Rolex 14060 Vs. 14060M

Rolex 14060 vs 14060M

Are you considering buying the Rolex Reference 14060 and wondering how different it is from the 14060m version? First, congratulations on being a few steps away from becoming a part of the exclusive community united by this excellent watch brand. Second, the “M” indicates a slightly updated movement on the Rolex watch. I don’t intend … Read more

Orvis Watch Reviews

Orvis watch reviews

If you’re the type of gent who loves fishing or going outdoors on an adventure rather than hanging out at home, you’ll need a functional, durable, and lightweight timepiece. In this article, we gathered some of the best Orvis Watch Reviews for you to choose from. Luckily, one brand that can match your adventurous lifestyle is … Read more

Rolex vs Cartier

rolex vs. cartier

Rolex and Cartier are two of the most well-known Swiss watchmakers in the world. Rolex is recognized for producing extremely high product quality, while Cartier is renowned for its impeccable sophistication, art influence, and quality.  But, which of the two watch brands do you think is the best? If you’re asking for advice on choosing … Read more

Longines Vs Tag Heuer

Longines Vs. Tag Heuer

If you’re looking to buy a luxury watch, you’ve probably made a checklist of features you’d like your watch to have. Beautiful packaging, quality production materials, luxurious finishing, and brand recognition; are some of the qualities we look out for when shopping for luxury watches. The good news is that many luxury brands have all … Read more

Best Moon Phase Dress Watch

Best Moon Phase Dress Watch

The supernatural movement of the celestial bodies is closely knitted with the recording and tracking of time. However, this heavenly arrangement has inspired watchmakers to get creative and innovative with their craft by introducing moonphase watches. These watches are inextricably linked with the lunar cycle and offer great functions. Let’s proceed to check out the … Read more

Seiko Women’s Solar Watch Review

seiko women's solar watch review

If you think solar watches appear more purpose-driven and are less stylish, then it’s likely you haven’t taken a look at some of the best solar-powered watches on the market nowadays. One of my favorites in the solar-powered watch categories is the Seiko Prospex Ladies Street Series Safari Solar Watch – SUT405P1. Its function and … Read more

Longines Heritage 1945 Review

longines heritage 1945

Not everyone prefers to wear a wristwatch nowadays since we have many ways to tell time. The most common one, of course, is a smartphone that is almost always glued to our hands.  Good thing the greats of the watch world continued making beautiful timepieces and made their way into the vintage watch market. Prices … Read more

Best Moon Phase Watch For Fishing

best moon phase watch for fishing

If you’re looking for the best moon phase watch for fishing, you’ve come to the right place. Every angler needs an excellent fisherman’s wrist watch or tide watch, depending on their preference. Therefore, we collected some of the best fishing watches with moon phases for you to choose and wear for your next fishing trip. … Read more

Best Analog Watch With Vibrating Alarm

best analog watch with vibrating alarm

Do you want to wake on time or keep on track with your schedules but hate the sound of your smartphone’s alarm? If so, then a wristwatch with a vibrating alarm is what you need.  These watches gently shake your wrist to remind you of time or wake you up. Additionally, these vibrating alarm watches … Read more

Best Watches For Navy Suits

best watches for navy suits

Blue is a color that’s associated with clear skies, clean water, tranquility, truth, and power. No wonder men like it and are associated with blue or its shades, including navy. Even baby boys wear blue clothes and gentlemen wear navy blue suits during formal events and weddings. In case you’re wondering why – it’s because … Read more