Where To Sell Panerai Watches?

Boldly designed, Panerai watches tend to have a larger-than-life look. They’re big and suitable for people who prefer a high-quality watch that commands a presence on their wrist.

Yet, as you glimmer your eyes with pride for such a high-end watch, you may come at a time when you have to reshape or downsize your collection. So, letting go of one timepiece is a big step. 

If this thought has crossed your mind and you’re wondering where to sell your Panerai watch for the best price, keep reading.

But first, let’s have a brief overview of Panerai watches.

Overview of the Panerai Watches

Panerai isn’t a Swiss luxury watch brand but Italian. Giovanni Panerai founded the company in 1860 in the city of Florence. At first, it was a key supplier of precision instruments and measurement for the Italian Navy before venturing into watchmaking.

Now, the brand makes wristwatches in Switzerland and is one of the most unique and immediately recognizable brands loved by many. Any watch nerd or watch collector can even identify this brand’s iconic Radiomir and Luminor models. 

Radiomir was the first timepiece to use plexiglass, a material more durable than glass crystals. It also made the watch splendid for the Royal Italian Navy divers. As for the Panerai Luminor models, they feature a crown lock and a cushion case shape.

After Pierre and Marie Curie discovered Radium (a chemical element or silvery radioactive metal), the brand also searched for a way to use the self-illuminating material on its watches. In 1969, they filed a patent for a paste or a paint containing radium that offers low-light visibility and underwater adhesive.

This development would later impact the watch industry at large. However, it was in 1995 that everything changed for the brand. That year, many people spotted Sylvester Stallone wearing an oversized watch for the action movie, Daylight. 

It also caught the attention of watch collectors and conglomerates, which soon put Panerai on the international market.

Panerai watches are known for their oversized Italian design (which offers excellent visibility on the dial), movement complexity, and brightly glowing application of luminous material for indices and hands.

How much is a Panerai watch?

Panerai is one of the most respected luxury watch brands. The timepiece worn by Stallone in the Daylight costs $400,000. The brand only made 95 pieces of that model.

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Where to Sell Panerai Watches for the Best Price?

where to sell panerai watches

Bob’s Watches

This online marketplace for the trade and resale of watches accepts Panerai watches. Their selling process is as easy as three steps: 

First, simply fill out their sales form. Secondly, receive a fully insured FedEx label to ship your timepiece. And thirdly, accept a quotation from the Bob’s Watches team and select how you want them to pay you.

This platform offers a price close to how much you would sell your Panerai watch on the market. It also factors different elements, like market value, current condition, and rarity. You can secure the money you desire for your timepiece or trade it for something different.

Each Panerai watch can cost $400,000 to $1 million, depending on the model and condition. A vintage Panerai watch can be more valuable because they have limited supply, carry value, and demand continues to be strong over the years.

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Another online platform that offers the best prices for Panerai watches and other pre-owned watches is Worthy.com.

This platform claims to have the US’s largest luxury watch buyers network. You can attend its signature auction platform and watch evaluators if you want the best price for your luxury timepieces. They will first evaluate, photograph, and present it to hundreds of professional buyers in the US and internationally. 

Additionally, Worthy conducts its evaluation with utmost objectivity because its main interest is ensuring that the process is handled fairly and transparently for the sellers and buyers. Moreover, the process is convenient; there’s no need to leave your home’s comfort.

Some of the most popular Panerai watch models sold at Worthy are the Luminor Chrono series. They crafted these watches from solid steel and brushed titanium. Not to mention, they come with a 46-hour power reserve. Meanwhile, their straps are either alligator leather or steel bracelet.

Precision Watches

This family-owned watch store also buys, trades, and repairs luxury watches, including Panerai. Send their team an email when it’s time to sell your watch.

They will ask you to send photos of your timepiece, and they’ll adequately evaluate its condition and quality. After that, they will offer to purchase your watch. You can either accept or decline it. 

If you accept the offer, they will send you an insured prepaid shipping label to mail your watch, and you’ll get paid the same day.


This platform is one of the largest brokers of jewelry, decorative arts, and collectibles. In 2018, it sold $86.4 million worth of watches in its New York headquarters on behalf of its consignors. To discover the value of your timepiece, simply submit the information and photos to their online estimate form.

Some of the most desirable Panerai timepieces you can sell here include the Panerai Luminor Marina, Regatta, Radiomir, and Tourbillon GMT.

Kronos 360

Kronos 360 is a great platform to sell your Panerai or other luxury watches. It also has a physical store in Paris. They will provide you with a simulator to access their watch rating in real time.

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If you want to find other options to sell your watch online, simply use the keywords “sell my Panerai watch near me” in your search engine (Google). It will provide you with plenty of platforms. 

Still, it’s better to trust your watch sale to a reputable and professional company that is responsive to communications, reliable, and adequately handles sales.

Most Popular Panerai Watch Models

  • Radiomir
  • Luminor
  • Luminor Due
  • Submersible


where to sell panerai watches

When your Panerai watch is no longer your style, or you’re planning to upgrade to a newer timepiece, the few options we shared above are great platforms to get the best deal out of selling your luxury watch.

Pick the platform that will provide the smoothest process and most lucrative offer. Best of luck! 

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