Megir Watch Review – Are They Any Good?

If you’re looking for a watch that combines Japanese movement and Swiss design but is offered at a competitive price point, then perhaps you’d want to consider the Megir brand.

Who is Megir?

Megir is a watch brand founded in 1997 in China. At the start, they started offering decent quality mechanical watches for the domestic market but later on exported its products to the European and US market.

In 2014, the company even started the idea of distributing Megir watches more widely using online retail stores. Thus, you’ll now see Megir branded watches on Amazon and eBay. 

They even managed to earn a reputation for designing and producing high-quality watches and parts, including crystals, cases, embellishments, and straps.

Excited to see new watch designs for men that are modern-looking and yet super-affordable at the same time? We’re excited to share with you this list of the best Megir watches!

Top 7 Megir Watches

1. MEGIR Men Business Analogue Quartz Watch with Fashion Blue Leather Strap

Product Description

This MEGIR Men Business Analogue Quartz Watch with Fashion Blue Leather Strap is probably one of the best-looking men’s watches from the Megir brand. It just downright stands out for its stunning orange and blue colorway from the hands, to the dial, and even up to the stitching on the leather strap.

This watch is equipped with the Quartz movement and keeps a great time. The dial is easy to read too! It has 3 sub-dials with an analog display and features a Hardlex dial window. The detailing on this watch will seem to keep your attention while worn on your wrist.

We just love how well-done the design is from the blue dial to the concentric rings. Moreover, the chronograph function will help you measure elapsed time.

This multifunction watch also comes with a calendar date display, time display, a chronograph (1 circle = 1 minute, 1 circle = 2 seconds, and 1 circle = 1 hour. This good-looking watch is great for office work, outdoor use, party, business, sport, or casual use.

Just like other Megir watches, this one also comes with a high-quality gift box so it’s easy to gift this to your father, brother, boyfriend, husband, or loved ones. It would make a great surprise for Father’s Day, New Year, Valentines Day, Wedding, Christmas, or for business gifts!


  • Can be worn when running, hiking, climbing, or running
  • Durable watch
  • Attractive blue dial and leather band
  • Can match any clothing
  • Looks very gentleman
  • With the start/stop button
  • A lightweight watch for men
  • They look and feel nice
  • Good value for money
  • Size is ideal for women too (not too big and not too small)
  • Good craftsmanship


  • Few users find the size too small for men. Still, it’s 45mm, which means it is not too small for a regular men’s watch unless you’re used to wearing Gigantor watches

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2. MEGIR Men’s Analogue Sport Chronograph Luminous Quartz Watch

Product Description

Another great-looking timepiece in this list is the MEGIR Men’s Analogue Sport Chronograph Luminous Quartz Watch. It is equipped with a Hardlex wear-resistant crystal, an alloy case, and a waterproof soft silicone strap with a safety buckle.

It seems that Megir has plenty of chronographs in their offerings and this is yet another Megir watch that rates well on Amazon and is very popular. Well, it’s for a good reason.

The model is focused on sports, similar to the appearance of other diving watches with a dark plastic bezel (which doesn’t move, by the way). That’s fine, though, since the watch is still 30m water-resistance. 

And for its price point,  this is already a good bargain. Just don’t wash dishes or your hands with this watch and it’s certainly not meant for swimming. Nevertheless, the overall look of this watch is sporty with a second hand, sub-dials, and a dark blue dial.

You can still clearly see time with this nice watch even in low-light conditions as it is equipped with luminous parts that glow continually as long as it absorbs enough light. There’s also a date window at the 4 o’clock position. 


  • Just the right size (not too big nor too small)
  • Feels light on the wrist
  • Very comfortable band
  • It looks more expensive than the actual price tag
  • Luminous watch
  • Easy to read time
  • Decent features


  • Some parts, like the stopwatch, are made of average quality plastic materials. But for its price, it’s understandable.
  • In warm weather conditions, it may be easy to sweat with the silicone band 

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3. MEGIR Men’s Analogue Sport Chronograph Luminous Quartz Watch

Product Description

One of the best models from Megir in terms of functionality, style, mechanism, and aesthetic, the MEGIR Men’s Analogue Sport Chronograph Luminous Quartz Watch makes it worthy in this list.

This awesome watch is not too small and has a little weight on it (3.88 Ounces). It keeps a great time and looks great. In its dial, you’ll see a feature for 1/10 second chronograph small dial, minute chronograph small dial (one circle – one hour), and second chronograph dial (one circle = one minute).

We also like that this watch has a built-in calendar window. To adjust the time and calendar, simply adjust the crown. There’s also a start/stop button.

This watch with multi-level level literal design also has a silicone band, wear-resistant crystal, luminous indices, and Quartz movement.

For looking good but not being expensive, we highly recommend you add this watch to your collection. It’s good for casual, sports, or everyday wear.


  • Luminous
  • Accurate timekeeping
  • Fashion watch for men
  • Soft silicone band
  • With 3 subdials
  • Easy to adjust the calendar and time
  • Great watch for its price


  • Few users find the watch thick 
  • It’s not waterproof

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4. MEGIR Men’s Analogue Army Military Chronograph Luminous Watch

Product Description

The MEGIR Men’s Analogue Army Military Chronograph Luminous Watch is good for daily use and even looks more expensive than it is. 

Inside its octagonal dial is another flat circular dial that contains the logo and three subdials for its chronograph functions. The first sundial is for 1/10 second, which means one circle = two seconds. The second sundial is the minute chronograph dial (one circle = one hour), and the third sundial means one circle = one minute.

The way the red arrow indicators and the concentric circles are combined together plus the triangular racing style makes this watch truly attractive. To top it off, this Megir watch comes with a brown stitch leather strap that gives this a sporty feel.


  • Easy to read
  • Equipped with bright luminescence for easy readability in low light conditions
  • Looks more expensive than its actual price
  • Comfortable
  • With an impressive amount of detail
  • Keeps accurate time
  • Looks better in person


  • May be too large for those with small wrists
  • 14mm thick so this may just be ideal for those who prefer to have a large wrist presence

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5. MEGIR Men’s Analog Business Watch with Fashion Big Face Leather Strap

Product Description

If you’re looking for a business watch, then you won’t go wrong with the MEGIR Men’s Analog Business Quartz Chronograph Watch. It is equipped with almost the same functions as the sports watch from Megir, but the difference is its style and leather strap.

It is also waterproof for splash and rain but you can’t use it when you take a shower or for diving and swimming. Nevertheless, this chronograph watch for men is great to be worn in outdoor, party, or casual events.


  • With attention to detail
  • Attractive watch
  • Design that speaks to Megir’s craftsmanship and style
  • Good weight
  • Nice strap (padded for comfort)
  • Comes with good setup instructions
  • Keeps accurate time


  • This watch may be too big for those with smaller wrists
  • A matte finish on the outside frame would look so much better compared to a high gloss
  • The knob that adjusts the date and time may easily break off

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6. MEGIR Men’s Watches Luxury Fashion Quartz Watch with Stainless Steel Bracelet

Product Description

The Chinese brand has taken a leaf out of Rolex’s book with its MEGIR Men’s Watches Luxury Fashion Quartz Watch with Stainless Steel Bracelet. 

It looks very classic and clean like the Rolex Submariner style from its luminous hands, protected crown, and dive bezel. However, this good-looking watch only comes with a 30m water resistance compared to Submariner’s 300 meters (1000 feet) water resistance.

Still, for its price that’s already a decent feature. This watch also has a date window or indicator with a default time of 31 days. It comes with 3 small dials, the right dial is the 24-hour indicator, the left dial is the minute dial, and the bottom sundial is the second dial.

If you love a green theme with the same stainless steel case and band to remind you of the Rolex Submariner Hulk model, then go for the Silver Green Luxury Fashion Quartz Watch.


  • Chronograph watch
  • Luminous watch
  • Attractive dress wristwatch
  • Looks like a Rolex Submariner or Daytona
  • Durable
  • Comes with a 12-month factory warranty
  • Date window at 6 o’clock
  • Water resistance: 30m (99ft)

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7. MEGIR Men Analog Luminous Casual Fashion Quartz Watch with PU Strap

Product Description

If you’re a fan of black and red combinations in a watch, then choose the MEGIR Men Analog Luminous Casual Fashion Quartz Watch with PU Strap. Our Megir watch review won’t be complete without this model.

It is water-resistant, good for casual style, and houses Quartz movement. Other interesting features of this Chinese brand watch are an Analog display, clear dial, special polyurethane wrist band with lined design, and a classic buckle.

Give this watch a chance and you won’t regret it!


  • A stylish casual watch for men
  • Clear and readable Hardlex mirror
  • Stainless steel back cover
  • Alloy case material
  • Durable Polyurethane watch strap


  • Subdials don’t work

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What to Look for When Buying the Best Megir Watch


When looking for the best timepieces Megir has to offer, one of the things you should consider. Of course, there are a plethora of designs out there from leather bands, the classic rose gold case or dial, and even the stainless steel watch.

The good thing is that most Megir watches are not too flashy so it’s not that difficult to find one that suits your preference. Most of them may not be built for the long-term as G-shock, Seiko, or Rolex do, but at their price point, they’re already a good value for your money.

Chronograph Function

Most Megir watches have a chronograph function, which is nice because they serve a certain purpose. That is, they measure the periods of time. Often, Megir watches with chronograph subdials also display date and time.


The next thing you should consider when buying a Megir watch is the materials used. Stainless steel may be a sturdy material but if you’re looking for an outdoor watch, you may go for the silicone material in the band. However, if you prefer the classic-looking watch, you also have the option to choose one with a leather strap.

Consider also the material used in the case dial. Does it offer a better shatter resistance?


If you’re a watch collector, you know that one of the signs of a quality watch is its case finishing. This is because it needs multiple machining processes to create different finishes and shapes and it is time-consuming in most cases. 

Still, the visual improvements you’ll see in a watch case and the overall look of the watch make it all worth the effort. If you notice that a watch has a sharper brushing, it means it took more time to complete those final touches.

Final Verdict: Which One Should You Buy?

Out of all the watches here, the MEGIR Men Business Analogue Quartz Watch is a wrist candy that won’t break your bank. Thus, it is our top pick. Of course, the other watches are worthy to be added to your collection too!

It’s just that the first in our list is such a nice watch, has a unique design, and is perhaps the most durable for using Silicone material in the band (being waterproof).

Being so, the design and material are great for the outdoors. The case is also made of alloy, the brushed kind so that the watch doesn’t just look chic, it also collects fewer scratches.

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