Where Are Bulova Watches Made?

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But before sharing with you where they make Bulova watches, let’s step back in time and learn a little about its history. 

Keep reading until the end as we share the popular Bulova models and whether their watches are worth buying.

Bulova Watches Overview: History and Price Range

Bulova has a fantastic pedigree. It has earned a place as one of the best American watch brands in its long history. It has also left a cultural mark because of its innovations.

Joseph Bulova: The Man Behind the Bulova Watch Brand

The founder of Bulova was a then-23-year-old Czech immigrant named Joseph Bulova. Back then, Bulova was a jewelry store in New York City. By 1911, it started manufacturing pocket watches and clocks. All these products were selling in huge quantities.

As the founder was having such success with his pocket watches and clocks, he launched a plant meant to produce Bulova wristwatches in Switzerland. From then on, it became ahead of its game in mass-producing timepieces.

Additionally, it was involved heavily in military manufacturing during World War II in creating specialized timepieces. Near the end of the second World War, the founder’s son Arde Bulova opened the Joseph Bulova School of Watchmaking, which helped war veterans learn a trade to help them return to their civilian life.

From J. Bulova Company to the Bulova Watch Company

In 1875, Bulova incorporated its business as the J. Bulova Company. In 1923, they reincorporated as the Bulova Watch Company. 

In 1979, it became a part of the Loews Corporation and was sold to Citizen in 2007. Therefore, the Citizen Watch Company now owns them.

One of the timepieces which the brand is popularly known for is the Bulova Accutron range. These watches use the Accutron tuning fork watch, making timekeeping more accurate and efficient.

The key to the brand’s revolution is opening its Europe headquarters and distributing the Bulova European Collection.

Having outfitted astronauts and soldiers, Bulova today is still going strong with plenty of value and interest for watch collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Moreover, the price range of Bulova watches nowadays varies from USD 300 to 2,000. Many of their watches encompass a variety of movement types (quartz to mechanical) and styles (dress to sports watches).

So, Where Are Bulova Watches Made? [Is It Swiss?]

Bulova is originally American-made. It rises to the pioneering vision of its founder Joseph Bulova.

Its headquarters are in New York and owned by Citizen Watch Co. Today, Bulova manufactures its watches in Japan, Hong Kong, and Switzerland.

Expensive models are assembled in Switzerland, while they assemble the more affordable ones in the two Asian countries. The brand doesn’t use the word “made” since the components are made in different countries—some in Switzerland and others in Japan. 

They make all Accutron-labeled watches in Switzerland. Today, Bulova is one of the longest-running watch brands in the world.

They also make the casing and movements in the same order. So, if a watch movement is ordered from Switzerland, it is also where you will order compatible cases.

Similarly, the Japanese movement uses Japanese casing. Meanwhile, the Hong Kong movement uses the HK movement.

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5 Popular Bulova Models

1. Accutron Spaceview

Photo Credit: Shopify

In 1960, Bulova introduced the Accutron watch. Back then, it used the mechanism of a tiny tuning fork. It is a small fork-shaped piece that was once only used in music, but Bulova used it to drive vibrator perfection.

Hence, the 1960 advertising line, “It doesn’t tick. It hums.” These words gave customers a glimpse of the working concept of the watch. It also garnered so much interest that Bulova turned the design into a production called the Spaceview.

Today, Bulova brought a retro-angled look at the 1960 Spaceview and introduced the modern piece. Under the umbrella of the Citizen Group, the modern Accutron Spaceview combines the aspect of modern electronic micro-engineering and traditional watchmaking.

Furthermore, the Accutron Spaceview 2020 shows off exquisite style. It also features a traditional round case bezel and its electrostatic movement.

The leather strap of this timepiece similarly compliments the stainless steel lugs and the dial color. Overall, Bulova’s engineering team designed this timepiece with an open-heart dial layout.

2. Marine Star

Photo Credit: Bulova

If you prefer a more “dive-ish” collection from Bulova, opt for Marine Star. It’s a Bulova chronograph watch in stainless steel with gorse gold-tone accents. 

Moreover, it has a unidirectional diver’s bezel, 200M water resistance, and an attractive blue dial. Bulova may simply call it “blue,” but see it personally, and you’ll see a gorgeous Navy Blue sunburst. There’s also a printed Marine Star logo, and all the watch hands are gold. 

The Marine Star collection has both quartz and automatic offerings. Other features of this watch are mineral crystal, a 45mm case diameter, and a 12.3 mm case thickness.

3. Lunar Pilot

Photo Credit: Bulova

Right off the bat, the combination of pencil-shaped hands and white indices against the black dial makes this watch legible. It offers some depth with the raised tachymeter rehaut under the crystal.

Moreover, the sundial faces and chapter ring are a step below the watch face. Altogether, they create a pleasing 3D relief. The back of the watch also pays tribute to the Apollo 15 mission. 

During the Apollo era, NASA approached the company to employ its Accutron watch movement accuracy to design a Lunar Pilot timepiece. The original purpose of which was to track time in space.

Bulova’s proprietary 262 kHz Calibre “high-performance quartz” powers this timepiece as of today. The signature feature is the hinged chronograph buttons, probably designed for use even with space suit gloves.

Other features of this Bulova Lunar Pilot watch include a 45mm diameter case x 52.5mm lug to lug x 14mm height. It also has a 169 weight, 5ATM/50m water resistance, and an accuracy of 10 seconds per year.

Meanwhile, the hands and hour indices of this Lunar Pilot are painted with lume, which glows bluish in the dark. After a while, it starts to dim, just enough to last through the night.

4. Oceanographer “Devil Diver”

Photo Credit: Bulova

IN 1972, Bulova introduced the Devil Diver series. And the version of this watch brings back the original hues of the Oceanographer – that hell-fire, vivid orange that was lost in 2018. But make no mistake; it’s not the fiery color scheme that gave this timepiece the nickname Devil Diver.

Bulova gave the nickname to this watch for its water rating of 666 feet. The new version was a reissue, carrying the original 41mm case diameter like in the 1970s. 

Moreover, the new feature is an excellent mixture of modern convenience and heritage features. For instance, its unidirectional bezel has a 60-minute dive scale. Additionally, it has an anti-reflective sapphire crystal with improved legibility and a stainless steel turtle case.

5. Computron

Photo Credit: Bulova

This one has gotten much attention because of its look and function. This iconic piece came into existence because of the success of the Bulova Lunar Pilot.

Available in silver, gold, and black offerings, the Computron is a fun watch. It’s not as water-resistant or harsh as other Bulova timepieces. Yet, it is dressy, and that trapezoidal shape measures 14mm. 

It is also designed in such a way that it will prevent it from quickly slipping under the cuff. Not to mention, it is also comfortable to wear because of the soft rubber strap. 

So, if you want a watch with a quirky design and a bright display that gives that nostalgic feeling of checking the time, definitely go for this model.

As to which Bulova model is the “best,” you have to decide based on your performance preference. We’ve gathered only some famous representative models from different collections. You can always find one that fits your style.

If you’re looking for a reliable mechanical watch, check out the 96B158 Precisionist, Marine Star 98B301, 96B175 Precisionist, and Classic Automatic 96A187.

People Also Ask: FAQs About Bulova Watches

Are Bulova Swiss made?

Bulova is an American watch manufacturing company. They make their timepieces in Japan, Hong Kong, and Switzerland. 

Is Bulova watch good quality?

Yes, Bulova watches are good. Namely, the Accutron line has many Gemini modes that use good movement (ETA 2892-A2). Miyota automatic or quartz movement powers most watches. Bulova watches are also elegant and classy, which works great as everyday watches.

Still, the watch industry has mixed reviews on whether Bulova watches are priced correctly regarding quality. There are watch snobs that see these watches are average, at best.

Is Bulova a high-end watch?

Yes, Bulova is a high-end watch brand. It may not be on the same level as other notable luxury watch brands, such as Rolex, Omega, or Grand Seiko. Still, the price range retails to be considered an entry-level luxury watch brand. 

Wrapping Up: Are Bulova Watches Worth it?

Considering the Bulova watches value, accuracy, design, and quality of the Bulova watch, it’s difficult not to see their timepieces as anything but good.

Some may say that their watches are at least five millimeters too large than other watches. In comparison, some say that many of their timepieces need higher water-resistances. Yet, if you look past these issues, their watches are incredible.

So, yes, Bulova watches are worth it.

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