What Watch Does Jeremy Clarkson Wear?

what watch does jeremy clarkson wear

Car enthusiasts are often watch enthusiasts as well. The connection between the two seems to come down to one thing – a man’s appreciation of engineering. And if there’s one man in the UK whose appreciation for cars is known, it’s Jeremy Clarkson. The Clarkson’s Farm star seemed to have driven about every auto under … Read more

How Accurate Is A Rolex?

how accurate is a rolex watch

Rolex tests their watches to the extremes before leaving the Rolex site. They pass more than 20 drop tests, including chronometric precision, waterproofness, power reserve, ease of maintenance, and efficient self-winding tests. So, you might wonder, “How accurate is a Rolex?” Undergoing these tests is the cornerstone of their brand. The makers want to ensure … Read more

What Watch Does Joe Rogan Wear?

what watch does joe rogan wear

Joe Rogan is a man who loves to fight, talk, and wear wristwatches. So you might wonder, “What watch does Joe Rogan wear? To name a few, he wears the practical ones to the far more expensive timepieces. He even has watches from Rolex, Omega, and Breitling.  Keep reading if you’re curious about what is … Read more

Is Bulova a Good Watch Brand?

Is Bulova a Good Watch Brand

Bulova has established itself as one of the top and longest-running watch brands throughout its history and has left its cultural impact.  In this article, we will discuss the brand, review some of its best timepieces, and answer the question, “Is Bulova a good watch brand?” Bulova, adorned by soldiers and astronauts, continues strong today … Read more

Why Are G Shock Watches So Expensive?

why are G-shock watches so expensive

Casio G-Shock has offered high-quality timepieces instead of focusing more on design. Nowadays, many models capably blend both qualities. They sell them to the market in a resilient package, making them heavy-duty timepieces. But why are G-shock watches so expensive?  Our team looked into it, and here’s what we found out: How Much Do G-Shock … Read more

How To Open A Rolex Watch

how to open a Rolex watch

Rolex is unlike any other watch manufacturer. In fact, it is a universe of its own: valued, admired, respected, and recognized across the globe. So, we created a step-by-step guide on how to open a Rolex watch. However, you may need to open its case back to make a minor repair or replace its battery. … Read more

Is Citizen A Good Watch?

Citizen is currently the second-largest manufacturer in the watch market. More than 20% of its timepieces come from the Japanese company. So, you might wonder, “Is Citizen a good watch brand?” For this blog post, we created a Citizen Watches Review so we can dive in and better understand if the brand is worth it.   … Read more

Is Rado a Good Watch?

is rado a good watch

Rado is one of the biggest watchmakers in Switzerland that focuses on new technologies, high-end materials, and creative designs.  Founded in 1917, the brand has become one of the major Swiss watch companies due to its technological advancements and innovations. Keep reading if you want to buy a Rado watch or know more about the … Read more

Is Invicta a Good Watch?

Is Invicta a Good Watch

If you are a watch enthusiast, you probably know about Invicta. Even though the watch brand has only recently gained popularity, it is considered one of the world’s leading high-end brands. However, the Invicta watch reviews are mixed. Some watch collectors describe it as a good, handy watch, while others are unsatisfied with this product. … Read more