What Watch Does David Goggins Wear?

David Goggins is a name synonymous with peak physical fitness and endurance. So, it’s no wonder why people pay attention to the things he uses that help him to get fit, such as a fitness tracker. 

But what watch does David Goggins wear, anyway? Let’s find out in this post. Keep reading until the end to know if it’s worth choosing the same watch and the common watches worn by Navy SEALS, like Goggins himself.

What Watch Does David Goggins Wear?

what watch does david goggins wear

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David Goggins was spotted wearing the Kobold Transglobe watch with an approximate retail price of US$8,450 for a brand new model and $4,650 for pre-owned. It’s a multi-purpose timepiece powered by ETA caliber 2892-A2 (K. 793). 

This timepiece features a date sundial, dual time, a 24-hour indication, domed crystal sapphire (scratch-resistant), and a Super-LumiNova lume. It is also water-resistant for up to 1,000ft or 300m. All these features make the timepiece dependable for night missions, mainly because of its self-powered illumination capability.

Is Goggins on Strava?

In a Twitter post, fitness buff and former Navy SEAL David Goggins shared that he’s not using Strava. It’s an app that lets you track riding and running with GPS. Instead, he only uses his watch and personal log when working out.

Kobold Transglobe: Is it worth it?

what watch does david goggins wear

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Yes, Kobold Transglobe is worth buying. It’s probably one of the most functional models from the brand in a few years that even the ultra-endurance athlete and ex-navy seal Goggins chose.

The watch is neither too big nor too small – just the right fit. It winds and sets quickly, and even the sides look great. Moreover, its bezel is countdown-style, solid, and clicks on every spot. 

Moreover, this watch comes with additional time zones that you can use to time events or any time anywhere in the world. Those who interact with colleagues or clients in different countries and travel for a living will find this feature helpful.

Members of the military assigned in faraway places, like Afghanistan, India, or Nepal, will also find this timepiece a suitable companion. It also features a day and night indicator synced to the time zone. This feature helps decide whether it’s still too early or late to call home.

It’s lightweight when worn on the wrist. And even if you don’t enjoy globetrotting or you’re someone who’s just inspired by Goggins’ daily routine and lifestyle, the Kobold Transglobe is still a good watch. 

You can turn it into a valuable stopwatch for activities from walking to running, cooking, and parking. Simply set the second time indicator to 12:00 to use this feature. Moreover, a ten-year warranty covers the watch against inferior artistry and material defects.

And just in case you want to elevate your workout and are wondering what running shoes David Goggins wears, it’s the Brooks Addiction. It’s a pair of running shoes designed for long-distance endurance events. 

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7 Common Watches Worn By Navy SEALs in 2022

If you’re looking for an excellent alternative to Goggins’ watch, here are other watches worn by the Navy SEALs:

1. Luminox 3501 Navy SEAL Sports Watch

Source: Luminox

Luminox has been the go-to brand for Navy SEALs since the watch company started its operation in 1989. The SEALs preferred a timepiece that was durable and tough. Luminox answered that call.

The Luminox 3501 has a carbon compound case, making it light on the wrist and durable to withstand extreme conditions. The all-black design and easy-to-read hands give it a tactile and stealthy look that blends with other Navy SEAL gears.

This model is also ideal for divers, athletes, and backpackers. Another favorite by the SEALs from the same brand is the 3600 series. It has an “always visible” dial – a lume that doesn’t require charging from the light source.

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2. G-Shock DW-6600

Source: Amazon

The official US Navy SEALs website shows promotional photos featuring the Navy SEALs wearing the super durable G-Shock DW-6600 during training. It’s the same model issued to the special operations force.

This watch is comfortable and functional at the same time. It also features a stopwatch with a lap timer, alarm, date/day with auto calendar, countdown timer, and a backlight.

Although Casio discontinued this model, you can still find the remaining stocks in the market. Overall, you can ensure this timepiece is built to last.

3. Casio G-Shock Analog Step Tracker

Source: Amazon

The Casio G-Shock GBD800UC-8 analog step tracker (GBD800UC-8) is one of the most popular watches worn by SEALs. It has a traditional analog watch face with a digital screen for easy time telling.

Function-wise, it calculates the calories you burn, logs exercise intensity levels, creates timer combinations, and specifies daily step targets.

The GBD800UC-8 also makes a good fitness watch. It has a multi-timer that allows you to create timer combinations for up to 200 lap records. Once connected to a phone app, there is access to various functions that improve your workout.

4. Garmin Instinct Tactical T580

Source: Amazon

The Garmin Instinct Tactical T580 is a watch designed to withstand the harshest environments. It’s constructed to US military standards for water, shock, and thermal resistance. And because we’re already living in 2022, this watch is beneficial because of its modern features.

Garmin made sure that this model meets the requirements for the Navy SEALs. Aside from the 810 military standards, it is a fiber-reinforced polymer with silicone to support extreme conditions.

Garmin understood that Navy SEALs must be prepared for their missions in different areas. So, they designed the Garmin Instinct model with a multi-GNSS tracker (Galileo and GLONASS) for navigation. There are also ABC sensors to support navigation. ABC sensors are the altimeter, barometer, and three-axis compass.

Other valuable features of Garmin Instinct Tactical are:

  • stealth mode (stops connectivity data sharing GPS), 
  • projected waypoints, 
  • jumpmaster mode for high altitude release (designed for experienced skydivers), 
  • dual-format GPS (with both longitude and latitude references),
  • night vision compatibility, and
  • connectivity with dog tracking tools, like Alpha and Astro.

5. Timex Ironman Classic

Source: Timex

The Timex Ironman Classic is an undisputed favorite in the Navy SEALs and sports as it crosses finish lines in different countries.

Sealed for water resistance and built to be lightweight, this iconic watch gives you access to all alarms, timers, and the Indiglo backlight. Additionally, it has a black 16-millimeter resin strap, acrylic lens, and inverted dial color.

It will be your best bet if you like a watch that quickly tells time without having to understand what the analog watch is displaying. You’ll also enjoy the chronograph features of this timepiece. The lap counter is excellent for tracking your workouts.

6. SUUNTO Core All Black Military Men’s Outdoor Sports Watch

Source: Suunto

Another Navy SEALs’ favorite is the SUUNTO Core all-black military watch. This model has weather functions and ABC navigation – both are valuable when taking uncertain paths outdoors.

It’s a very rugged timepiece. It is shock-resistant, copes with extreme weather conditions, can handle drops and withstand impacts.  A downside, however, is that it only has a 3ATM water resistance rating. A good water resistance rating for Navy SEALs watches would be 200 meters or 20ATM so that you can wear the watch for high-impact water sports and swimming.

Nevertheless, it does come with notable features. These include the sunrise and sunset indicator for more than 400 locations, a multilingual menu, a rotating bezel with compass markers, ABC navigation, and ten different style variations.

The SUUNTO Core all-black military watch is also popular among trekkers and hikers.

7. Nautica NST Stainless Steel Black Resin Watch

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This Nautica NST Stainless Steel Black Resin Watch brings the brand’s most popular style. It enjoyed a preferred status with men who love sports and outdoor activities. This watch combines rugged practicality and a sense of style, making it an ideal watch choice among the Navy SEALs.

It is water resistant for up to 100m, has a mineral crystal display that provides durability and clarity when reading time, and has a stainless steel case. 

But if you’re looking for a running watch or one to help you achieve your fitness goals, go for Garmin Forerunner. It has amazing battery life and provides valuable data for your every run. It likewise delivers accuracy in terms of both heart rate and GPS. 

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what watch does david goggins wear

David Goggins is a remarkable human being. He is someone who cracked the code to being ultra-motivated and led such an incredible life. There may be things about him that are not ideal, but his mindset of constant improvement is worth emulating. 

Whether you’re inspired by what he does or just need a boost for your fitness activities, you may want to invest in the fitness products he’s using. One of them is his Kobold Transglobe watch. You may also want to check out other good alternatives we listed above, which the Navy SEALs use.

These members of the special operations force live extreme lives. Hence, their watches need to be durable and one they can occasionally wear even when not on duty. All those watches we included in the list go with the SEALs’ rugged and dependable image.

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