Rolex 14060 Vs. 14060M

Are you considering buying the Rolex Reference 14060 and wondering how different it is from the 14060m version? First, congratulations on being a few steps away from becoming a part of the exclusive community united by this excellent watch brand.

Second, the “M” indicates a slightly updated movement on the Rolex watch. I don’t intend to convince you that the Rolex 14060M is better or worse than its predecessor, but I will focus on the impressions of the two watches.

If you want to know more about both timepieces from Rolex, keep reading!

TL;DR: Rolex Submariner Reference 14060 vs. 14060M 

The Rolex Reference 14060 vs. 14060m are identical watches from the Swiss watch designer. One big difference is that the 14060M features a movement that’s been “Modified” with a giant balance wheel and a total balance bridge. Thus, the M for Modified. 

With an updated movement, uni-directional ratchet bezel, and sapphire crystal dial, the 14060M carries the classic vibe of a modern watch.

The visual difference lies in the two lines added on the dial of 14060M, saying “officially certified” and “Superlative chronometer.” In short, the Rolex 14060M  was a COSC-certified chronometer. COSCis an Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute.

The 14060M timepiece is marked with the Swiss Made at the bottom, houses a glossy dial, and uses a Super-LumiNova on the hands and hour markers.

At the end of the 14060 productions, Rolex changed the SuperLuminova use and preferred the tritium. All 14060M features the SuperLuminova. And the significant advantage of the newer illumination over tritium is that it’s completely harmless, being non-radioactive. 

The tritium paint loses its ability to grow over time, whereas SuperLuminova glows even after the half-life of the old tritium. This is a good change as the lume works as long as the watch is charged beforehand. 

Other than those mentioned, both watches look and function the same. Both have beautiful profiles. They are small on the wrist and are two of the most comfortable watches worldwide because of their well-proportioned cases. 

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Is it worth it?

Undoubtedly, the Rolex 14060 and the 14060M are a real deal. 

You’ll love the classic size of the 14060. It has a clean aesthetic that you can wear every day. It is reliable and durable too. Plus, its bracelet feels very tiny, and because it has lug holes, changing the strap is very easy. You can even change the stainless steel to a super practical Nato strap.

Similarly, the 14060M model will draw you in as it’s chronometer certified. It is reliable, easily serviced, and accurate. However, Rolexes don’t come cheap. But don’t worry, as you’ll buy into one of the most significant legacies in watchmaking history.

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In-Depth Comparison: Rolex 14060 (No Date Submariner) and 14060M Watches


The Rolex Submariner line of sports watches was launched in 1953 and became one of the first dive watches in the world. But it was in 1988 when the Rolex Submariner 14060 was introduced to replace the classic Submariner 5513.

Rolex Submariner Ref. 14060 No Date: 1988 -1999

The Rolex 14060 no date has many improvements compared to the 5513, such as the use of the Triplock crown. That new feature increased the water depth rating of the watch to 300m. They also used a sapphire crystal for added durability. Lastly, it has a power reserve of up to 50 hours.

Since then, it has become a true legend in the watch world even until now. Although the total production numbers of such a model since its release is unknown, the Swiss brand claims that the entire production is at least a million. And we understand why. 

Everything about the Rolex Submariner is appealing. It has a universal look and accurate movement. All these have been carried to the 14060 version.

Rolex Submariner Ref. 14060M (W/ Added Two Lines of Text On the Dial) 1999- 2012

The modified Rolex 14060M was released in 1999 with a revised movement (Caliber 3130). The previous Caliber 3000 was a decent automatic, self-winding movement that provided 42 hours of reserve.

Meanwhile, the newer Caliber 3130 has a Breguet overcoil hairspring and a more giant balance wheel. These changes in the movement resulted in improved performance metrics.

Some watch enthusiasts, though, said that the difference was just a piece of paper – all for the sake of the COSC certification.

Nevertheless, the 14060M movement offered the best bang for your buck since the watch price did not increase. The 14060M was discontinued in 2012 to pave the way for the new Rolex Submariner Reference 114060.

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Brand/ Model NameRolex Submariner 14060 No DateRolex Submariner 14060M
Case Size40mm40mm
Case Material904L Stainless Steel904L Stainless Steel
MovementRolex Caliber 3000Rolex Caliber 3130
Depth Rating 300m300M
BezelUnidirectional Black Anodized Aluminum – 120 ClickUnidirectional Black Anodized Aluminum – 120 Clic
GlassSapphire CrystalSapphire Crystal
Lume Tritium Super-LumiNova

Quality and Durability


To achieve the COSC certification in the 14060M models, Rolex changed the movements to caliber 3130 from 3000. The main difference between the two movements is that the newer one (3130) has a more significant balance wheel, Breguet overcoil and a total balance bridge.


The stainless steel bracelet of both watches is brushed. It’s comfortable on the wrist.  It’s not too heavy nor too light. The markers of the newer 14060M still features the non-maxi size that you’d see in its predecessor. Even the hands of the 14060M are still diminutive.

Without the date window, the dial of the 14060 has perfect symmetry. Others prefer such a design. I would love a watch with a dial window, but I’m still happy with the original design.

Outside the dial of the 14060M Submariner collection is the durable bezel. It’s downright fantastic. It has a semi-matte finish that contrasts with the dial and watches crystal. The simple lume is also a plus point for the Rolex 14060M.

At the side of the watch, you’ll see the crown guards. They do their job without overpowering the case, like other designs from other watch brands. The side profile of the 14060M showcases an elegant case, and the case back is downright simple – without engravings.

The solid end links are sturdy, a standard on all modern Rolex watches. These links attach to the lugs of the watch. The lugs in the 14060 No Date screams masculinity, and the elegance in the modified Rolex softens the blow.

The proportionality and the taper to the case are perfect. It’s 40mm but doesn’t feel that big anymore. This change was made possible because the lugs have less visual mass. The modified Rolex 14060M likewise sports an aluminum bezel. It means it’s among the last classically styled Rolex Sub that doesn’t have the Cerachrom ceramic bezel.


Capability-wise, both watches have a 300M water depth rating. This capacity means even the most severe divers can wear it. Any timepiece with this water-resistance rating becomes a bragging right to both the wearer and the watchmaker.

The popular trip-lock aids both timepieces. As the name suggests, this third-generation winding crown features three sealed zones. The two O-ring gaskets are positioned within the tube, while the third is stationed within the winding crown.

The trip-lock feature has three dots under the brand’s coronet, allowing the beautiful watch to function even when submerged underwater. Rolex continues to hone this technology to serve its customers better. The remainder of Rolex watches with these same twin lock winding crowns are the Rolex Datejust, Sky-Dweller, Oyster Perpetual, Explorer I/II, Milgauss, and so on.

Additional Features

The 93150 bracelet of both Rolex watches is the same. They look great and are comfortable on the wrist. The hollow links keep the timepiece light. 

If you love vintage watches, you’ll love the Rolex Submariner No Date or even a GMT. Early Rolex 14060 models had tritium that added a vintage feel to it. Plus, the lack of trademark cyclops of the 14060 makes it less conspicuous and more understated.

Meanwhile, the upgraded 14060M offers excellent shock resistance and stability because of the improved Breguet overcoil. So, if you’re looking for an extra bit of resilience and toughness, you can’t go wrong with the modified version. 

The finish and fit of the new Rolex Reference, with its polished case and solid link bracelets, are superb. Still, you’ll enjoy the brushed steel (904L) that provides more excellent corrosion resistance.

Who is it Best for?

Rolex 14060 and Rolex Ref. 14060m are best for scuba divers and those who enjoy outdoor activities as the timepieces are water resistant for up to 1,000 feet (300 meters). These watches are also great for detail-oriented gentlemen who know superior quality when they see them. Both the Rolex 14060 and the 14060M are similarly marketed for people who believe they are worthy and capable of attaining their goals. 

After all, Rolex is among the world’s finest mass-produced industrial watches. Any of the two watches can communicate a level of life or career success. So, you can buy one to celebrate your achievement or for investment. No reason is better or worse.

What Do People Say About it?


Zoomer Time reviewed the Rolex Submariner 14060M. He said, “The crown is very well-defined. You can see all five points on the coronet (Rolex logo). All holes micro-adjust. It has nice thin lugs. [And the bezel has] nice crisp clicks. I would argue that the Submariner has the best bezel on the market.”

Meanwhile, Tobias Dahlberg unboxed the Rolex Submariner “No date” 14060. He said, “It is one gorgeous watch…  What I like about this watch is that it features lug holes, which makes changing the bands on this watch incredibly easy—it [features a] tritium lume. 

[The] present Submariner uses Rolex’s type of lume that does not provide patina (discoloration of tritium dial). Because of the tritium lume and this watch’s age, it does not light up anymore, which is sad.”


A Reddit user preferred the modified version of the 14060. He reviewed, “[The] 14060M is a great watch. It’s proportioned perfectly. [The] case size is excellent, and [it] has the perfect blend of a tool watch, prestige, and versatility.”

Watch Forums

“Aesthetically, to me at least, the two win hands down. Less clutter and more balanced,” one said, referring to the 2-liner dial of the 14060m model. Another shared, “I got my first Rolex [and I] went with the 14060M 2-liner, as  it’s ‘purer’ and closer to the 5513.”

The other disagrees, saying, “ [I] preferred the four lines. It was made for a shorter period during the last few years of production and generally is a little bit more expensive than the two lines, but a better punt for the future.

Note: Comments from these forums are not affiliated with Rolex USA or its subsidiaries. 

The Verdict: Which One Should You Buy?

If you prefer the simple older design of the Rolex Submariner watch, then go for Rolex 14060. It doesn’t have a date, which creates more symmetry and harmony on the dial. 

But if you prefer a more usable Rolex Submariner, go for the 14060M. Many liked it because the aluminum bezel insert doesn’t reflect light compared to the ceramic bezel insert. It has a newer movement and lume.

Whether it’s for expressing your personality, appreciation of the Rolex symbolism, the desire for watch quality, investment purposes, or status, these Rolex timepieces make a great purchase. They make an excellent collection for life, and you’re more likely to fall in love with either.

All these being said, both models fit with everything – attire-wise. It goes well with jeans, works well by the pool, and does under a dress suit. It can go anywhere below or above sea level and has a unique presence. Years into wearing this timepiece, its rugged design and impeccable finishing will still look amazing.

Some people may see it as an indulgence, but if you know why you want it, make that dream a reality.

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