Orvis Watch Reviews

If you’re the type of gent who loves fishing or going outdoors on an adventure rather than hanging out at home, you’ll need a functional, durable, and lightweight timepiece. In this article, we gathered some of the best Orvis Watch Reviews for you to choose from.

Luckily, one brand that can match your adventurous lifestyle is Orvis. It’s not a pseudo brand for Swiss luxury manufacturer Oris but a fly-fishing and wingshooting brand. 

Most watches from the American family-owned company are military-inspired and use sturdy nylon or conventional leather for straps. Plus, the wristwatches by the Orvis company are more reasonably priced than other field or outdoor watches.

Interested to know more? We shared below the reasons why they are impressive and a list of their best timepieces for the active man.

What Makes Orvis Watches Special?

Orvis timepieces are special for many reasons. For instance, they can take a beating. They are durable, but not throw-away, cheap. Instead, you’ll come to love their features and aesthetics.

Their timepieces can even be personalized with engraving, up to three letters. Some watch case backs from other brands are not ideal for engraving, but not Orvis. It may impact the resale value of your timepiece, but it sure adds sentimental value.


Orvis was founded in 1856 in Vermont, USA, by Charles F. Orvis. The company used to focus on flyfishing equipment, but today, they have nine unique watches on its product list. Today, it is a multi-channel retailer with about 1,500 US employees.

While the company’s core remains a fly-fishing and wingshooting brand, they are inspired by nature. Due to this, they decided to share their offerings of men’s watches meant for the outdoors. But of course, you can wear their watches in your daily life. 

The brand promises to share its expertise to outfit authentic experiences in the great outdoors. Aside from watches, the company also sells Orvis rods (examples: Helios™ 3 Blackout Fly Rod, Encounter® Fly Rod Outfit, Superfine® Glass Fly Rod, etc.), dog beds, home goods, and outdoor apparel and gears. 


Most Orvis watches use Japanese movements, particularly the Miyota automatic movement. Such a movement is as accurate as the entry-level Swiss movements.

Their timepieces are easy to service and have proven themselves over the years. No wonder the Miyota has been the workhorse in the watch industry. 

They also have some that use the Japanese quartz movement. And one of the advantages of such a movement is that it’ll continue to run without winding or wearing it. 

It may be difficult to directly compare Japanese with Swiss movements because of the variables involved, such as decoration, assembly, manufacture, and design of each timepiece. However, Japanese movements are still held in high regard by watch enthusiasts and watchmakers.

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The first thing you’ll notice about Orvis timepieces is their good looks. Take the Orvis Adventure Chronograph, for example. It has a sporty combination of orange and blue. However, it packs more than just aesthetics. It comes in a three-dial design, allowing you to mark days of the week, 24-hour cycles, and time zones.

Another great offering from the brand is the Contrast Stitch Field Watch. It is detailed in blaze orange stitching in a way that captures the spirit of upland hunting. As for the leather used, it is comfortable on the wrist and one that gets better with wear.

Anyways, whatever timepiece you pick, you can guarantee they’re ideal for the lovers of sport and outdoor adventures. The subtle simplicity of their watches makes them stand out too!


Orvis timepieces are durable. They have only a few watch offerings, but the company made sure that all of them are exceptionally high-quality. Many watches are chronograph ones appointed with features that can be used outdoors – a compass, water resistance, and easy-to-read luminous hands. Their timepieces even come with a handsome leather-bound presentation case.

Orvis Watches: Who Are They Best for?

Orvis timepieces are best for the passionate traveler, the lifelong fisher, or any gentlemen out there who wants to own an effortlessly stylish timepiece that can keep up with their adventures.

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Orvis Watch Reviews: What Do People Say About It?


One Reddit user shared that he has a  couple of Orvis timepieces that he bought on sale over the years. He wrote, “This  [Orvis Chronograph] is one that I’ve had for years, and it held up. I think the feature that caused me to purchase it is that it has an alarm. [It’s] the setting, which you can see on the face of the watch between the 7 and 8 hours. I thought [it] might be handy.”

In another Reddit thread about the Orvis’ Field Chronograph, one commented, “That’s a cool lookin’ watch.”


The Swiss Family Robbins has a collection of Orvis timepieces and commented, “They’re pretty cool-looking. I like the classic look. [Its dial is] kind of a smoked-wood finish. It’s in a very good condition.” For the third Orvis timepiece he picked up, he said, “I love the way the crystal reflects the light. The classic style of the dial reminds me of the 1930s and 40s era. I’m impressed.”

The Watch Kids reviewed the Orvis Blue Dial 3-i Chronograph. They said, “it sort of has a country lifestyle about it. There’s a military dial showing you the hour in military time. If you look at the three o’clock marker, there’s the date… [The watch] stays very consistent, and it’s very durable. It has been dropped a number of times, and it still works and is in great condition.”

Watch Forums

“First of all, I love Orvis. [It’s] a great storied fly-fishing company. As for their watches, My dad wore an Orvis field-style watch as his casual/weekend watch. Looked real nice but felt a bit cheap, not built to last the hands ended up falling off, and he switched to a Timex,” one shared on a watch forum.

In another forum, one shared, “My Orvis watch appears to be an earlier version of the current Orvis Signature Field Chronograph. I am pleased with this watch, and I would expect the most recent version of the watch to be much the same in terms of its quality.”

The Best Orvis Watches of 2022

Adventure Chronograph – Most Eye-Catching Watch Dial

The Adventure Chronograph is an absolute beauty. It features a bold orange dial with orange highlights, making you stand out in a crowd. 

This 41mm quality timepiece features a Japanese Miyota movement, mineral crystal, and a brushed stainless steel case and buckle. The combination of orange dial and navy blue strap punches above its class. Overall, you’ll love the sense of adventure this timepiece brings!

Sporting Traditions Watch – Best Leather Watch for Men

Orvis’ Sporting Traditions Watch is comparable to the other offerings of well-known watch companies, like Tissot, Timex, and Movado. 

This timepiece features a durable leather band. Another thing worth mentioning in this timepiece is that it has a fly-fishing or wingshooting-inspired design on the dial. It has a fish-hunting logo at the center. In addition, the contrasting hands and numbers also make it easy to read the time.

Like other Orvis timepieces, this one features a Japanese Miyota movement and is water resistant to 328 feet. Such water-resistance capacity is expected in dive watches. Whether on the water or in the field, there’s no need to baby this timepiece. 

New Battenkill Field Watch – Best Military-Inspired Watch

If you’re looking for an Orvis timepiece that puts function first, the New Battenkill Field Watch would be your absolute best timepiece. It is simple, easy to read, and has luminous hands.

Furthermore, this military-issue timepiece has a contemporary matte finish, is water resistant for up to 328 feet, and has a large crown for an easy date or time adjustment. There’s a calendar date window for this timepiece too!

Stealth Chronograph – Best Black Watch

orvis watch reviews

If you want a timepiece that never goes out of style, pick the Stealth Chronograph watch from Orvis. It has a distinctive black face and watches band that looks particularly cool on a timepiece. It uses a rubber watch band that is durable and rugged enough for your adventures.

It features a Japanese movement and a mineral glass. Such a glass material does not scratch or break easily. A plus feature is that it is water resistant for up to 328 feet. 

Be afraid of the dark no more with this Stealth Chronograph from Orvis.

Blue Dial Three-Eye Chronograph – Best Blue Dial Watch for Men

orvis watch reviews

Orvis Blue Dial Three-Eye Chronograph may not appear as traditional as the black or white varieties, but its blue dial is a must-have for the gentlemen out there. This timepiece is cool and sleek in more ways than one. 

It sports a contrasting calfskin leather, a blue dial chronograph, a 400m size watch, 24-hour time, and a complementary indigo face. The seconds are also clearly marked in the outer ring of this timepiece.

If you love a stylish watch in masculine dial color, go for this one. It’s fashionable to wear with a suit or jeans. Its brown leather and blue dial combination will always be a winning look.

If there’s any particular watch model you’re looking for from the Orvis brand, just visit their official website, key in the text in the search bar, and press enter. There you’ll see a list of rugged wrist watches for men.

FAQs About Orvis Watches 

Is Orvis watch good?

Yes, Orvis timepieces are known for their reliability, simplicity, and durability. Even its Japanese movements are a powerhouse and are on par with Swiss movements.  The brand also has generally good reviews. As for its price, it falls in the affordable category. 

Who makes Orvis watches?

Orvis Company manufactures its watches and uses Japanese movement. Orvis operates 70 retail stores and ten warehouse/outlet locations in the US. They also have 18 retail stores in the UK. 

How do you set an Orvis watch?

To set your Orvis timepiece with confidence, simply unscrew the screw-down crown, if it has one. You can pull out the crown on the first or second click. Turn the hands clockwise to set the time correctly. This is usually done by turning the crown towards yourself. Push the crown or screw it in if your watch features a screw-down crown.

If your Orvis timepiece has a date window, avoid setting the date within three hours of midnight. To be safe, set the date when the hand is along the bottom half of the dial. Just follow the instructions earlier for setting the time and push the crown back when you’re finished.

What are Orvis watches like?

Orvis timepieces are versatile with a considerably lower price tag than other watches with the same features. Their watches are generally built for those who love adventures or enjoy long days on the water and fishing.

What does chronograph mean?

A chronograph watch means it features both traditional timekeeping and a stopwatch feature. Some chronograph watches need a battery. Others don’t. Chronograph watches with “quartz movement” are the ones that need a battery.

Are Orvis chronograph watches dressy?

It depends on whom you are asking and on the watch model itself. Orvis has about five Chronograph watch styles. These include the City Creek Chronograph and the Button/Stud Band Chronograph. Both of these watches are moderately dressy. 

The Verdict: Should I Buy An Orvis Watch?

orvis watch reviews

If you’re looking for a durable outdoor or military field watch that’s affordable and stylish, you should definitely buy an Orvis timepiece. It’s worth owning one. They’re not even that expensive.

An Orvis watch functions at a high level of consistency and reliability. It also fulfills your desire for user-friendliness and aesthetic pleasure. Any Orvis timepiece you pick has an ideal marriage of function and form. You can also be sure you’ll never go out of style if you make it your everyday watch.

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