Sekonda Watches Reviews

I’ve been collecting watches for about eight years, and I’ve noticed how my tastes have evolved over the past years. Many of the timepieces I’ve covered in this blog, like Bulova, Swarovski, Omega, and Victorinox, remain close to my heart.

However, I’m now more drawn to watches with a story to tell, which makes me happy when I put them on or give them as a gift. And that’s what Sekonda watches are to me.

Seeing the Sekonda watches myself set my heart flutter. They’re an absolute delight on the eyes, and buying them at a reasonable price is such a steal. 

So, keep reading if you’re interested in learning about Sekonda watches. I’m also excited to share some of my top recommendations from this British brand!

An Introduction to Sekonda Watches

sekonda watches reviews

Sekonda is famous for being stylish but affordable. Time Products (UK) Limited designed these watches in the United Kingdom. Their timepieces are affordable despite their exquisite appearance because they are produced in Hong Kong factories and use reliable Japanese quartz movement.

Sekonda Watches History

Sekonda started in 1966 with a small collection of Russian mechanical timepieces in partnership with the Scientific Research Institute of the Soviet Watchmaking Industry, NIIChasProm. They then imported its products from the Petrodvorets Watch Factory in Russia.

Soon, Sekonda became a household name. The brand grew throughout the 1960s and moved its offices to a more significant site in Leicester, England, where its office is still based.

In the 1970s, the world embraced modern computing and electronic technology, and the British watch brand switched from manufacturing mechanical timepieces in Russia to quartz battery watches made in Asia. 

Sekonda also introduced more styles into their lines, thanks to its influence by the fashion market, releasing stylish timepieces at an affordable price. 

In 1988, Sekonda became the top-selling watch brand in the UK and kept its popularity intact for 31 consecutive years. The stunning design and sturdy and reliable construction enhanced the brand’s image. So much so that almost every fashionable person in the UK prefers to wear the brand’s timepiece.

Sekonda Highlights:

  • The bestselling watch brand in the UK
  • Simply great watches at affordable prices
  • Excellent aftercare service

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Are Sekonda Watches Good?

Yes, of course! Sekonda offers good quality watches at a reasonable price, usually under $100 or less. 

Not only are Sekonda watches made of solid materials, but they are also equipped with some of the best movements in the world. That’s why these watches are known to last for a long time.

Also, Sekonda is known for producing high-quality yet affordable watches worldwide.

Now let’s see some of the best Sekonda watches worth owning:

Top 7 Best Sekonda Watches

1. Men’s Sekonda Watch 1373 – Best Overall

Product Description

My first choice of a Sekonda watch is the 1373 model. I like that it’s easy to read. It looks expensive, yet you only pay a fraction of the price.

The bracelet is made of stainless steel, which means it will not turn black or not oxidize. The silver wristband of this 1373 Sekonda watch has good hardness strength and high resistance to an external force. With the same material, it is resistant to heat and corrosion. Therefore, it can retain its shine for years.

This men’s watch only weighs 4.37 ounces. Yup, the weight is similar to a deck of cards or two to three golf balls. It’s not too light and not too heavy either. 

Moreover, this one stands out to me because, for its price, it’s already water-resistant for up to 50 meters. Such a water resistance rating means it can withstand cold showers and shallow depths of water if you wear it while swimming. 

Just imagine: a watch with 200 meters of water resistance can already be worn while scuba diving. So, a 50m water-resistant is already good.


  • Simple and functional
  • Easy-to-read dial
  • With day and date displays
  • Stainless steel bracelet
  • Comes with a 2-year guarantee
  • 50-meter water resistance
  • 13-millimeter case thickness


  • Bracelet cannot be adjusted by simply removing the links

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2. Sekonda Men’s Quartz Watch – Best Under $50

Product Description

Another of Sekonda’s highlights is the 3882 model. This men’s quartz watch is one of the most consistently top-selling watches from the British-designed brand. Aside from being affordable, it also earned plenty of positive reviews over the years.

What stands out from this nice watch is it features a high visibility pilot style dial with bold hour markers and hands. These markers stand out against the brown background. As a result, it is easy to read the time.

It’s also a plus point that there’s a date window at the 3 o’clock position. It features a mineral crystal glass lens, making it durable against shattering and scratches. You’ll also be pleased that the quartz movement powers this men’s watch. 

Using quartz caliber is more accurate than mechanical movements. It would likewise be more convenient because quartz continues to run without winding it or wearing it as long as you change its battery every couple of years.


  • Accurate quartz movement
  • High resistance level against shattering and scratches
  • 50-meter water resistance rating
  • Reasonable price range
  • Attractive brown dial
  • Round alloy case
  • Includes date
  • Bargain for the price


  • Strap is listed as leather but doesn’t feel like that when worn (feels comfortable nonetheless)
  • Not that great packaging

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3. Sekonda Men’s Contemporary Midnight Blue Multifunction Chronograph – Best Designer

Product Description

Here comes the most well-known model from Sekonda: the multifunctional model called the Contemporary Midnight Blue. First of all, the striking part of this men’s watch is its design – no doubt.

The stunning blue sunray dial and gun metal plated case with a black leather strap made this watch model a class of its own. 

A very attractive watch indeed.

I would recommend this for men with an on-trend style. It just looks good with anything, especially when paired with jeans. Its midnight blue color stands out. With functions like the date/day display, 164-feet water resistance, and 24-hour read-out, this watch perfectly suits men of varied lifestyles. 

The chronograph feature provides you with three measurements of time: hours, minutes, and seconds. I’m even surprised because chronographs are often more expensive, but this one is budget-friendly, but you can still guarantee its durable build quality.

Overall, it looks more expensive than its price. The finish quality and the design of this timepiece are striking, making it one of the best Sekonda watches for men to date.


  • Stylish
  • Easy-to-read face and sub-functions
  • Good value for money
  • Durable build quality
  • With chronograph features


  • Adjusting the day requires you to forward the 24-hour movement until you arrive at the correct day
  • No backlight

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4. Seksy Women’s Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Watch – Best Dressy

Product Description

Here comes a timepiece from the brand’s recent Seksy Rocks watch line: the Seksy Women’s Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Watch. In 2004, the Seksy line was born and helped Sekonda keep its top position in the UK watch market.

This ladies’ watch is one of the most interesting and well-crafted Sekonda watches for women, especially the younger market. Some may say this watch has lots of extra bling, but it’s popular among women. And why not? It’s covered with Swarovski crystal around its band and dial.

The intricate piece of craftsmanship in this watch is top-notch. I also like that it comes in a modern rose-gold hue with a touch of silver on the bracelet. If you prefer a timepiece that will get people’s attention, go for the Seksy Women’s Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Watch. 

Special features include a lap timer, luminous, dual-time display, compass, and backup battery. You’d be delighted to purchase this Sekonda men’s contemporary midnight blue watch. It’s worth it for its slogan, “Be Bold, Be Seksy.” 


  • Attractive diamond-shaped batons
  • Embellished with Swarovski crystals
  • Elegant and feminine
  • Comes with a beautiful watch box
  • Water-resistant up to 99 feet (30m)
  • Rose sunray dial
  • Features ladder clasps for easy adjustment
  • Self-adjusting links
  • With dual-time display
  • Not too big, nor too small


  • Face is not easy to read

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5. Sekonda Women’s Watch with Analogue Display – Ultimate Minimalist Sekonda

Product Description

The Sekonda Women’s with Analogue Display is a lovely watch. It’s fun to wear on a dress-up night and makes a sturdy addition to your wardrobe.

Its minimalist design is why I included this in this Sekonda watches review. This 2144.27 model is perfect for women looking for sophistication, shimmer, or simplicity. 

It also features an attractive round gold plated case housing, fastened with a blue strap and a dark blue sunray stone set dial, and is water-resistant for up to 30 meters.

You can even change the watch strap or pick other color options from the same model. You could opt for gunmetal, pink, white, brown gold (also my favorite), and grey silver. 

Overall, I’m delighted with this women’s watch and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.


  • Beautiful watch
  • Features protective mineral glass window
  • Water resistance to 30m
  • Round alloy case
  • Available in other colors


  • None

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6. Sekonda Men’s Silver Quartz Watch – Best for Any Occasion

Product Description

The Sekonda Men’s Silver Quartz Watch is a perfect timepiece for any occasion. 

It has a stainless steel case, a date display, a two-tone stainless steel bracelet, and a dark blue dial. An ideal choice for gentlemen’s fashion, indeed.

I also like that this timepiece’s battery life can last up to two years. Meanwhile, its water resistance is up to 100 meters, making it perfect for snorkeling, sports, and diving. You can wear it while swimming, outdoors, or just for everyday style.

If you prefer digital watches, I recommend you check the Sekonda Men’s Digital Watch 1163.05. It’s an excellent wristwatch that you can wear on almost any occasion.


  • Attractive two-tone stainless steel bracelet
  • Fashionable
  • Simple yet elegant
  • Up to two years of battery life
  • Water resistance of up to 100 meters
  • Cool blue dial


  • None

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7. Sekonda Men’s Quartz Watch (Model: 1713) – Best Everyday Watch

sekonda watches reviews

Product Description

This stunning timepiece from the British fashion watch brand is the Sekonda Men’s Quartz Watch (Model: 1713), which adds to our Sekonda watches reviews. 

This timepiece fits the bill if you want a timepiece you could wear daily. It is comfortable on the wrist and is water-resistant, just like the other watches on this list.

This watch shows poise and style, but not that attention-grabbing. Not to mention, it’s cost-effective and worth the price.


  • Affordable
  • Numbers and hands are luminescent
  • Comfortable on the wrist
  • Two years guarantee
  • With date display


  • Others may find the size a bit small
  • Strap is made of fabric so that it may get scratched by the buckle

If you want to try it out, here’s where you can buy it! 

Other Recommendations:

What to Look for When Buying the Best Sekonda Watch?

1. Quality

When buying a Sekonda watch, make sure to buy one that will last. This option is especially true if you spend a significant amount of money. It’s better to invest it in a well-made timepiece.

It’s also good that most Sekonda watches are of good quality and have a warranty.

2. Appearance

Choose a watch because you like the way it looks. It would be better if you could pick one that reflects you as a person but also build a legacy of who you want to be.

3. Complications

Know what watch complications you are getting in. For instance, find one with a built-in tachymeter if you want to use it to measure the distance or speed. 

However, if you prefer the stopwatch feature, you don’t need to spend more on extra complications. A more affordable option is to go for a quartz moon phase complication. 

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4. Price

Find a watch that offers good value and fits your price point. Some Sekonda watches cost more than others, but you may get the same quality from other models at a much more affordable price. 

Final Verdict: Which One Should You Buy?

sekonda watches reviews

If you love simple yet stylish watches, give Sekonda a try. My top choice for men would be the Sekonda Men’s Contemporary Midnight Blue Analog Quartz Watch.

After considering these watches’ notable features and price points, I pick the Contemporary Midnight Blue for men because of its superior finishing quality, durability, and affordability. Plus, it has chronograph features. 

On the other hand, my ultimate favorite for women is the Sekonda Women’s Watch with Analogue Display. It has an easy-to-read watch face, is beautiful, at a reasonable price point, keeps excellent time, and comes with an innovative presentation box. 

Regardless of your watch, it’ll surely be the best choice for timekeeping. After all, most of the wristwatches from this brand are attractive and practical.

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