Ladies Moonphase Watches – Top Options

It’s incredible how far watches have come from the earliest timekeeping devices, like the sundial and hourglass. This time, let’s shift our attention to the beautiful moonphase watches, how they came to be, and some of the top ladies’ moonphase watches nowadays.

The History and Beauty of Moonphase Watches

Lunar calendars were identified some 34,000 years ago. The ancient Egyptians discovered them by dividing them into months, seasons, days, and hours.

The lunar calendar gave birth to what we now know as a year comprising 12 months divided into an average of 29.5 days per month. The length of the month derives from the time elapsing between two whole months and other phases of the moon.

That’s why there’s a moonphase complication in watches. As the name suggests, a moonphase compilation shows the moon phases as they change. No watch complication is quite as poetic, elegant, and romantic as the moonphase complication.

For hundreds of years, the functionality of the moonphase compilation stayed simplistic and has become an eye-catching element. No wonder moonphase watches have also been a perennial favorite among women.

If you’re among those looking for the best moonphase watches for women, let us illuminate you with our list.

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5 Ladies Moonphase Watches – Top Options For 2022

1.  A. Lange & Sohne Lange 1 Moon Phase  Ref. 192.066 Moon Phase Watch

Current price (approx): US$43,126

Ladies Moonphase Watches - Top Options

The A. Lange & Sohne Lange 1 Moon Phase watch is a part of the brand’s 25th Anniversary edition. It boasts blue date numerals, a deep-blue printed dial, and a blue alligator leather strap. 

Its overall look exudes sophistication, just like other moonphase watches on this list. It has a 72-hour power reserve, which means it will run for a long time until it’s wound up again. You’ll also like that it features three-bar water resistance to withstand minor moisture.

This beautiful moon phase watch has a simple dial with just a moon phase complication, a power reserve indicator, and a date window. All of it works together, so it stands out regardless of the outfit it is paired with.

When you look at this moonphase watch, you’ll quickly see what point in the lunar cycle you are in. It doesn’t need outrageous statements, but it remains a gorgeous timepiece. Overall, this elegant minimalist watch is worth considering. 

2. Victorinox Swiss Army Watch With Moon Phase Indicator

Current price (approx): US$585.00

Ladies Moonphase Watches - Top Options

Victorinox is known for its multifunctional and versatile Swiss Army Knife, but its watches are equally functional and impressive. Their Victorinox Swiss Army Watch with moon phase aperture features a simple and sleek design. It’s also made of stainless steel and silver dial.

This incredible ladies’ watch is also water resistant for up to 100 meters. While it’s unsuitable for high-impact water sports, you can use it in shallow water activities like swimming.

Moreover, the center of this watch is reserved for the moon phase display. The quartz movement is powering this watch’s moon phase wheel and hands.

3. Breguet Classique Dame 9088

Current price (approx): US$23,124

The Breguet Classique Dame 9088 is a daintier-sized watch that any lady would be proud to own. Its case is in 18-carat white gold with a beautiful case band. Its lugs and bezel are set with 66 brilliant-cut diamonds.

This 30-millimeter diameter watch features a sapphire crystal case back, a moon phase indicator, open-tipped hands, a 45-hour power reserve, and a plus small seconds positioned at 6 o’clock.

The moon phase function is set against the blue sky and has a silicone balance spring to oscillate with the frequency when the watch is running. Powering this beautiful timepiece is the 537 L caliber.

The EvesWatch team believes this moonphase watch speaks volumes regarding look and quality.

4. Little Lange 1 Moon Phase

Current price (approx): US$41,000

The Little Lange 1 Moon Phase boasts golden moon phases passing against a starry sky. This watch is worth adding to your collection with other features, like the dark-blue gold flux and guilloche dial.

Designed by Germany’s most prestigious watchmaker, this timepiece with moonphase complication won’t need correcting for up to 122.6 years. It also features the up and down power reserve indicator, an asymmetrical dial, and A. Lange & Söhne’s hallmark outsize date.

 It is a mechanical gem with a 1.7-millimeter diameter, smaller than the Lange 1 Moon Phase.

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5. Frederique Constant Manufacture Slimline Moonphase

Current price (approx): US$3,995.00

Last but not least is the Frederique Constant Manufacture Slimline Moonphase. 

This watch represents a classic look with its sleek 42-millimeter rose gold plated steel case, silver-colored dial, and rose gold plated indexes. Additionally, it has a date counter moonphase positioned at six o’clock.

Compared to other moon phase watches, this one has a less daunting price tag, but you can guarantee it is of good quality. And since it is a part of the Manufacture Collection, this timepiece is technologically advanced.

The case also measures 38.8-millimeter and features an onion crown, making it fun to wear and serving a practical purpose in this timepiece.

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What to Look for When Buying the Best Ladies Moonphase Watches?

1. Material

Consider the case’s material when looking for a ladies’ moonphase watch. If you or the person you’re gifting it has a cool skin tone, a watch with white gold, silver, or stainless steel case would look good on her. Wristwatches with the rose gold or gold case are ideal for warm-skinned ladies.

2. Dial

A woman’s watch should not be too big, but one that would suit your wrist. Timepieces with dial diameters of 34 to 38mm would be a good choice. Remember that this is essential as it will be a graceful detail to a lady’s fashion.

Regarding the dial, also consider how the moonphase feature is positioned in the dial. It will tell you not just the moon phase data but also create a bold statement, regardless of whether it is worn on casual, dressy, or formal occasions.

3. Color

Women understand the power of color. It’s personal – even mood-related or emotional sometimes. That’s why many prefer a neutral tone, like beige or silver, so you can wear it on different occasions. But of course, choose one to your liking, and it would look good on your skin tone so you can wear it on many occasions.

Final Verdict: Which One is the Best?

All of these moonphase watches are worth it. They all are eye-catching. But if our team is to choose only one, it would be the A. Lange & Sohne Lange 1.

It looks so simple and elegant at the same time. And as you know, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

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