Tudor Black Bay 36 vs Black Bay 41

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In case you haven’t heard of Tudor, it is a well-known brand that has made a name in the watch industry. Their Black Bay series is one of their most sold-out watches, due to its durable construction, stylish design, and functional features. The Black Bays come in three different sizes: 32, 36, and 41. 

In this article, we will be comparing the Tudor Black Bay 36 vs Black Bay 41. We created an in-depth review comparing these two bracelet watches to see which Black Bay model is the better watch. These two Tudor watches are two of the most excellent watches in the Black Bay collection.

If you’re interested to know more about the in-depth comparison of the Tudor Black Bay 36 vs Black Bay 41, keep reading!

TLDR: Tudor Black Bay 36 vs Black Bay 41

Tudor Black Bay 36

Tudor Black Bay 36

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay 36 is suitable for individuals or watch enthusiasts who are looking for smaller watches for their small wrists. This Black Bay watch features a steel screw-down winding crown and a steel case polished and has a satin finish. This dive watch also comes with a Tudor rose in relief, with an anodized aluminum-winding black crown tube. 

On the other hand, its bezel is also constructed out of steel and a polished finish. Meanwhile, it also includes a brown leather strap and a deployment buckle for safety and closure. Another feature to admire about this dress watch is its luminous hands and hour markers, which allow you to read the time in low light or dark situations.

One excellent feature to admire about this elegant sports watch is its self-winding automatic in-house movement in Caliber 2824. Other features to admire about this tool watch are its black dial, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, 150-meter water resistance, and 38-hour power reserve.


  • Features a steel screw-down winding crown
  • Includes a steel case with a polished and satin finish
  • Operates in a self-winding automatic movement in Caliber 2824
  • Comes with a Tudor rose in relief
  • Has luminous hands and hour markers
  • Has a steel bezel with a polished finish
  • Offers a deployment buckle or folding clasp
  • Available in a brown leather strap and other strap options
  • Includes a black dial
  • Water-resistant up to 150 meters
  • 38-hour battery life


  • Does not have a rotating bezel

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Tudor Black Bay 41

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay 41 includes a silver-toned steel case with a silver-toned stainless steel band. Its screw-down winding crown is also made out of steel with the Tudor rose in relief and a black anodized aluminum winding crown tube.

Similar to the Black Bay 36, the Black Bay 41 also comes with a deployment clasp. On the other hand, its black bezel has smooth steel and a polished finish. Another thing to admire about this dive watch is its black dial, enhanced by its luminous silver-toned snowflake hands.

This dive watch also operates in an automatic movement. Other features to look at this Black Bay watch include 150-meter water resistance, a 38-hour power reserve, and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.


  • Features a silver-toned stainless steel case, band, and self-winding crown
  • Includes a Tudor rose
  • Features a black dial
  • Has snowflake hands
  • Comes with a steel bracelet with a deployment clasp
  • Operates in an automatic in house movement
  • Offers a 150-meter water resistance
  • Includes a 38-hour power reserve
  • Available in three different strap options


  • Does not have a rotating bezel

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In-Depth Comparison of Tudor Black Bay 36 vs Black Bay 41

Tudor Black Bay 36 vs Black Bay 41


SpecificationsTudor Black Bay 36Tudor Black Bay 41
CaseStainless steelStainless steel
BraceletStainless steelStainless steel
BezelPolished bezelPolished bezel
CrystalSapphire crystalSapphire crystal
ClaspDeployment buckleDeployment buckle
MovementAutomatic movementAutomatic movement
Water resistance150 m / 500 ft150 m / 500 ft
Power reserve38 hours38 hours
Strap optionsLeather strap, stainless steel, fabric strapLeather strap, stainless steel, fabric strap

Quality and Durability

The Tudor Black Bay 36 includes a durable construction, featuring a stainless steel bracelet, case, and bezel. For a safety catch and extra closure, this Black Bay watch offers a folding clasp. For individuals and watch enthusiasts who prefer a tad small watch, the Black Bay 36 is a perfect match for you. 

On the other hand, the Tudor Black Bay 41 is larger and bulkier compared to the Black Bay 36. This includes a larger dial and a big crown. One feature that separates the Black Bay 41 from the Black 36 is the snowflake hands. However, both Black Bay watches offer a folding clasp with a safety catch and several strap options such as fabric, steel, and leather.


Yes. All watches by Tudor offer a five-year transferable guarantee without any registration or periodic maintenance checks required. Tudor watches purchased on or after January 1, 2020, receive a five-year international guarantee. Meanwhile, watches bought from July 1, 2018, to December 31, 2019, will receive an 18-month guarantee extension for a total warranty of three and a half years.

What Do People Say About It?


WL rated the Tudor Black Bay 41 five stars and described it as “One of the most underrated watches in the luxury watch world.” He explained further in the comments by writing, “This Black Bay 41 is one of the most underrated luxury watches in the world. 

It maintains a ‘Rolex Explorer’ type vibe and does it in a way that most people could afford (or afford to finance and pay off easily). This sports watch maintains lots of wrist presence, which for me, pays this much for a watch.

However, he also pointed out a few flaws. “I like it to have some weight to it. In more ways than not it holds its own as the sister company to Rolex. Overall, it is a great everyday watch that is durable enough to handle wherever you may take it! 

Not to mention with the discontinuing of the Rolex Explorer 39-mm, this Black Bay watch is the perfect alternative for someone who wants that look without having to go to the gray market. Buy one now as I am sure they will begin to inflate in price just as Rolex has!”


One Man Reviews filmed a YouTube video reviewing and comparing the Tudor Black Bay 36 and Tudor Black Bay 41. “I was curious about the Black Bay 36 because there’s a lot of reviews about the watch and how they’re great for a smaller wrist.” However, he mentioned that the Black Bay 36 fits smaller than he’d like to.

As for the Tudor Black Bay 41, he described it as an “okay” watch and a little bit thicker than the 36-millimeter Heritage Black Bay watch. However, he described it as a decent watch that sits nicely on his wrist. He expressed how he’d like the Black Bay collection to add a range of watches aside from the 36 and 41. 

The Verdict: Which Is Best For You?

Tudor Black Bay 36 vs Black Bay 41

The Heritage Black Bay collection is one of the most sold-out and favorite timepieces in the watch industry. We created an in-depth review comparing the Tudor Black Bay 36 and Black Bay 41 to see which is the better watch. 

We highly recommend the Tudor Back Bay 36 as the better watch. This Black Bay model is a classic and timeless pick, which looks proportionally and sits comfortably on the wrist. Apart from its minimalist stylish design, it also offers functional features such as 150-meter water resistance, a 38-hour power reserve, and automatic movement.

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