Tudor Black Bay 58 Review


Looking for a new watch but not sure where to start? If vintage watches, good quality, and a reasonable price are what you’re after then the Tudor Black Bay 58 might be the watch you’re looking for. Included in the black bay line collection, the Black Bay fifty-eight gets its name as a tribute from … Read more

Why Do Watches Have Jewels

why do watches have jewels

Watch jewels or jewel bearings are small pieces of synthetic sapphire or ruby set into holes within a movement. You can either find them in the gear train or pivot points of watches, but some timepieces are designed with jewels in their anti-shock mechanism. These jewels are useful, yet having too many jewels may work … Read more

How To Flip Watches

how to flip watches

Watch flipping means purchasing luxury or valuable watches for reselling and earning profit from it.  But is there legit money in this method? How do you flip watches anyway to actually make it a profitable endeavor? Today, I want to teach you strategies on how to flip watches and make great money out of them! … Read more

Why Are Watches So Expensive

why are watches so expensive

From a practical perspective, all timepieces are the same. They keep track of time and add to our style. But it doesn’t mean investing in an expensive watch is a bad idea.  After all, expensive watches are often built with higher quality materials, are highly accurate and very reliable, and can last a long time. … Read more

Tudor Black Bay 36 Review


From the founder of Rolex watches, arises another iconic brand that offers a more modest price yet maintains the same high-quality standard and mechanism that makes Rolex one of the best luxury watch brands around the world. It’s no other than Rolex’s sibling company, the Tudor watches.  Tudor is known for its heritage and contemporary … Read more

Best Moonphase Watch Under 5000

Best Moonphase Watch Under 5000

Moon phase watches are a trend nowadays and they’re classic timepieces that one should invest in. If you’re a watch enthusiast, a moonphase watch is a piece that you should definitely add to your collection.  Before modern watches were discovered and produced, men used the moon’s lunar cycle or moon phases to determine the time … Read more

Tudor Vs Omega

Tudor Vs Omega

Tudor watches and Omega watches are two of the most excellent brands in the watch industry. For watch enthusiasts and avid watch buyers, these two watches are both an addition to their watch collection. However, which of these high-end watches are better?  No matter how beautifully designed or durable a watch is, the overall quality … Read more

Why Do People Wear Watches Upside Down

why do people wear watches upside down

Ever wonder why people wear watches on the inside of their wrist or the opposite from the way many people wear a watch? It’s fascinating, isn’t it?  You see, some occupations find it necessary to wear a watch that way because it is convenient and practical. But some have other reasons. These reasons may be … Read more

Where Are The Most Popular Watches Made At?

where are the most popular watches made at

Switzerland totally dominates the luxury watch sector as it produces around 30 million timepieces a year. But that’s only 2.5% of the world’s wristwatches. Some watches are built and mass-produced in Germany, China, Hong Kong, the United States, and Japan. That’s why in this resource, we’ll be exploring some of the key players of the … Read more

How Do Automatic Watches Work?

how to automatic watches work

An automatic watch, also called a self-winding watch, requires nothing more than just regular wear to keep running. That’s because it gets its energy from the movement of the wearer. But how does an automatic watch exactly work? How come they last longer than a quartz watch or a battery-powered watch? Don’t worry, we’ve got … Read more