movement. This caliber has an accuracy of -10/+20 seconds monthly which is considered great in terms of quality.

However, Gevril’s highest quality watch movement would be the Sellita SW330. This movement is highly durable and accurate with a long-lasting caliber. It’s a 25-jewel automatic with a 4-hand complication to track two different time zones. It also has 42 hours of power reserve and an Incabloc shock protection system. 

In a workplace that highly values time, the Sellita SW330 can be commonly found in Gevril’s Wall Street collection. These Gevril watches are unlikely to gain 5 seconds daily.


Gevril watches are known for their fusion of classical design and contemporary function. Their dress watches are elegant and stylish for formal to casual occasions. For a sporty look, Gevril also incorporated activewear designs on their diving watches. 


All authentic Gevril watches have a 2-year guarantee period. Register your purchase on the Gevril website to be eligible for a warranty.

Top Gevril Watch Recommendations

1. Gevril Men’s Wall Street Swiss Automatic Watch 

The Gevril Wall Street is the most popular collection. There are many good reviews on this collection for its impeccable mechanical craftsmanship. Its movement is unlikely to gain five seconds daily. 

This Gevril watch also includes a magnifying lens with luminous indices on the dial and hands. Meanwhile, the chronograph is screwed down with the Gevril logo.

This watch is also powered by a Swiss automatic chronograph with ETA 7750 movement and is water-resistant up to 200 meters or 20 ATMs.

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2. Gevril Men’s Seacloud Automatic Self Winder Watch

The Gevril Men’s Seacloud Collection is the perfect watch for the sporty ones. If you think diving can’t be luxurious, think again. This collection is the second most-shopped line of timepieces from Gevril.

Other features of this watch include luminous hands and hour markers. It also has a date window at 3 o’clock and an open heart screw-down case back. You also will see the quality craftsmanship of Gevril with this open heart watch.

This Gevril watch also has a unidirectional rotating bezel, powered by an MDD3G Swiss quartz movement. The water resistance is 200 meters, 656 feet, or 20 ATMs. 

This Gevril watch is also best for swimmers or divers who want to wear a luxury Swiss watch while swimming or diving.

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3. GV2 by Gevril Men’s Automatic Watch

The GV2 by Gevril is a watch that focuses on style. This collection is known for dressing up on formal occasions, but you can also wear it to upgrade your casual look.

The GV2 Gevril Men’s Automatic Watch features a 39-millimeter and 316L stainless steel case and a black pin cushioned textured dial. 

Gevril is also famous for its scratch-resistant stainless steel. If you’re the type who moves a lot, you won’t have to worry about damaging the GV2’s appearance. 

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The Verdict: Should You Buy Gevril Watches?

Why Are Gevril Watches So Expensive?

It seems a no-brainer for you not to purchase Gevril watches for their Swiss quality. Although the luxury brand bloomed later than Rolex watches, watch aficionados will love the craftsmanship involved with Gevril’s mechanical movements.

If you’re the type who wants something in between classical and contemporary, then the Gevril luxury watch brand is for you.

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