Seiko Women’s Solar Watch Review

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If you think solar watches appear more purpose-driven and are less stylish, then it’s likely you haven’t taken a look at some of the best solar-powered watches on the market nowadays.

One of my favorites in the solar-powered watch categories is the Seiko Prospex Ladies Street Series Safari Solar Watch – SUT405P1. Its function and look are perfect for all the ladies who are always on the go, want to consider a solar timepiece or adhere to a tight schedule.

If you want to know more about this Seiko women’s watch, keep reading as I share below my experience in owning this timepiece for two months. You’ll also find in this personal review some of the pros and cons and whether it’s worth owning one. Let’s begin.

On the Wrist: Seiko Women’s Solar Watch Review

What convinced me to buy this 38.7mm Seiko Prospex Ladies Street Series Safari Solar Watch – SUT405P1 is its noticeable aesthetic difference from the other Seiko solar-powered watches for women.

I mean, it’s green! – a color associated with growth, harmony, environment, and wealth. Having spent the past years being indoors because of the pandemic, I craved something to remind me of the outdoors. And well, the vibrant green color of this watch just signifies all those. 


I love how Seiko experimented with color and style by introducing this timepiece. When you combine active and sporty in one watch, you get this watch model. The SUT405P1 comes with a green dial and band color.  At night, the LimiBride luminous hands and indices ensure that it’s easy to read the time. 

It’s cool, sporty, and equipped with the Seiko Prospex Solar. It is an excellent alternative to the tropical forest-inspired Rolex Datejust or the Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight 18K (M79018V-0001) with a green dial.

The lack of a date window may be a disadvantage to some, but if you prefer to see more symmetry and harmony in the dial, this watch won’t be a problem. I personally like its sporty elegance.

Handy for travel, this solar watch weighs only 4.59 ounces, and the band material is made of silicone. This means it is easy to clean, durable, and low maintenance, unlike other Seiko watches.


This solar-powered watch model is very eco-friendly. It uses sustainable energy to function. It features a hardlex dial window, an analog display type that’s easy to read, and is water-resistant for up to 200 meters – ideal for diving adventures. So, what’s not to like about this timepiece, especially when worn outdoors?

The strap material made of rubber is strong, resistant to temperature changes, and flexible. You won’t also have to take it off when it’s raining, or you’re swimming because the watch is water-resistant. 

Movement and charging time

Another thing to like about this women’s watch is that it’s powered by the in-house Seiko caliber V131, which allows an astonishing 6 months power reserve  on a full charge. Like most Japanese quartz movements used in Seiko watches, the solar movement is highly accurate. 

It likewise comes with an overcharge prevention feature that is automatically activated to prevent the battery from being charged further once it has been fully charged by being exposed to light. Once charged, it’s ready to go without winding up.

But this watch still has a finite life span, even if it’s rechargeable. Seiko says it can work for around 10 years. Still, that’s decent enough – a decade of worry-free accurate timekeeping is what you can expect from Seiko’s movement.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with the beautiful bracelet. In my experience, it has been very solid, dependable, and accurate.

Furthermore, it feels sporty yet can be easily adapted to different styles. 


  • Eco-friendly
  • Rechargeable battery – natural light powers this watch
  • Color combination (dial, band, indices) creates pleasing consistency
  • Comes with overcharge prevention function when the watch is exposed to light
  • Comfortable on the wrist
  • Good size (case dimension is 38.7mm.)
  • Durable stainless steel case material


  • Lume is lackluster but stays for 6 hours
  • No date window

Is it worth it?

I cannot speak to the long-term benefit of owning this Seiko solar watch. But I can say that, in my two months of owning this timepiece, it’s super worth it. The Seiko Prospex Urban watch, also called the Baby Tuna Watch, is so functional and comfortable that you can just take it off during a shower and sleep.

It is classy and environmentally friendly. At the start, the switch to solar energy may not seem like a big deal, but you can never tell how much waste is collected from batteries each year. 

So, this is one of the benefits of owning this timepiece. The Seiko solar converts light from the solar panel into electrical energy that powers the timepiece. All things considered, this sustainable watch makes a beautiful gift – for yourself or others.

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In-Depth Review of the Seiko Women’s Solar Watch


Brand, Seller, or Collection NameSEIKO
Model numberSUT405P1
Part NumberSUT405P1
Item ShapeRound
Dial window material typeHardlex
Display TypeAnalog
Case materialStainless Steel
Case diameter38.7 millimeters
Case Thickness10.4 millimeters
Band MaterialSilicone
Band width18 millimeters
It is relatedlorGreen
Dial colorGreen
Bezel functionUnidirectional
Item weight4.59 Ounces
MovementSolar (through the use of solar cell)
Water resistant depth200 Meters

Additional Features

The Seiko Prospex Ladies Street Series Safari Solar Watch – SUT405P1 features a unidirectional rotating bezel, meaning it doesn’t rotate in a counter-clockwise direction. It effectively measures diving time.

The solar movement functions inside the watch and has a screw-down case back. Such a feature promises a water-right seal, so you won’t have to worry about dirt, dust, or splash entering the watch and slowing down the movement.

As for the thickness of the case, it’s 10.4 mm. It doesn’t appear bulky or sticks out too much from your wrist. This thickness is ideal for watches you can wear on formal events, casual, or sporty occasions.


Seiko watches are covered with a three-year warranty. Such protection is automatically in effect upon purchase of the timepiece.

During the guaranteed period, Seiko guarantees free adjustment service or repair against any defect on the movement and case, as long as the watch was used as directed in the company’s instruction manual.

Who is it Best for?

This related orch is a significant environmental choice for people who want to lessen battery waste and for every type of fitness/outdoor enthusiast out there.

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What Do People Say About it?


An Amazon buyer reviewed, “While I am a big fan of automatic watches, this [Seiko Solar watch SUT405P1] just ticked all the right boxes for me. The design aesthetic is awesome. The domed hardlex looked good, the second hand hit the indices right, and the solar-powered movement meant I could grab this from my watch case without having to set any functions. “


A Reddit user shared, “I own this watch as well as a Submariner and the Seiko stands on its own two feet… The only people who will think this watch is a wannabe Hulk are superficial morons who think anything green is trying to be a Rolex. I find it wears a bit smaller than you’d expect, and the weight isn’t too bad for everyday use.”

Another finds the watch awesome but is somehow disappointed that it’s not easy to find bracelets to match the timepiece. 

From the Street Safari collection – love the color combination and the size… Unfortunately, as this model isn’t popular, I am unable to find any bracelets with curved ends that fit this well – [I] even emailed Seiko. They only had the option to head down to their place with the watch and try on multiple bracelets.”

Honorable Mentions: Best Seiko Watches for Women (Solar Watches)

1. Best Everyday Seiko Watch – Seiko Spirit Watch Solar Sapphire Glass STPX033 Ladies

This STPX033  ladies’ watch from Seiko features a sapphire glass dial window material, silver band, and white dial color. It looks simple yet elegant and one you can wear every day. 

It features a Japanese quartz movement and is 29.3 mm. case diameter. The harmony of gold and silver in this watch is perfect too! Best of all, it’s nice because there’s no need for battery replacement.

2. Chick and Clean Aesthetic – Seiko Lukia SSQV107 – Solar Ladies’ Watch

This gorgeous Seiko Lukia SSQV107 – Solar Ladies’ Watch is next on our list of the best Seiko solar watches for women. The round model is designed in a way that will fit modern women’s lifestyle.

Its style is comparable to Seiko SNDX95 – a Sportura watch that’s highly functional and has an anti-glare sapphire crystal that protects its dial. I say it’s comparable because of Lukia SSQV107’s feminine ceramic bezel and a case accented with clean white inlay.

The advantage of Lukia SSQV107 vs. SNDX95 is that the former (Lukia) charges when exposed to direct sunlight. Its dial has an embossed pattern with a delicate shine, and the case material is made of pure titanium.

There’s no need to worry in terms of durability. As for its solar function, it works for up to six months when fully charged and approximately 1.5 years of power save function – stops one or two features to save energy when the solar cell is not exposed to light for a fixed period.

It also features a 28-millimeter case diameter, 7.63 millimeters case thickness, and an analog display. Seiko has indeed produced this dress watch with the craftsmanship and great care.

3. Best Classic Women’s Watch – Seiko Women’s SUT068 Dress Solar Diamond-Accented Two-Tone Watch

The Seiko Women’s SUT068 Dress Solar Diamond-Accented Two-Tone Watch is a timepiece that will never go out of style for the many years to come.

This is another favorite of mine because of its size (27mm). In addition, it comes with a date window at the 3 o’clock position. It feels elegant too. Thanks to its diamond-accented bezel. It features a contemporary and classic dial layout and LumiBrite hands and markers.

Just like how Citizen eco drive solar has evolved during the past years, the solar technology of Seiko has done the same. So much that modern solar timepieces can even be powered by artificial light. 

But Seiko stands out because charging is super quick. Thanks to the way its solar cells are placed under an opaque dial.

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4. Best Small Watch – Seiko Solar Tressia Go Red Women’s Watch

The Seiko Solar Tressia Go Red Women’s Watch is designed with a smart blend of classical and contemporary styles. Aside from the pleasant 16-millimeter case size, the first thing that strikes you is its weight. It’s so lightweight that it feels like you don’t have a watch on your wrist.

It features a scratch-resistant hardlex material, ceramic band, and bezel fixed with radiant Swarovski crystals. This analog watch makes a beautiful addition to a woman’s wardrobe. 

You’ll also love to know that Seiko designed this timepiece to support the fight against heart disease in women. Thus, you’ll see a heart on the dial. At the back of this watch, you’ll see it’s engraved with words to acknowledge The American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign.

For every Seiko Solar Tressia Go Red Women’s Watch sold, a portion will be donated to the AHA. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Seiko Solar Watches

Why does my Seiko solar watch keep stopping?

If your Seiko solar watch keeps on stopping, there’s a possibility that the battery is out of charge. If this happens, simply recharge the timepiece by a window or expose it to sunlight for five to six hours before using it again.

A Seiko solar watch used before it is restored sufficiently may stop again. If your watch has a power save function, just like the Seiko Prospex Ladies Street Series Safari Solar Watch – SUT405P1, the timepiece will go “Power Save 2” mode. It signals that it has been in a poor charging state for quite a while. 

You can tell a Seiko solar watch enters the “Power Save 2” mode when it stops at the 45-second position. If it enters a “Power Save 1” mode, the second hand is at the 15-second position. This mode is activated when the watch does not receive sufficient light for the past 72 hours.

What is the lifespan of a Seiko solar watch?

The average lifespan of a Seiko solar watch is between 10 to 15 years

It could last longer if it’s well taken care of. How long it takes depends on your wearing habit and the environment it was exposed to. 

A sufficient amount of time and strength of light is necessary to charge a Seiko solar watch sufficiently. If the amount of time and strength of light is not enough, the watch may be insufficiently recharged.

Is the solar watch any good?

Yes, of course. Solar watches are reliable and could even outperform their automatic, mechanical, and quartz counterparts when it comes to timekeeping. That’s because solar watches are designed with rechargeable batteries. Solar watches can last for years if they are changed regularly.

The Verdict: Should I Buy It?

Yes, definitely.

This is a timepiece I’m pretty happy with, and I’m sure you would, too.  I just love its awesome engineering. It reduces waste (regularly charges as long as you don’t keep it in total darkness), is comfortable on the wrist, and looks great. It’s even hard to find downsides to this timepiece with its solar-power range.

The fact that it comes from a company with a large share of solar timepieces for over 40 years is also an incredible accomplishment. It just means they have delivered value to their customers for decades, so that this watch model won’t be an exception. 

Sporty, reliable, and high quality! This Seiko Prospex Ladies Street Series Safari Solar Watch – SUT405P1 is something that will truly upend your watch-wearing habit. 

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