Tudor Black Bay GMT Review

In 2018, Tudor launched the Tudor Black Bay GMT, which is a GMT sports watch specially designed for those who love to travel and is a model under their Black Bay line. However, the GMT does not include any historical reference compared to its other watches in the Black Bay line. Instead, it drew inspiration from the iconic Rolex GMT Master and Rolex GMT Master II.

In case you didn’t know, Rolex watches are Tudor watches’ sibling brand. Regardless, Tudor focuses more on a distinct style of the Tudor language. Some critics have described the Tudor Black Bay GMT as the cheaper version of the Rolex GMT Master II. However, the Tudor Black Bay GMT leaves a significant mark in the watch market. 

We created an in-depth Tudor Black Bay GMT review to help you have a better understanding of this great GMT watch. In this article, we will take a closer look at the specifications of this luxury watch, from its construction, functional features, and overall quality.

If you’re interested to know more about the in-depth review of the Tudor Black Bay GMT, keep reading.

TLDR: Review of the Tudor Black Bay GMT

Tudor Black Bay GMT

Product Description

The Tudor Black Bay GMT is a luxury watch that includes jumping local hour hand, which allows you to jump the hour hand backward or forward by using its big crown to set your watch. The 24-hour Tudor GMT hand remains linked to your home time or any other timezone.

The Tudor GMT also includes a stainless steel bracelet and case that measures 41 millimeters in diameter, compared to the Rolex Explorer II which only measures 40 millimeters. The Black Bay case also sizes 21 millimeters in width and 6 millimeters in thickness. 

One feature to admire about the Tudor Black Bay GMT is its anti-reflective Sapphire crystal window, which prevents you from the sun blinding you. This comfortable watch also offers a bidirectional bezel function, an automatic GMT movement, and a 200-meter water resistance.

Its black matte dial includes large applied markers, which are chock-full of luminous paint. Meanwhile, the handset offers divisive detail. Its red-painted GMT hand marks the third snowflake hand on the Black Bay GMT, which distinguishes it from the arrow hands generally running on Rolex GMT watches.

Another excellent feature of this watch is the date window at three o’clock, which is nicely sized and well-positioned. The beveled date aperture offers an attractive frame to the date disc underneath. 

Similar to other GMT watches of this nature, one downside of this watch is the date is not quick-set. If you want to adjust the date, you will need to do it by jumping the hour hand.

Not to mention, it has an excellent power reserve of up to 70 hours.


Here are a few claimed benefits of the Tudor Black Bay GMT:

  • Features a stainless steel bracelet and case
  • Includes jumping local hour hand
  • Provides a well-positioned and nicely sized date window
  • Offers a 70-hour power reserve
  • Features a matte dial
  • Gives you the option to choose between a fabric strap or a brown leather strap
  • Includes a Pepsi and aluminum bezel
  • Has an exposed Sapphire crystal


Here are a few flaws to give you a better understanding of the Tudor Black Bay GMT:

  • Has a heavy mid-case
  • Has slab-sided cases

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Is it worth it?

Yes. The Tudor Black Bay GMT is a perfect watch for individuals who are looking for a travel-ready watch with strong functionality, a solid build quality, and a classic and easy-wearing style. The Tudor Black Bay GMT is the whole package and checks all of the boxes. 

In-Depth Review of the Tudor Black Bay GMT


CaseStainless Steel
MovementIn House MT5652 with True GMT Functionality
DialMatte dial
LumeSuper LumiNova
LensDouble Domed Anti-reflective sapphire
StrapStainless steel
Water-resistance200 meters
Dimensions41 x 50 mm
Thickness15 mm
Lug width22 mm

Quality and Durability

Aside from the watch’s top-notch casework, its lugs include angled brushing with a visible grain at the top. This feature is unlike most brushing and offers an iridescent quality under some lights. 

On the other hand, the bevel is razor-sharp along the top of the mid-case. This creates a beautiful line as it travels along with the case and down the lugs where they flare out. When it comes to the design, the Black Bay GMT provides a classic and minimalist look compared to the Tudor Pelagos which offers a modern and sober style.

Tudor Black Bay also offers a solid crown and bi-directional bezel, despite not being too tall. The bezel’s teeth are sharp and nice, allowing you an easy grip and turn. Meanwhile, the crown is tactile and large, making it suitable for interfacing with the watch’s complications.

Additional Features

Tudor Black Bay GMT Review

One special feature of this sports watch is its Manufacture Calibre MT565, which is COSC-certified. This GMT movement does not utilize an ETA-based caliber, as far as an in-house movement value goes.

One interesting fact about the bezel’s color scheme is borrowed from the other Black Bay models, which is one excellent feature you’ll benefit from if you buy this watch.  Its result is a beautiful, subdued color scheme rendered on an aluminum base. This offers the GMT a more subtle tool watch vibe, similar to the Rolex GMT Master II watches produced by Rolex watches back in the day.


Yes. The Tudor Black Bay GMT and the entire Black Bay line offer a five-year warranty. You can contact the seller directly for warranty information for this product. You may also find warranty information on the manufacturer’s website.

Who is it Best For?

The Tudor Black Bay GMT is best for individuals or watch enthusiasts who are also travelers. Thanks to its excellent feature, this watch can handle at least two time zones, last up to 70 hours, and has a bidirectional bezel function, making it the perfect travel watch.

What Do People Say About it?


An Amazon customer rated the Tudor Black Bay GMT a good star rating and described the timepiece as an “incredible amount of watch for the money.”

He explained in the comments, “A perfect watch. The TM5652 movement is also very good. It works exactly like the Rolex movement that is in the Rolex GMT Master II. It is a true GMT. Not a fake GMT that eta makes. If you know what I am talking about you understand. It has an invisibility feature, very rare. Let’s you become invisible for 10 minutes every 24 hours. A very cool feature usually only in watches that triple the price.”

Ty also rated the watch five stars and claimed it was ” well worth the price.” He wrote, “This is a great watch with great qualities, the best watch I’ve ever owned and worth the price. From a prior comment about this watch being overpriced is false. You can’t buy this watch on the Tudor website, you need to find an AD ‘Authorized Dealer,’ and that’s why the price is around $4,500. Tudor isn’t releasing any new ones for 6 months.”


James Stacey from Hodinkee filmed a YouTube video reviewing the Tudor Black Bay GMT on his segment titled, “A Week With On the Wrist.” 

“I like the way GMT watches make me feel,” he said. “The philosophy behind their design is a part function, but also part pure inspiration. A sort of totem to your experiences all over the world.”

He shared that since he travels around for his work, he praises the Black Bay watch as one of the most minimal and functional pieces he can bring. 

One feature he admired is how it can handle at least two time zones, may it be international or local time. He also mentioned a few similarities of the Black Bay GMT to the Black Bay 41 and the Rolex GMT Master IIs. However, the chronometer-certified in-house movement offers a local jumping GMT function.

Overall, he recommended the Tudor Black Bay GMT watch for those looking for a travel-ready timepiece that offers both classic design and functional features.

The Verdict: Should You Buy It?

Tudor Black Bay GMT Review

Tudor watches are known for their functionality, design, and overall quality. If you’re looking for a go-to watch for your travels, a GMT watch like the Tudor Black Bay watch is something you should consider investing in.

We highly recommend you to try the Tudor Black Bay GMT. This sports watch offers functional features such as a 70-hour power reserve, an in-house movement, and a bidirectional bezel function. The Black Bay GMT can also handle at least two different time zones, may it be local or international.

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