Swarovski Watches Review

swarovski watches review

When you hear or read the word “Swarovski,” what can you think of? Jewelry? Crystals? Or watches? What if we combine all these three? Wouldn’t it be a perfect match for women who love fashion and those who want to make a strong impression? If you’re interested in finding the best feminine watch with Swiss-made … Read more

Best Women’s Waterproof Watches


Women’s participation in watersports activities has risen over the years.  Along with this trend, trips to the beach, outdoor swimming, and coastal walking also increased up to 10.1 million, 3.2 million, and 7.7 million, respectively, shared by a group of marine bodies. These water sports and activities are a brilliant way to relax, stay fit, … Read more

Best Seiko Watches Of All Time


Who does not love owning a good wristwatch? Aside from keeping you punctual during a date or a meeting, watches are also functional and they signal your sense of style. It’s a form of self-expression! And one of the most popular watch brands in the world today is Seiko. For years, it has consistently delivered … Read more

Best Skeleton Watches Under $300

Best Skeleton Watches Under $300

Skeleton watches are all the rage these days. They’re the kind of timepiece that lets you see the inner workings of the watch. It is captivating to have a glimpse of the moving parts through either the front or the back of the watch.  It was originally invented in the 18th century but has recently … Read more

Best Skeleton Watch Under $200

Best Skeleton Watch Under $200

The skeleton watch design is one of the most attractive and unique designs in the world. Just like a Lamborghini or Ferrari with a transparent window that shows the engine, a skeleton watch provides us a view of the timepiece’s movement. Behind both cases (in cars or watches), the idea is the same: to admire … Read more

Best Skeleton Watch Under 100

Best Skeleton Watch Under $100

If you are someone who is fascinated to see what takes place inside a timepiece, then a skeleton watch is for you.  A Skeleton watch is a mechanical watch wherein you have the visibility of all its moving components inside with its see-through dial design. Leaving only the parts that are required for it to … Read more

Best Skeleton Watch Under 500

Best Skeleton Watch Under 500

Are you a watch aficionado who loves to see the inner gears of your watch exposed on display behind the viewing glass? Well, just like you, we understand how satisfying it is to see the mechanism within a skeleton timepiece.  Seeing the intricate craftsmanship in motion is just fascinating and intriguing, isn’t it? You can … Read more