Where To Sell Richard Mille Watches?

Richard Mille is one of the best luxury watchmakers in the industry. They serve as excellent investments as they retain (some increase in) their value over the years. 

As a brand, it has elevated timekeeping to the finest technical art form. Even the company’s motto, “a racing machine on the wrist,” reflects the value and complexity of their timepieces. 

This is excellent news for you if you’re searching for information on where to sell your RM watch! So, we’ve compiled a list of places to get the best deal.

For a more informed decision when selling, here’s a glimpse of how much an authentic RM watch costs nowadays:

Prices at a Glance: Richard Mille Watches

Brand new Richard Mille

A brand new Richard Mille retails for around US$60,000 to $1,300,000. The average is approximately $200,000. Some factors, including materials, complications, and limited edition models, contribute to the watch’s costs.

Pre-owned Richard Mille

Used Richard Mille timepieces cost around $100,000 to $1,200,000. Some luxury watches experience depreciation the moment it goes from new to pre-owned. 

However, there are Richard Mille models that cost more in the pre-owned market than when bought new. The leading cause is supply and demand, combined with popularity.

Although for many watch collectors and potential watch buyers, it’s not a deal-breaker in high-end watches when purchased from a reputable dealer.

Top 4 Best Places to Sell Richard Mille Watches

1. Facebook Marketplace

Social media has become a considerable part of the e-commerce world. A new social commerce report even found that over 82% of people discovered a product on social media and made a purchase because of it.

These changing trends include luxury products. For instance, Facebook’s visual nature makes it easier for luxury brands to showcase their premium status and reach a larger audience.

Hence, the Facebook Marketplace is a platform where you can get a good deal from your Richard Mille watch. To sell it, you only have to take pictures, add details about it (but avoid revealing the watch’s serial number publicly), and upload them.

One advantage to using it is its ease of use. Many people know how to use the app generally. So, you don’t need to learn complicated setup options to sell your item.

2. Worthy

It is a leading marketplace that does the heavy lifting of marketing for your pre-owned timepiece or fine jewelry. It also has a network of professional buyers who provide the best price for your RM watch based on real-market conditions.

Additionally, this platform will have your watch authenticated by its partners specializing in timepieces. There’s also a high chance you get a good deal from your pre-owned timepiece on this platform, as it lists Richard Mille as one of the most in-demand watch brands.

Other watch brands popular among Worthy’s buyers include Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, MB&F, Piaget, Ulysse Nardin, IWC, Blancpain, and Chopard.

Most of Worthy’s professional watch buyers prefer the antique or vintage versions of these big names, especially when the watch is still in excellent condition. Simply put, the rarity increases the value.

To sell your watch, visit its website and get an online quote. If the estimate is something you’re comfortable with an estimate, Worthy will send you a free FedEx mailer overnight. There, you will send your watch. Don’t worry, as Lloyds of London’s insurance company will insure it.

Next, they will authenticate, professionally clean, and photograph your watch in high-definition images. Then, your auction will go live to hundreds of buyers globally. You usually only have to wait for about two weeks from the sale time to get fully paid.

Get in direct contact with a watch expert. Their watch specialists may have decades of experience appraising and selling Richard Mille watches. They are also ready to sell them to an international audience.

3. Precision Watches and Jewelry

Another platform to sell your Richard Mille watch is Precision Watches and Jewelry, a family-owned luxury watch store for over 30 years. In it, you can sell, buy, trade, or repair your Richard Mille watch. 

Not to mention, it’s even an Official Rolex Jeweler. They also have a physical store in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, but you can simply ship your watch to them. 

But before doing so, they will ask you to fill out a form from its website. You will also provide them with your watch’s brand and model number, full name, phone number, and e-mail. A representative will soon respond and ask you to take pictures of your timepiece and any papers you may have. 

Next, they will provide you with a quote for your pre-owned watch. Once you accept their offer, they will provide you with a prepaid, insured shipping label. Then, you’ll receive the payment the same day.

4. WP Diamonds

White Pines Diamonds is one of the oldest and most trusted platforms to sell luxury watches, jewelry, loose diamonds, and diamond rings. It has earned a 4.7 Trustpilot score, an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, and more than a thousand happy customer testimonials and reviews online.

Like most luxury watch buyers online, you sell your Richard Mille watch directly to the company. So, you’ll be relying on their in-house evaluation and expertise. Once they review your watch, they will quote you the price, and it’s yours to accept their offer.

An offer begins with filling out a form on its website (WPDiamonds.com). Just like the other online platforms above, you will describe the details of your watch. If you’re okay with their price quote, you will have a fully insured and trackable FedEx label to send your luxury item to their Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York, and UK headquarters.

In addition, they pay either by direct bank transfer or a wire transfer, depending on your choice of mode of payment. 

While with consignment stores like WP Diamonds, pre-owned watches’ buying and selling process are simple and risk-free.

Best-Valued Richard Mille Models in 2023

  • Richard Mille RM 27-04 Rafael Nadal
  • Richard Mille RM 52-05 Pharrell Williams
  • Richard Mille RM 40-01 McLaren
  • RM 056-01 Tourbillon Sapphire
  • RM 056-02 Tourbillon Sapphire
  • RM Boucheron Meteorite 018
  • RM 051 RG Phoenix
  • RM 052-05 Pharrell Williams
  • RM 031 High Performance
  • RM Panda 026-1

Frequently Asked Questions About Richard Mille Watches

What is unique about a Richard Mille watch?

The aesthetic of RM watches is distinct and bold. They are also ergonomic and lightweight. At first glance, the design looks like a cross between a futuristic timepiece and a Formula 1 race car, which is an inspiration behind the brand itself.

How can I sell my Richard Mille watch?

Using consignment stores, like Worthy and WP Diamonds, to sell your RM watches may be the best thing you could do. If you feel your time is more valuable than the money you earn from selling your pre-owned timepiece, this is a good option.

Consignment means giving someone your timepiece to sell for you. The consignor then gets a percentage of the sale or a fixed fee. Under this agreement, you usually have all terms set before giving them the watch.

Does Richard Mille have a high resale value?

It’s safe to say that Richard Mille’s timepieces have increased in value over the years. Thanks to their limited numbers and rarity. Collectors and enthusiasts also buy and sell RM watches for their innovative complications and appealing designs. 

Are Richard Mille watches a good investment?

Yes, RM watches are a good investment. They appreciate value, just like Rolex watches. If you’re lucky to own a limited edition RM watch, your ROI could be about $100,000 to $300,000.


Selling a used Richard Mille watch can be a good solution for those who want to upgrade their collection or need cash in a pinch.

Don’t worry, though. Finding a buyer for your expensive RM watch might take time because of a small target market. However, there’s still a high chance that the watch’s value is more retained than other luxury watch brands. Thanks to Richard Mille’s iconic stature.

If you like this guide on where to sell Richard Mille watches, read our other reviews at EvesWatch.com.

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