My Rolex Date Doesn’t Change At Midnight

Rolex is a watch brand where the date changes at midnight. However, for various reasons, they may vary slightly before or after. This slight difference in change time is perfectly normal. On the other hand, if your watch date changes a couple of hours before or after midnight, it’s malfunctioning. So you end up thinking, “My Rolex date doesn’t change at Midnight.”

However, if the snap and date wheel work properly, the problem is quite a simple fix. The issue might result from dry lubricants, and the movement requires a complete service. It can also mean that the part regulating the date change wears out.

No matter what the problem may be, it would be best if you took the watch to a watchmaker to evaluate what the problem might be. You can then pin it to change the date to midnight.

Keep reading if you’re interested in why your Rolex date doesn’t change at midnight!

Winding Different Types of Rolex Watches

Rolex is a luxury watch that stands as a symbol of achievement and success when owned in today’s world. It is reputed to be the largest luxury watch brand in the world. These watches, especially the modern ones, have a self-winding mechanism.

The self-winding mechanism enhances the functionality of a Rolex watch. When the wristwatch moves, the power comes up. Rolex refers to this as a perpetual movement. These eternal watches don’t always work; if you leave them for too long, they may stop working.

If this happens, you will have to wind it up to get it working again. We, therefore, elaborated on the simple steps you can take to wind up your watch when it has stopped working.

How to Wind Your Rolex Watches in 4 Steps

My Rolex Date Doesn't Change At Midnight

Step 1

Place the watch on a flat surface as you need to protect it when winding it. The wristwatch should be on an immovable surface to prevent slipping out of your hands and dropping on a hard floor.

Step 2 

After taking the first step, unscrew the watch’s winding crown. It is on the side of the timepiece where you have the three o’clock marker. To unscrew, turn the crown counterclockwise and twist it until it pops out.

Once done, you will feel the crown detach from the last string, and you will also feel it pop out from the side of your watch.

Step 3 

To wind the watch, use your index finger and thumb to rotate the crown clockwise 360 degrees. Make sure to do it slowly to keep anything from breaking or coming off.

You can also spin the crown to full rotation at least thirty to forty times. At this point, you would have fully wound the watch. Turning the crown a couple of times doesn’t wind up.

Also, you don’t have to be scared of over-sleeving your Rolex as this particular model is designed with automatic winding, so you cannot overwind them. An in-built mechanism makes this impossible.

Step 4

After applying the steps, screw the crown back into the watch and check if the wristwatch is functioning. If this is the case, return the crown to its initial position. Push the crown into the timepiece and screw it back onto the springs by turning clockwise.

Proceed to check the watch to see if it is working perfectly. If it is, then you have your wristwatch back in perfect condition. However, if you wound up the Rolex and it doesn’t work once you are done, take a break.

You can leave it for a while or rotate it clockwise and counterclockwise. The watch may need some movements to start working again. Therefore, you must walk around with it as it remains motionless for 24 hours. It often won’t wind itself.

If you don’t want to go through the process all over again, keep your watch mobile. If you take all these steps and the wristwatch still doesn’t come up, you will have to take it for proper repairs.

How Does the Date Change Mechanism Work?

The watch’s hands move at least every single second. Conversely, the date remains for at least 18 hours and must be changed overnight. 

The movement has to gather power somehow to move the date function forward. To do this, you will need to activate a particular mechanism before and after midnight. The date change mechanism will differ depending on the specific watch’s type of movement.

We have the instantaneous date change, usually in high-end watches. The semi-instantaneous and standard date changes are generally present in every affordable wristwatch.

What’s the Best Time to Change Date on an Automatic Mechanical Watch? 

The best time to change the date of mechanical watches is around 5:00 (AM or PM). Do not change the watch’s date between 9:00 PM and 3:00 PM to avoid damage to the movement of your timepiece.

When Should the Date Change Occur, Exactly?

You didn’t set the time properly if your watch changes the date at noon. The date change occurs depending on the current time and the type of date change mechanism.

How Often Should I Wind My Rolex?

According to Rolex USA, it is no need to manually wind a Rolex watch even if you wear it daily. As you move your wrist steadily, the perpetual rotor transfers energy to the wristwatch, providing a consistent and stable power source. 

Depending on the model, if you take it off and put it aside, it can keep performing for 70 hours. Also, you can’t overwind an advanced Rolex watch when physically winding up.

How to Set Watch Date So It Changes at Midnight?

If the time is between 5:00 AM and the watch approaches midnight, the first thing to do is to set the time on your watch to 5:00 AM, after which you should set the date to the current, correct date and day. Go further to set the time via the hour hand to the present time going forward.

If the time is currently between midnight and 5:00 AM, the first thing to do is to set the time on the watch to 5:00 AM, set the date to the previous date, and set the time to the current time.

Do You Have to Reset the Date at Midnight Manually?

When the clock runs, it will automatically advance to the next date. 

You don’t have to worry about doing anything manually unless it’s the first of the month, and you need to adjust the date manually. You automatically have the correct time and date.

As with all Rolex wristwatches, the date doesn’t change based on the number of dates in the month. If it was 30 in the previous month and it’s now the first day of the new month, you will need to make the change yourself.

Setting the Correct Date and Day on Rolex

On most models, drag the crown out to the first notch, after which you should turn the crown anti-clockwise to set the date. 

If you have to set the day of the week, drag the crown out to the last notch. When you finish, turn the crown clockwise.

When you have set the day and date, push the crown into a closed position.

Quickset vs Non-Quickset Datejust

Rolex can be divided into two categories which are Quickset and Non-Quickset Datejust. Your watch would be a quickset if made after 1977, and any Rolex watch made before this period is a non-quickset watch.

Winding Specific Designs

You need to wind watches that are not self-winding manually. Identify the model of your wristwatch to determine if it automatically winds itself or if you have to do it manually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Rolex date change precisely at midnight?

This depends on the particular Rolex model. Not all dates of Rolex change precisely at midnight.

What time does the Rolex date change?

Rolex dates usually change a few minutes before midnight or a little after.

Why does my Rolex stop at night?

Rolex tends to recharge while it’s on your wrist and you are moving it. It also stops recharging when you remove it and stop swinging at night.

At what time does the date change on a Rolex Submariner?

The date on a Rolex Submariner mainly changes at about 00:02 AM.

Do all Rolex watches have a date window?

The majority but not all watches have a date window or a small dial. This date feature displays the date.

What happens if I wind the watch too tight?

You can’t overwind a Rolex watch; therefore, you don’t have to worry about winding the watch too tight.

Do Rolex watches have batteries?

Not all designs of Rolex come with batteries, as most employ a self-winding mechanical movement. A rotor is erected in the timepiece, which moves as you swing your wrist.


My Rolex Date Doesn't Change At Midnight

A Rolex watch is perfect for every occasion, and it spikes elegance and class on the wrist of anyone who sports it. However, you may panic if the date on the particular watch doesn’t change at or past midnight.

To ease your bother, we have stated why this is so and answered relevant questions that are likely to help you understand your watch better.

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