Kenneth Cole Smartwatch Review

Kenneth Cole is a high-quality brand that maintains a moderate price range up to the present. Starting out with leather shoes, Kenneth Cole ventured into the world of watches in 1996. We created an in-depth Kenneth Cole Smart Watch review to find out if this smartwatch is worth the purchase or not.

The Kenneth Cole Wellness Watch in their collection uses smart technology at their disposal. We will take a closer look at its specifications and other features in this in-depth review. 

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TLDR: the Kenneth Cole Smartwatch Review

The Kenneth Cole Wellness Watch focuses on your well-being. From fitness tracking, heart rate, and developing a lifestyle, you will have access to improve your lifestyle with this stylish watch. The design allows you to choose your preferred date display and customize your watch faces using the touch screen. The default strap is the black silicone strap.

Fashion aside, the Kenneth Cole Wellness Watch provides exercise support with sport modes that can track and record time spent on your daily run and exercise. Record the length and distance of your run and track calories burned with ease. You will get sedentary reminders from this smartwatch and sweating a little won’t be a problem, either. This watch is built with waterproof housing.

Track your sleeping habits as well using your heart rate data to record time spent sleeping and ensure healthy habits with a good night’s rest. If you want other health technology features, you can use this Wellness Watch’s oxygen level meter, heart rate sensor, blood pressure monitor, and body temperature reader.

Smart Features

As for keeping you connected to your friends and family, The Kenneth Cole Wellness Watch will give you smart notifications from social apps, weather, news, incoming calls, and text messages. You can activate the do not disturb mode for greater focus at work or any other activity you want to spend time off notifications. Stay connected with social media but stay connected with real life as well.

Losing your phone won’t be a problem with the added find phone feature to locate your phone. Other smartphone capabilities that this smartwatch can do is to take photos through your phone’s camera, control and listen to music apps via Bluetooth. 

Be sure to connect the wellness smart watch with the smartphone app to use more smartphone features. Track time and get alerts using the stopwatch for any activity and setting an alarm for important events.

All of these features can be enjoyed with a battery life of seven to 10 days. Charging this wellness watch will only take up to two hours.


  • Offers a stylish design
  • Battery life can be used for 7-10 days
  • Supports exercise
  • Includes a Sedentary reminder 
  • Tracks your sleeping habits 
  • Includes smart notifications 
  • Allows a Do Not Disturb mode 
  • Includes smartphone capabilities
  • Tracks time and get alerts
  • Offers waterproof housing


  • Not suitable for swimming
  • Offers only limited sports modes 
  • Not capable to answer or dial calls

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In-Depth Review: Kenneth Cole Smart Watch Review

Kenneth Cole Smart Watch Review


BrandKenneth Cole New York
Case materialMetal
Case colorsBlack, Gold, and Silver
Band colorBlack
Band materialSilicone
Compatible devicesSmartphone
Supported applicationsFitness Tracker, Time Display, Breath Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, Heart Rate Monitor

Additional Features

Known as a fashion label, Kenneth Cole incorporates healthy habits with stylish design. The watch faces can be customized to your preference using the touch screen. As for the watch’s strap, it comes with the black embossed Kenneth Cole silicone strap upon buying. You have an option to replace it with a leather strap of your choosing. Just inquire in Kenneth Cole physical stores.

As for the battery life, the Kenneth Cole Wellness Watch lasts for 7-10 days. Charging the smart watch will take up to 2 hours and it comes with a magnetic charging cable. To help you track your daily run and exercise, Kenneth Cole built this wellness smart watch with sport modes. Stay active and count the calories you burn and get custom time interval data for sedentary reminders. 

Quality and Durability

Sleep is not the only thing you should check for your fitness. Kenneth Cole installed an oxygen level meter, heart rate sensor, blood pressure monitor, and body temperature reader. These trackers can be useful for monitoring your basic well-being.

The Kenneth Cole Wellness Smart Watch is compatible with smartphones. You can receive push notifications from social apps, weather, news, incoming calls and text messages.

This watch has no capability to answer or dial calls. Some smartwatches that can answer calls are the Apple Watch and Amazfit Series.


The Kenneth Cole Wellness Smart Watch offers a 30-day return policy on its website for online purchases. If you buy through Amazon, you can chat with their customer service to get some help if you have received a defective item.

What To Look For in a Smartwatch – Kenneth Cole Smart Watch Review

Before buying the Kenneth Cole Wellness Watch, you may want to consider a few factors for determining the best smartwatch for your needs. These factors include the budget, battery life, durability, fitness tracking, smart notifications, device compatibility, and water resistance.

1. Budget

Most people believe that smartwatches are luxuries for active people. Since most smartwatch specifications are already available on smartphones, you might be considering whether you need it or not. The pricier the smartwatch, the more built-in functions a smartwatch should have. After all, you are supposed to get what you pay for. 

The Kenneth Cole Wellness Watch Smart Watch is in between affordable and expensive. It is affordable in a sense that Kenneth Cole is a well-known company. You can count on Kenneth Cole for producing premium quality products that catch up with high-end luxury brands. At the same time, Kenneth Cole is cheaper than most luxury brands.

The Kenneth Cole Wellness Watch is expensive in a sense that there are smartwatches under $150 with more smart functions.

2. Battery Life

Smartwatches that can last at least six days of battery life on typical usage and 24 days on standby are good enough. Since smart watches will be using a lot of lifestyle and sports trackers, it’s important to take note of how long your watch can last during activities for you to track them properly. 

The Kenneth Cole Wellness Smart Watch is a good option for battery life as it can last for 7-10 days. It will only take 2 hours for this wellness smart watch to charge at 100%. Using the wellness functions of this watch at its full capacity will not be a problem with 7-10 days of battery life.

3. Durability

Spending on a smart watch is nothing if it can’t last more than six months. It’s important to read product reviews to educate yourself on whether buying an affordable watch will be worth it in the long run.

Luckily, Kenneth Cole is a company known for producing quality products. As an established production company, they have quality control for mass producing these smart watches. The company’s quality control department follows standard operating procedures on testing products before they are released in the market.

Kenneth Cole also offers customer service and warranty for their products. If you do happen to buy a defective Kenneth Cole Wellness Smart Watch, there is guarantee of getting a replacement or free repair.

4. Tracking Fitness

Although fitness trackers are mostly present on smartwatches, they still vary in accuracy ratings. This will help you a lot to read feedback from other consumers to know if the data that these trackers are accurate. Effective lifestyle improvement will always depend on correct and comprehensive data.

5. Smart Notifications

Some smartwatches only get notifications on calls, texts, and messages from other apps. The pricier ones can answer the calls or messages from the smartwatch itself. Choose which level of feature will be more useful and comfortable for you.

Unfortunately, the Kenneth Cole Wellness Smart Watch can only receive smart notifications. If this feature is enough for you, then you can consider it as a good buy.

6. Device Compatibility

Not all smartwatches will be compatible with your phone. Some smart watches are only made to be compatible with iPhones. Some are only compatible with Android phones. Read the product description carefully to check whether the smartwatch is compatible with Android or iOS phones.

Some smart watches also have problems with connecting to your smart phone. There are certain reviews where other smart watches tend to disconnect with their smartphones a lot. Read product reviews carefully on device compatibility and smart phone connectivity to learn if the Kenneth Cole Wellness Smart Watch will match your smart phone.

7. Water Resistance

Water resistance in smart watches nowadays is competitive. Most people only buy smartwatches for this function so they can track their water sport activities. This category is mostly for swimmers or for users who simply want a running watch they can wear on a rainy day. Some smartwatches have temperature limits, so be sure to check that as well.

The Kenneth Cole Wellness Smart Watch, unfortunately, is not waterproof. Although, this wellness watch has a water resistant housing or casing. This means that this wellness smart watch can somehow survive sweating during workouts.

Washing your hands while wearing your smart watch may possibly be safe as well. Just be sure that you are not intentionally letting water directly drench the Kenneth Cole Wellness Smart Watch. Getting minimal drops of water on the watch should be fine.

Who Is The Wellness Watch Best for?

The Kenneth Cole Wellness Smart Watch has a design that’s suitable for women, men, and kids. The band is adjustable to fit any wrist size for all ages. You can fit the wellness watch to see if the case size is not too big for kids. The functions are family-friendly and great for tracking your well-being, so it’s still a good buy even for kids.

This wellness smart watch is for people interested in a fancy watch with a well-known reputation for durability and considerable functionality. It’s easy to match this wellness smart watch with corporate, casual, and gym clothes. If on-point data on your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, blood pressure, and workout data is something you are looking for, you may need to look for other options. You can consider comprehensive data analysis from the Fitbit Series.

What Do People Say About it?

There are limited Amazon reviews on the Kenneth Cole Wellness Smart Watch. Most customers gave good reviews on its accurate and impressive health tracking on all-day heart rate and body temperature monitoring. Some customers mentioned that it has good battery life and is made with great quality based on its looks. It is also compatible with an iPhone or Android phone.

The Verdict: Should You Buy It?

Kenneth Cole Smart Watch Review
The Kenneth Cole Wellness Watch is a great choice if you’re looking for a stylish wellness smart watch on a budget below $100. It’s a good watch to wear on clothes for work, dates, and gym training with the ability to display heart rate, blood oxygen, and the temperature of your body. You can keep track of your sleep, too, and have a good nights’ rest monitor.

This wellness smart watch also gives a sedentary reminder. Sleep better with a well-balance of physical activity during the whole day. The data might not be as comprehensive as the gold standard of what an Apple Watch or a Fitbit Watch can offer, but take note that you are still getting the quality and durability that Kenneth Cole can produce for just $95.

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