Is Stuhrling A Good Watch?

Is it your first time buying a Stuhrling watch? If so, we answered in this post whether Stuhrling is a good quality watch. This complete buying guide can also help you make an informed decision. 

But first, let’s start with some background about the brand.

About the Stuhrling Brand

Max Stuhrling, a famous Swiss watchmaker, named the brand after himself. Although Chaim Fisher (now Stührling Executive Officer) founded the brand in 1999, Stuhrling started it by selling tourbillon watches.

Compared to other watch brands that started with small stores for their timepieces, Stuhrling quickly rose to the top. It was thanks, in part, to Fischer’s vision of developing brand-defining products.

When Stuhrling released their tourbillon watches, it was a record-breaking success. This success was because, at that time, they only manufactured those watches in Switzerland and France.

Additionally, Stuhrling’s watches were so well-received by the public that they pushed other US watch brands to produce their version of tourbillon watches.

By that time, Stuhrling had begun diversifying its products. Such included creating sports timepieces, pilot models, diving watches, and more. This decision enabled the brand to gain a broader hold on the watch market. Many watch enthusiasts highly respect the brand for its durability and quality.

Their watches now cost around US$60 to $1,895. It is not a luxury brand, but its timepieces exude luxury in terms of the attention to detail and craftsmanship dedicated to them.

Stuhrling believes that those who own their watches are likely people who view their timepieces as a way to tell their time and story.

So, Is Stuhrling a Good Watch?

Yes, Stuhrling watches are of good quality

They have beautiful designs and unique features that make you likely to receive compliments when wearing one. It’s a plus point, too, that they fit comfortably on the wrist.

In terms of durability, there’s no question that they are tough. They are equipped with durable glass that was initially used in eyewear. Additionally, they make most of these timepieces from surgical-grade stainless steel – the case and the band. 

Of course, there are Stuhrling watches that use crocodile or alligator straps. These straps are also relatively easy to replace. Meanwhile, limited or premier edition Stuhrling timepieces may use ceramic cases rather than stainless steel. 

The most attention-grabbing line from this brand is the Legacy series, which we also genuinely appreciate. Their looks will make you think they’re worth $1000 to $2000. However, you’ll be surprised that the price range is only between $100 to $400. 

Additionally, many watches from the Legacy collection are skeleton watches. Therefore, you can see the mechanical movement in its dial. You’ll also see how the brand goes an extra step in detail as it features intricate guilloche work.

If you’re interested to know more about Stuhrling watches, its collections include the Legacy, Aquadiver, Monaco, Aviator, Symphony, Tourbillon, and Vogue.

Stuhrling Watches Review: Top 5 Stuhrling Watches in 2023

1. Stuhrling Original Men’s Swiss Quartz Dive Watch (Regatta Champion 395)

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This watch model comes from Stuhrling’s Aquadiver Collection. It’s one of the best-selling watches from the band as its water resistance is up to 200 meters.

It has a case thickness of 11.47, which is comfortable on the wrist. It also features a screw-down fluted crown with the Stuhrling “S” logo. The watch also creates a water-tight seal when screwed down, preventing water from entering the timepiece. 

Furthermore, a Swiss quartz Ronda 515 powers it, which is very accurate. It works reliably well for 45 months and consistently for up to five years. Moreover, it has a clear matte finish dial with individually applied luminous Arabic numerals 3, 6, 9, and 12. 

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2. Stührling Original Ascot 3913

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If you’re looking for a simple but classy watch, the Stührling Original Ascot 3913 will not exceed your expectations. In its price range, some wearers even claim it looks better than Invicta or Timex.

Moreover, it comes with a 42mm stainless steel case with a lustrous polished finish, a black leather strap, and no overly complex curves on markings that give it a clean look. It also features a 5 ATM water resistance (50 meters or 165 feet) and a shatter-resistant Krysterna crystal that protects its dial.

Simply put, we have two words to describe this timepiece: simplicity and elegance.

3. Stührling Swiss Automatic Depthmaster 883L 42mm Diver

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Here’s another offering from Stuhrling, the iconic Swiss Automatic Depthmaster 883L 42mm Diver. Most of its features come from the brand’s dive watch, with a spin on it.

In addition, this timepiece features bold markers and hands for visibility. It combines a 120-click unidirectional bezel with an 18-jewel Swiss automatic movement.

Moreover, this watch is water resistant to 20 ATM (660 feet or 200 meters) and is on a full-adjustable bracelet. It’s in its name, after all, being called the “Depthmaster.” With its functions and design, it is worth it for gentlemen to wear it on their wrists, and it is ready to follow its wearers into the deep.

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4. Stuhrling Original Men’s Aviation Watch 3916.2

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The Stuhrling Original Men’s Aviation Watch 3916.2 is a pilot watch powered by Japanese quartz. It features a stainless steel case and bezel with an attractive leather band.

The watch also has a simple and easy-to-read face. Although it’s not as lightweight as other watches, it is a solid watch with an excellent finish. It is ruggedly constructed and accurate.

All in all, it’s a watch worth every penny.

5. Stuhrling Symphony 651 Quartz 34mm Classic

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This Stuhrling watch review of the best models from the brand wouldn’t be complete without highlighting this model. Mainly, it’s the Symphony product line that we love.

Furthermore, this elegant watch has Swarovski crystal-accented bezel, a 32mm to 41mm case size, and a push-pull fluted crown. The leather calfskin band also matches it. Every element of this watch’s face speaks to a certain quality and precision.

Thanks to its 50 meters or 165 feet water resistance, it can withstand short periods of swimming and handwashing but not snorkelling and diving. 

This beautiful and classic timepiece would make an ideal gift for yourself or a loved one.

Other Best-Selling Watches from Stuhrling

  • Edwardian Automatic 4018 44mm Skeleton Automatic Watch 
  • Modena 4032 Dual Time 46mm Skeleton (Automatic Movement)
  • Anatol 371 Automatic 46mm Skeleton
  • Swiss Automatic Depthmaster Heritage 42mm Classic Diver

If you prefer beautiful automatic skeleton dress watches, go for the Legacy Stuhrling collection. However, if you love classically-styled dive watches, choose the Aquadiver

Meanwhile, the Tourbillon product line is high-end with real tourbillon complications. The Vogue line is dress watches for women. The Symphony is a more subtle dress watch, also for women. Lastly, the Monaco product line is sports chronographs.

Quartz Watches vs Automatic Watches: How to Choose 

Stuhrling has both quartz and automatic watches. Both make great choices for a timepiece. However, ultimately, you need to choose between the two.

Quartz watches will eventually be more affordable than automatic watches. They’re also accurate because of the tickling motion of the second hand. In terms of reliability and quality, they are not necessarily inferior to mechanical watches.

Another selling point of quartz timepieces is wearing them regularly without worrying about them getting stolen or lost. Take the inexpensive Stuhrling Maritimer, for instance. It’s a quartz watch that looks modern and colourful and has a practical rubber strap.

On the other hand, automatic watches are more expensive because of the complexity of their movement mechanisms. The seamless hand movement is also more appealing, although a few watches deviate a few seconds a day.

Some Stuhrling watches powered by automatic movement are valuable. Wearing one daily may also cause worries because of the burden of carrying something expensive everywhere. Nevertheless, automatic timepieces can be a status symbol.

They tend to have a distinct weight, leading to a comfortable wearing experience and handling. The weight indicates the watch’s quality because, inside, it is typically heavier than the components of quartz timepieces.

Although they have far more components than quartz timepieces, they are of better build quality, from the watch face to the case and the band.

Frequently Asked Questions on Stuhrling Watches

Is Stuhrling a luxury brand?

No, it’s not a luxury watch brand. Yet, their watches are elegant and refined, so much so that they exude luxury, especially their dive and skeleton watches.

Are Stuhrling watches made in Switzerland?

No, they do not make them in Switzerland. The design and development of their watches take place in Brooklyn, New York, where its founder Chaim Fischer is based. However, they manufacture their designs in Shenzhen, China, where market leaders manufacture their products.

They also use Japanese movements. For instance, their chronographs use Seiko’s VK63 meca-quartz.

Is Stuhrling a cheap brand?

If it means affordable, yes, there are Stuhrling watches that are cheap. But it doesn’t mean they’re not of good quality. Stuhrling timepieces are striking in appearance, comfortably fit on any wrist, and are durable in design.

Is Stuhrling made in China?

Yes. Stuhrling watches are either made in China or Hong Kong, although they have a Swiss heritage. Stuhrling Original watches are then exclusively sold online, which is rare in the timepiece industry. Therefore, they are affordable watches compared to other Swiss brands.

Final Thoughts: Are Stuhrling Worth Buying?

Yes, of course.

The design is classic. The visual appeal of Stuhrling watches is its most significant selling point. Further, its quality and durability stand out. Overall, it’s a timepiece that is sure to catch the eye.

They are best for men and women in any profession, even those who dive in the water. Many people who own one have reviewed that women and vice versa can even wear their men’s watches. And we’re not surprised why. 

Their styles also fit any age, from teenagers to seniors. However, they lean more toward working professionals.

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