Longines Vs Tag Heuer

If you’re looking to buy a luxury watch, you’ve probably made a checklist of features you’d like your watch to have. Beautiful packaging, quality production materials, luxurious finishing, and brand recognition; are some of the qualities we look out for when shopping for luxury watches.

The good news is that many luxury brands have all these qualities and more. Among them are the Longines and Tag Heuer. 

You are not alone if you often decide which of these two big watch brands you should pick. So, we created a brand comparison to shed some light on these popular luxury brands and their complicated watches.

If you’re interested in the in-depth comparison of the Longines vs Tag Heuer, keep reading!

TLDR: Longines vs Tag Heuer


Brief History

Originally named Raiguel Jeune & Cie during its inception in 1832, the Swiss brand was founded by Auguste Agassiz. Trained in business with his legal partners Henri Raiguel and Florian Morel, they formed the Longines brand in Saint-Imier, Switzerland.

Agassiz’s nephew Ernest Francillon took charge of the company in 1867. Francillon introduced crown-wound watches into the market when key-wound watches were the norm. Under his leadership, Longines began to assemble its timepieces in-house, with talented personnel and its factory. 

To date, its founding principles of excellence remain unchanged.


  • Affordable Luxury
  • High-level experience and longevity
  • Variety of great watch collections
  • Elegant aesthetics
  • Accurate quartz wristwatches


  • Limited Brand Recognition
  • Less independence

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Tag Heuer

Brand History

Invented in 1860, this Swiss watch company was founded by a brilliant young man Edouard Heuer, who opened a workshop in Saint Imier, Switzerland. He was just 20 years old at the time. Initially known as uhrenmanufaktur Heuer ag, the company later became TAG Heuer.

In 1887, Edouard invented the oscillating pinion. It made the production and coupling of the wristwatches easier and increased the mechanical accuracy of the chronograph watch. This invention is still in use in timepieces to date. 

The official brand motto is “Don’t crack under pressure.”


  • Accurate mechanism
  • Water-resistant features
  • Professional sports watches
  • Rugged and durable design


  • More expensive

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In-Depth Comparison of Longines and Tag Heuer


SpecificationsLonginesTag Heuer
Weight38 – 41mm42mm – 44mm
DesignClassy and fashionableRugged and Durable
Battery life4-6 years2 years
Accuracy+/-5 seconds per year+4/-6 seconds per year
Price ranges$500 – $4000 average price$1000-$5000 on average

Quality and Durability

Both brands build solid and durable watches. Still, Longines is more recognized for its aesthetics. On the other hand, Tag Heuer is popular among sports lovers for its ruggedness and ability to survive complex sporting activities.

Tag Heuer is known to withstand external force or vibrations that could easily damage other timepieces during sporting activities. Their durability is why they remain a favorite among speed racers.

Although Longines produces a few sports models, it is mainly known for its beautiful designs and packages. As far as the sports world is concerned, Tag Heuer dominates.


While Longines typically comes with a two-year warranty policy, it focuses more on any defect in the initial watch artistry or the production materials. Any other damage is at the discretion of the company.

Similarly, Tag Heuer also comes with a two-year warranty policy covering defects in production. Additionally, some of its collections have a one-year warranty policy covering the watch accessories such as the buckle and the lugs.

Precision and Accuracy

Both brands produce timepieces certified by the COSC, the facility that tests Swiss watches. 

Longines has an entire collection that makes authentic quartz timepieces, which should give it quite the advantage since quartz watches are generally more accurate than any mechanical watch. 

Tag Heuer is also known for its chronograph watches that boast high accuracy and precision. Their accuracy also makes them an excellent brand among aviation watches.


While both brands are deliberate about the design and packaging of their timepieces, Longines is tailored towards a luxurious and grand look. Whereas Tag Heuer watches are also beautifully designed, but with a more sporty and versatile look.

Price Range

Both brands produce some of the most luxurious watch collections, but Longines is generally more affordable than Tag Heuer watches. You can get a Longines watch for as low as $500, while Tag Heuer sells for $1000 and above, with few exceptions. 

For more expensive options, Longines can sell as high as $16,000, while Tag Heuer can sell for up to $43,000.

Resale Value

Like most luxury watches, these two brands hold value for a while. This especially applies to their more expensive collections. However, Tag Heuer watches typically have a higher resale value than Longines.

Other factors play a vital role in the resale value of the watch. This includes the working conditions of the timepiece, a subsisting warranty term, and the original purchase receipts.

What Do People Say About It?

While both brands produce quality and valuable watches, each has managed to carve a different niche. In addition to being strong, Longines is more aesthetically pleasing, so several customers buy them for their fashionable looks.

Meanwhile, Tag Heuer is more prevalent in sports. Its mechanical accuracy is renowned among car racers, divers, and other athletes. It is used as the official timepiece in several sporting events. 

Water Resistance

There’s a reason why Tag Heuer is more prevalent among athletes, including divers. Its Aquaracer Automatic 500m Calibre 5 model can dive as deep as 500 meters or 1,650 ft. Despite its water-resistant collection, this beats the 300m/1000ft that Longines has to offer.

Amazon Reviews

“If you are looking for a watch that looks like a million but costs thousands. It has about as many complications that you can fit into 40.0 mm, can wear with Jeans or a Suit, then this is the watch. It is easy to use”

Longines Amazon Review on Longines Men’s Watches Master Collection L2.673.4.78.3 – WW.

“This is the second TAG Heuer watch I’ve bought. The first one is 25 years old and still works perfectly, only needing an occasional battery. I like the appearance of the watch. Additionally, it’s a reasonable size.”

Tag Heuer Amazon Review on TAG Heuer Men’s Tag Heuer Formula 1′ Swiss Quartz Stainless Steel and Rubber Dress Watch, Color: Black (Model: CAZ1010.FT8024)

YouTube Reviews

“I have two tags, a Carrera on a rubber strap and a link, the one that Tiger Woods endorsed…Anyway, they are both quartz and are very comfortable to wear.”

YouTube Review on Tag Heuer:

“Longines is in a good place in the market, offering excellent value in legitimately serious watches. They do use ETA movements, which are excellent- very accurate, reliable and serviceable.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Longines worth the money?

Longines is a luxury watch brand that produces valuable, quality, and durable watches. Their watches sell at relatively affordable prices compared to more expensive luxury brands. 

Like other luxury watches, their timepieces come with good warranty policies and hold good value over time, especially for the more exclusive collections.

Are Longines watches considered a luxury?

Longines is undoubtedly one of the Swiss watch brands you can refer to as a luxury brand. It is a subsidiary of the Swatch Group, the same owners of the Omega luxury brand. Both brands produce their watches using the best production materials. 

The Longines Record collection shows that the brand invests significantly in the research and development of its watches. Even though the Longines watches are more affordable than Omega watches, it still does not reduce the brand’s quality. 

Is it worth buying a Longines watch?

Like other luxury brands, you get value for your money when purchasing a Longines watch. They produce durable watches built for the long haul. These watches come in beautiful designs that perfectly complement your style.

A prime example is the La Grande Classique de Longines collection. This elegant piece is designed for premium performance and captivates your attention as it sits beautifully on the wrist.

You also get good warranty policies for your Longines watches. And if you ever decide to sell your Longines watch, you can get a pretty sweet deal, especially for the more expensive collections, as they tend to hold more value over time.

Which Watch Is Best For You?

In all, we can boldly recommend both watches for different occasions. Longines is an excellent option for all your fashion needs, as it matches any outfit, has an elegant design, and is super affordable.

But the best part? Its price range! A Longines watch can look like a million-dollar watch and may even feel like one. For the value this brand brings, it is worth every penny.

Tag Heuer watches have a classy touch but typically have a more rugged build. Therefore, we recommend Tag Heuer for sporting and other rigorous physical activities. 

On the flip side, Tag Heuer is generally more expensive than its Longines counterparts. So if you’re working on a tight budget but want a luxury watch, we recommend Longines watches as a first choice.

The Verdict: Which Should You Buy? 

Longines Vs. Tag Heuer

While you may have reasons for preferring either of these brands, rest assured that you can get value for your money either way. Both Tag Heuer and Longines are two Swiss brands that can be relied on for mechanical watches, class, build and design.

However, we recommend you consider the proposed functions of your luxury watch. This should help you choose which of these excellent watches you can get the most benefits from, depending on your intended use.

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