Why Are Breitling Watches So Expensive?

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There are many explanations why some of the most luxurious watches are expensive, such as the Breitling watches. Some reasons include being Swiss-made and certified by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC), authorizing the precision and accuracy of high-precision wristwatches of luxury watch brands. 

However, there are more reasons why the Breitling watches are on the pricier spectrum. You might be wondering, “Why are Breitling watches so expensive?” The secret is in the premium materials the brand uses, crafted with top-of-the-line quality and durability. 

This article will tackle Breitling’s history, background, and manufacturing to know if these Breitling watches are a good buy despite being costly.

If you want to understand better why Breitling watches are so expensive, keep on reading.

What is a Breitling Watch?

Breitling watches were founded in 1884 by Leon Breitling in Imier, Switzerland. While some expensive watches were invented for style, Breitling watches were created for function. 

The chronographs Breitling invented were highly used for science, sports, and industry. The brand became famous for its accuracy and functionality.

Legacy of Functional Chronograph Watches

In 1915, Breitling invented the first chronograph watch. Breitling didn’t put a trademark on the wristwatches until the company was founded in the late 1920s.

In 1930, Breitling patented the Vitesse stopwatch. This stopwatch is so accurate that it became the top choice of police officers for clock speeding motorists.  

Eventually, Breitling became recognized by the Royal Air Force. Soon, Breitling began their large-scale shipping of timepieces on aircraft in 1939. 

Breitling further established its role as one of the best-known manufacturers of aviation timepieces by creating the navigation computer in 1952. This navigation computer-executed all calculations needed for a flight plan.

Breitling continued to expand its brand’s functionality by inventing the self-winding chronograph watch in 1969. To this day, this watch movement is vital to the Swiss watch industry.

Breitling watches also explored functionality in emergencies with the Breitling Emergency wristwatch. This Breitling watch has a built-in micro-transmitter that functions as a rescue distress beacon during emergencies. This life-saving watch was launched in 1995 and is still available at present.

In 2001, Breitling’s SuperQuartz technology became the only electronic movement in the watch industry to meet COSC requirements.

What Makes Breitling Watches Different From Other Luxury Watch Brands?

As you may have noticed, Breitling timepieces are categorized as luxury watches, but they are very rich in functionality. 

Since the 1980s, Breitling has established impeccable accuracy and has given contributions to science, sports, and industries like the police, air force, and emergency department.

Why Are Breitling Watches So Expensive?

Why Are Breitling Watches So Expensive

Breitling watches are expensive for the brand’s obsession with quality. Unlike other luxury watch brands known for their fashionable design, Breitling watches are highly exclusive to technical chronograph watches. 

The Breitling devotes itself to giving premium quality and intensive use in the most challenging surroundings.


Breitling watches are specialists in mechanical chronographs and have contributed to the technical development of watch history. 

With inventions such as the two push-pieces at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock for starting and resetting the stopwatch and the first self-winding or automatic mechanical watch, Breitling made its mark in watch technology in the eighties.

Breitling watches are proudly high-performance in-house calibers with user-friendly functions. The watch brand innovated dual-time and worldwide systems.

The Breitling watches also developed electronic timepieces with the SuperQuartz movement. Compared to the other standard quartz in the watch market, this movement is ten times more accurate.

COSC Certification

The sophistication in watch movement has made Breitling achieve certification from the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). The vigorous test included passing temperatures of 23° C, 38° C and 8° C on 15 consecutive days and nights. 

Among the 5% of watches produced in Switzerland, Breitling passed the test’s criteria of accuracy, which is -4/+6 seconds. This rating is at 99.99% degree of accuracy.

This certificate guarantees Breitling’s credibility as a reliable instrument for professionals, even at large-scale productions. That’s why it’s no surprise that authorities trust Breitling in the aviation industry and emergency department.


Breitling watches are crafted with years of expertise. The case, dial, hands, crystal, and bracelets are made with top-grade materials and polished with a quality exclusive to the Breitling brand’s standards.

Breitling cases are 316L antimagnetic stainless steel alloy or grade two titanium. These are produced to withstand the ultimate missions a professional would experience. These cases provide maximum protection from impacts and intensive usage. 

On the other hand, the dials are handled meticulously for a sophisticated aesthetic. These are made of brass plates shaped with design and polished and colored through lacquering or electroplating.

The hands are made of brass and designed carefully to meet Breitling standards at one glance. Mastering the technique for Breitling hands is the most crucial part of the craftsmanship since these are the visual indicators of Breitling’s chronographs and wrist instruments.

All Breitling chronographs and wrist instruments use glare-proof sapphire crystals. This method optimizes readability in all conditions you may encounter. 

Breitling’s glare proofing process eliminates 99% of reflections seen by the naked eye. Sapphire is also the most intricate stone after the diamond. Breitling crystals are ensured to be durable in the most extreme situations.

As for the bracelets, Breitling uses the same 316L antimagnetic stainless steel alloy or grade two titanium on the cases. Some watches use leather, rubber, or their trademark ECONYL fabric. Breitling bracelets are distinct for their durability, comfort, and exclusive design.

While all parts crafted are premium, Breitling still ensures that the craftsmanship of their watches appeals to high-end finishing and aesthetics.

Customer Service

Another factor that sets Breitling watches from other watch brands is their 24/7 customer service. Breitling watches are exceptionally sophisticated precision instruments used by professionals. 

Hence, the Breitling watches must maintain their reliability in the long run.


Breitling watches have two types of the warranty period. Watches with mechanical manufacture Breitling Movement have an international warranty of five years upon purchase, given that the purchased watch undergoes water resistance tests every two years. The tests are free of charge at Breitling. 

Meanwhile, watches that do not use Breitling’s mechanical movement have a warranty of two years upon purchase. You may contact Breitling’s customer support at their website for more details.

In-Depth Review: Breitling Watch Recommendations

1. Breitling Navitimer 1 Chronograph 41 Black Dial

The Breitling Navitimer is one of the famous Breitling watches in the brand’s collections. It is a luxury chronograph watch with a black dial and index hour markers. 

The Breitling Navitimer also has a Self-Winding Automatic Movement and is COSC Chronometer Certified to meet your professional needs. This Breitling watch is durable and scratch-resistant, polished with a stainless steel case and pilot bracelet,

The Breitling Navitimer has a case diameter of 41mm, and the sapphire crystal is glare-proofed on both sides. Other features include a slide rule, date, and push and pull crown.

2. Breitling Superocean Waterproof 2000 Meters

The Breitling Superocean Waterproof is for marine professionals or enthusiasts. The waterproof rating is 2000 meters, which can be a helpful luxury watch for diving activities. 

Also, the band is black and embossed with the Breitling trademark and has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. 

3. Breitling Endurance Pro Chronograph Quartz Black Dial

The Breitling Endurance Pro is for athletes and sports enthusiasts. This luxury watch features a black case that’s non-magnetic, thermally stable, and hypoallergenic. 

The band is orange and embossed with the Breitling trademark. This Breitling watch also has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal that is 99.99% readable to the naked eye.

The Verdict: Should You Buy a Breitling Watch?

Why Are Breitling Watches So Expensive

Breitling watches may be costly, but their function is an excellent value for the price. Within its high-end aesthetic and sophisticated design, Breitling watches are crafted to withstand the most challenging conditions that professionals in the industry of aviation, police, and emergency might encounter. 

It is also notable that Breitling has proven to be a pioneer in chronograph specialization that has invented two types of an independent stopwatch and the first self-winding or automatic watch. 

While a Rolex watch might be the most famous Swiss-made watch, a Breitling is more competitive in functionality and durability. Owning a Breitling watch is to experience the band’s years of expertise and contributions in watch development since 1884.

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