What Wrist Does A Man Wear A Watch On

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Everyone has their own habits when it comes to wearing a watch. 

Some wear a clock on the left, others on the right hand. 

If you are among those who are still confused about which is the proper wrist should a man wear his watch on, then this guide is for you.

We’ll also share with you the meaning of wearing your watch on the left or right wrist. Let’s find out!

What Wrist Should a Man Wear His Watch On? 

The simple answer is in their non-dominant hand. So, if you’re right-handed, then it’s preferred to wear your watch on the left. 

But if you’re dominant hand is your left, then you can wear your watch on the right hand. 

But truth be told, there are no clear-cut rules! 

To help you decide which wrist to wear your watch on, read below and find out the pros and cons!

Wearing the Watch on the Right Wrist 

Many left-handed people wear their wristwatch on their non-dominant hand, meaning their right hand. 

This is also the reason why some watch brands, like Tudor, designed left-handed models. 

Check its Tudor Pelagos LHD (Left Hand Drive Edition), for instance, and you’ll notice that the reversed watch crown makes it extremely comfortable when worn on the right wrist. They even marketed it as “For Those Who Like It Right.”

This type of watch has a bit more of an unusual layout. This makes it ideal for right-handed people who also wear their watches on their right wrist.

Practical advantage on wearing your wristwatch on your non-dominant hand

Wearing your wristwatch on your non-dominant hand, in this case, your right hand or wrist has a few practical benefits. 

For instance, it is less risky to break or scratch your watch because you are less active on your non-dominant hand.

Second, it is easier to set the time. The crown basically becomes accessible to your dominant hand. 

Another practical advantage of wearing it on your non-dominant hand is that you can quickly check the time while you can still do more with your dominant hand. It means less interference with what it is that you’re doing.

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Perhaps, the more practical reasons why some left-handers wear watches on their right hand have something to do with writing.

The fountain pen and the dip pen, which were writing instrument standards in the 20th century, use a slow-drying liquid ink. If you are writing left to right, your hand will smear the letters, especially if you write fast.

While it was a non-issue for the righties, who often wear their watch on the left, it was less not so comfortable for the left-handed people.

Wearing the Watch on the Left Wrist

Wearing the watch on the left wrist is the common norm. It’s even almost like a reflex action to wear a new watch on the left arm, for the right-handed people. It just feels natural to them. 

The simple reason for this is almost the same as above. Right-handed individuals use their dominant wrist more often so it is easy to keep checking the time with time when a watch is worn on the left.

But what if you wear a smartwatch or a fitness tracker? Well, most sensors on these types of watches work just fine whether worn on right or left.  

However, some watch manufacturers recommend these tech fitness watches to be worn on the left wrist so their functions can work properly.

Let’s say, the heart rate reading function gives accurate measurement when worn on the left hand. This is advantageous for the right-handed world, although this claim really has no scientific backing.

Left-handed, but prefers to wear a watch on the left hand?

There is really no hard-fast rule about which wrist you should wear your watch on. It’s ultimately all up to you – in terms of functionality, practicality, and aesthetics. 

Psychologically, some people believe that wearing a watch on the left-hand means that the left side of your brain is dominant.

It is also the left hemisphere that is linked with masculine behaviors. It is that part of the brain that is logical, assertive, controlling, analytical, striving, organizing, hard, thrusting, rushing, projecting, and always pushing to survive. 

(Just in case you’re curious, the right side of the brain is the feminine side or that which is delicate, receptive, creative, surrendering, tender, soft, integrating, feeling, synthesizing, nurturing, and a part that just “knows” without explanation.)

Well, enough of that. Going back to wearing your watch on the left hand…

That’s good news for you since most watches nowadays are designed to be worn on the left wrist/ left side! 

The Meaning of Wearing Your Watch on the Left or Right Wrist

The person wearing a wristwatch on the left hand is…

Someone less perfectionistic, time-consuming, easy-going, and indifferent. He is the typical watch user and is happy to work with his hands or is simple-minded (it doesn’t mean a bad thing. 

After all, simplicity is essential for success in many marketing campaigns and high-tech initiatives.)

The person wearing a wrist watch on the right hand is…

People who wear wrist watches in the right hand tend to be emotional, perfectionist (when it comes to timeliness), cheerful, high-spirited, easy to get along with, candid, and spontaneous.

Those who wear their watches in their lower right hand, especially, are considered to be reliable people. 

Our favorite watches for the southpaws

Do you wear your watch on your right wrist? Don’t worry, the watch industry has got your back. Here are some of the best watches made just for you!

1. IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Edition ‘Right-Hander’


This watch has a crown on the left and was designed for pilots, considering that about 40% of pilots are left-handers. The IWC brand understands that it would be comfortable for the wearer to move with this sizable watch.

2. Invicta Men’s Force Stainless Steel Japanese-Quartz Watch

Assembled in Japan, this Invicta Watch features a 12.6mm thick case, luminous hands, Japanese quartz movement, stationary stainless steel bezel, and functional subdials. Some call it a watch “with a lefty spin.”

3. Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Diver Quartz Men’s Watch

This diver’s watch has an easy-to-read dial, large luminous hands and hour markers, a rotating bezel, and a 48mm stainless steel case and mineral dial window.

4. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s 1790874 Gold-Tone Watch

A watch with classic elegance, this Tommy Hilfiger timepiece is perfect for left-handed people too because of its buttons. It has durable mineral crystals and features an ionic gold-plated steel case.

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Wrap Up

So, what wrist does a man wear a watch? 

Whether you wear a wristwatch on your right arm or left arm, there are really no strict rules. 

It’s all for practical reasons. What’s clear is that there are more benefits when you wear your watch on your non-dominant arm.

Ultimately, it still comes down to a matter of personal choice.

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