Tissot Vs Tag Heuer

Tissot Vs Tag Heuer

Tissot and Tag Heuer are popular Swiss watch brands that produce outstanding luxury watches. They have been the pride of watch owners and enthusiasts over the years. Tag Heuer watches are known for making iconic timepieces associated with auto racing, sports timekeeping, and high-speed mechanical chronograph watches. Meanwhile, Tissot is no small player and has … Read more

My Rolex Date Doesn’t Change At Midnight

My Rolex Date Doesn't Change At Midnight

Rolex is a watch brand where the date changes at midnight. However, for various reasons, they may vary slightly before or after. This slight difference in change time is perfectly normal. On the other hand, if your watch date changes a couple of hours before or after midnight, it’s malfunctioning. So you end up thinking, … Read more

How Much Does it Cost to Service a Watch?

Have you ever asked, “How much does it cost to service a watch?” If you own several different wristwatches, you must be confused about the price to service them. Fortunately, some brands give a warranty of two to three years and eight years. But what about the others? In this article, you are about to … Read more

What Hand Do Men Wear Watches?

Have you ever wondered what hand do men wear watches? Social media is not just bringing us together but creating tough competition in the fashion industry. These days maintaining all the fashion etiquette is becoming difficult. Our society is full of unwritten rules for every attire and accessory to wear. No wonder the same applies … Read more

Kenneth Cole Smartwatch Review

Kenneth Cole Smart Watch Review

Kenneth Cole is a high-quality brand that maintains a moderate price range up to the present. Starting out with leather shoes, Kenneth Cole ventured into the world of watches in 1996. We created an in-depth Kenneth Cole Smart Watch review to find out if this smartwatch is worth the purchase or not. The Kenneth Cole … Read more

Best Moonphase Watch under $500

Best Moonphase watch under 500

During ancient times, humans relied on the phases of the moon to determine the time of the day. The craft of making watches has also been spanned for centuries, resulting in producing timepieces inspired by the moon.  These timepieces are also known as moon phase watches or simply moon watches. The best moon phase watches … Read more

Best No Battery Watches

Best No Battery Watches

The watch industry sells a variety and broad range of watches to choose from.  In fact, some big watch companies also produce automatic watches and mechanical watches without batteries or also known as kinetic watches.  Searching for the best batteryless watch can be time-consuming, so we gathered some of the best no battery watches for … Read more

Best Vibrating Alarm Watches

Best Vibrating Alarm Watches

Watches come in different styles and functions, from dress watches, dive watches, analog watches, to digital watches.  If we’re going to talk about the most productive and functional watches in the market, these are the vibrating alarm watches.  We firmly believe that anyone should own at least one vibrating watch in their collection or wardrobe. … Read more