Why Are G Shock Watches So Expensive?

Casio G-Shock has offered high-quality timepieces instead of focusing more on design.

Nowadays, many models capably blend both qualities. They sell them to the market in a resilient package, making them heavy-duty timepieces. But why are G-shock watches so expensive? 

Our team looked into it, and here’s what we found out:

How Much Do G-Shock Watches Cost?

The G-Shock family is big. Its large variety of models comes in different price ranges. For instance, the cheapest (or most basic) G-Shock watches include the DW-9052, DW-6900, and DW-5600, priced at around US $49 to $124.

Meanwhile, the Big Case G-Shock watches, like the GA-100, GA-120, GA-200, GA-201, and GA-400, are priced at around $75 to $140

Some of the most expensive G-Shock watches, including the G-Shock MRGB1000D-1A, MRG-G1000HG-9A Gold Hammer Tone, and MRG-G2000GA-1A, cost around US$3,700 to $7,400.

Furthermore, all G-Shock watches have a Stopwatch or Chronograph, Shock Resistance, 12/24 Hour Formats for Digital Display Models, an Alarm, Full Auto Calendar, and 200M water Resistance Functions.

You can usually buy G-Shock watches at a lower price on Amazon, although only sometimes. Demand and supply still push the price higher than retail, more so if it’s a discontinued watch.

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9 Reasons Why G Shocks Are Expensive

1. Highly Durable

As you may already know, watches by G shock are highly durable. The Japanese brand wants to create a timepiece that “never breaks.” As such, they ensure to manufacture their watches with high durability.

Moreover, G shock designs its watches to resist mechanical stress, vibration, and shock. Hence, the brand itself is an abbreviation for Gravitational Shock. They are also resistant to extreme cold.

In the Guinness Book of Records, G-Shock’s DW-5600E-1 even survived after being driven over by a truck. It still ticked the correct time afterward without a crack on the wristband or the timepiece body. As a result, the brand earned the popularity of producing “the toughest watches of all time.

In addition, a G-Shock can survive in depths of up to 200 meters or 660 feet. The company’s motto for their watches is the “Triple Ten,” which means they are shock-resistant for up to 10 meters, have a 10-year battery life, and are water resistant to 10 bars.

As for the materials used in making them, they were made of plastic before, leading to their low price. However, the company now uses titanium for its watches, making them more durable than before. It also features a DLC (Diamond-like carbon) coating that prevents scratches.

Overall, all G-Shock timepieces include reflective sapphire glass and scratch-resistant materials contributing to their high price.

2. Built-In Survival Technologies

When it comes to easy-to-carry, rugged, and versatile gear that helps you make good tactical decisions, G-shock is a trusted brand. Their watches are built with survival technologies to help wearers fight out through tough challenges.

For instance, the Casio G-Shock GW9400 Rangeman is legendary for its durability. It offers 660 feet of water resistance, can withstand low temperatures  (-10° C / 14° F), and has an atmospheric pressure tendency graph.

The Rangeman is the best for hardcore outdoor enthusiasts looking for a rugged and reliable device. The buttons are responsive and large. So, even wearing gloves, you won’t face issues while wearing the timepiece.

The model also includes Triple Sensor technology, which provides compass directions, barometer readings, and altimeter data. Apart from these high-quality technologies, there are features like sunrise/sunset data, a world clock, and five daily alarms, and a world clock.

There’s a good reason why outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, and service members prefer G-Shocks over other brands to aid survival and are incredibly tough.

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3. Reliable Brand

G-shocks have a stellar reputation for quality. Their watches include shockproof construction, even for the cheapest models.

The watch brand has been around in the industry since April 1983. It has also invested a lot of money and time in improving its models to the current standards. Today, the brand has reigned supreme in the watch market.

G-Shock’s impressive brand equity and tenure proved its reliability. These are why Casio is confident in selling their G-shock timepieces at a high price.

4. Advanced Functions

G-Shocks have innovative technologies to please their wearers. The brand also builds some of its watches with a rigid stainless steel band material and shock-resistant bezel structure. 

Then, some are compatible with smartphone apps and other features. Specifically, you can use G-shocks to receive email notifications, adjust the music player on your phone, set up social media alerts, and identify your phone location.

Great for outdoor pursuits

Speaking of advanced features, the G-shock is also great for outdoor pursuits. Its outdoor feature set is specific to certain outdoor activities. For example, the Master of G Rangement and its Mudmaster watches are best for preppers, the armed forces, survivalists, and hikers.

Meanwhile, its Master of G Gulfmaster is best for Boasters, while the Master of G Frogman is best for Scuba divers. There are also watches best designed for pilots (Gravity Master Services) and snowboarders (Burton Master of Gs).

Another noteworthy feature of some expensive Casio G-shocks is solar energy that works through the solar panels on the watch’s dial.

5. Design

G-shocks may sport that rugged look, but they still carry that luxury design. After all, some are built with precious stones, contributing to the high prices of most G shocks. 

One watch model that features 18-karat gold is the G-D5000-9JR. Another favorite of the watch collectors is the GST-B500 series watch with metal design, a unique interpretation of Casio of the heart of steel.

Many G-shocks are manly, lightweight, and achieve impact resistance. Of course, there are also G-shock models for women that look stunning. One of our favorites is the GM-S5600PG with a compact design. 

There are also Baby G watches, which are the smaller feminine version of the original G-shock models.

If you’re into limited edition designs, G-shock won’t disappoint you. Some of the best G-shock limited edition models are GM-2100SS-1AER (blue IP bezel), GMW-B5000EH-1ER (Bluetooth-enabled), and the GWG-2040FR-1AER (controlled MB6 and solar-powered). All these are worth checking out.

Furthermore, one of the most stunning timepieces from the brand is the BaselWorld 2015 limited edition MRG-G1000RT-1A. The said model has gold accents on the face, a DLC coating on the bands and the case, and a bezel with a “nie pattern” of the Japanese swords. Nei (沸) means “boil” or seethe” in Japanese.

Such a timepiece has a rich finish that is believed to reflect the glow in the light and is the pinnacle of Japanese craftsmanship.

6. Good Resale Value

Although not all, some G-shock timepieces have a high resale value, contributing to their price.

Since G-shocks includes high-quality materials, they are also stunning, long-lasting, and challenging, which hold their value better than other watches.

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7. Sustainable

Casio is determined to ensure that it helps build a sustainable world, which makes G-shocks eco-friendly.

The solar energy feature of some G-shocks also makes them clean and environmentally friendly. Moreover, the battery is automatically charged and does not need to turn it on. 

Another plus point for G-shock models is the STN-LCD Display, which allows users to read text on a high-contrast background easily. However, the green innovations used by the company come at a cost. In turn, it makes G-shock timepieces expensive for consumers.

8. High Demand

Around 1998, G-shocks became popular. Back then, they only released 221 models, but the high demand led to the selling of over 70 million G-shock timepieces.

The first reason people prefer G-shock is its functionality. The idea that it can withstand more abuse than ordinary timepieces convinced many to own this watch. G-shocks have also become an excellent example of a modern tool watch, jam-packed with features that can last a long time with little or no maintenance.

9. Marketing

Casio spent about $100 million on national TV, print, and digital advertising in 2021. This spending in marketing led to the increase in prices of some G shock models.

Besides those advertisements, Casio also made collaboration timepieces that generate more efficient consumer appeal and greater variety. Some of their popular models were NASA and John Mayer.

FAQs About Casio G Shock

How do I know if my G-Shock is original?

Original G-shock watches come with a tag and code on the MRP sticker. You can verify it by registering such code on Casio’s main website.

What is the best G-Shock?

It depends on one’s preference for a watch. But some of the overall best G-shock watches based on features, popularity, style, and value includes the GA-900 Analog watch, GW-M5610-1 Solar digital sports watch, and GA-B2100.

How long do G-Shocks last?

An expensive G shock watch lasts a lifetime. Yet, its band may wear out after prolonged use. Don’t worry, though, as it’s easy to replace them.

What does G-Shock stand for?

The G-shock watches manufactured by Casio are an abbreviation for Gravitational Shock.

Final Thoughts

We shared with you the significant reasons why G-shock watches are expensive today. 

Notwithstanding, G watches are a great choice if you’re looking for a good-looking watch that will last you for years.

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