Is Seiko a Good Watch?

Seiko is one of the world’s most famous and well-respected Japanese watch brands. The brand started as a small shop in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan, owned by Kintaro Hattori. It produces high-quality timepieces and promotes Japanese craftsmanship.

However, you might wonder, “Is Seiko a good watch?” 

Seiko’s name means “exquisite,” which the watchmaker has stood for since it hit the market. Moreover, they have consistently left watch enthusiasts in awe of their exceptional designs and superior excellence for over 100 years.

So, are Seiko watches worth it? Keep reading the article to find out!

So, Is Grand Seiko a Good Watch?

If we had to select one watch brand that consistently produces high-quality watches without going overboard with price, it would be Grand Seiko.

While it’s possible to find inexpensive Swiss watches, Seiko is a Japanese watch brand that never lets you down, whether you pay $100 or $10,000.

Moreover, Grand Seiko is a renowned, reasonably priced, and trusted brand that you can rely on for a reliable timepiece, even though they have many models. Some include the Seiko diver watch, quartz watch, and mechanical watch available on the market.

In 1965, Seiko launched the first dive watch in Japan and subsequently developed the category. The watch brand is also renowned for its user-friendly dive watches that deliver accurate data readable in any underwater lighting setting.

Lastly, Seiko’s technology is equally broad, with movements ranging from vintage mechanical calibers to GPS-enabled solar-powered quartz timepieces that automatically set themselves while traveling across time zones. It offers something for everyone.

5 Reasons to Get a Seiko Watch

is seiko a good watch

1. Overall Quality

One thing to admire about Seiko is that their watches come in every price range. You have a wide selection, including budget-friendly sports and dress watches. Meanwhile, you can also choose a stylish, high-quality timepiece that matches your preferences. 

Moreover, the build quality is still excellent on their more affordable variants. You can purchase one of their high-quality quartz watches for about $216, which will provide the owner with time-reading for many years.

Furthermore, Seiko’s knowledge and skill in the watch industry guarantee that its timepieces are of the highest caliber regardless of price. The firm does not skimp on the craftsmanship of the materials and movements used in its watches. 

Instead, they decrease the costs by only using in-house movements.

Doing this allows watch collectors to choose their ideal Seiko model depending on their preferences and requirements since the quality of a less expensive watch will be maintained. 

Therefore, a Seiko watch’s outstanding value is one of the reasons to purchase it.

2. Quartz and Automatic Movements

Since the watch’s movement keeps it running, Seiko regards this component as the most crucial. 

Japanese quartz movements by Seiko are long-lasting because they construct them using high-quality components. Therefore, they don’t use shortcuts to ensure top-quality movements.

Here are the following movements Seiko utilizes:

Japanese Quartz Movement

There is no denying that Seiko is well-known for its quartz timepieces. The brand produces the best quartz watches because it invented the quartz movement.

The term “Japanese” refers to the country where the mechanism was created and describes how it operates.

Kinetic Movement

The Kinetic movement is also one of Seiko’s environmentally friendly calibers, which are well recognized for their automatic watches. 

Kinetic watches use the wearer’s wrist motions to generate energy, which is converted into electricity to keep the timepiece running. In addition, you can keep it going with only a slight arm movement.

Meanwhile, the wearer can use the watch’s winding mechanism in some Kinetic watch models to create energy. Seiko is also doing this to save more hour power reserve and be more environmentally friendly. 

Spring Drive Movement 

The Grand Seiko brand also frequently uses spring drive movements, which provide exceptional power of 72 hours instead of 40 hours with regular mechanical watches. 

Moreover, a spring is used in this movement to provide energy, which turns the gear train. This movement also gives equivalent precision when compared to other quartz movements.

3. Made of the Best Materials

Seiko is renowned for its incredibly high-quality watches. The promise of durability and longevity encourages collectors to choose timepieces from the best materials. 

Additionally, the firm frequently uses PVD coating to offer the timepieces an aesthetically beautiful and scratch-resistant finish. 

Seiko also uses titanium to create the utmost lightweight and durable timepieces. The use of these premium components contributes to Seiko’s reputation for perfection. 

4. Popular Collectors’ Watches

Several of Seiko’s limited edition timepieces have gained popularity as watch collector’s items. 

Due to their increased worth, which increases the appeal of their more expensive models — and as most watch collectors are aware, the more value a watch has, the better investment it is.

Moreover, Seiko is one of the better options if you want to sell your watch shortly. Maintaining a limited-edition Seiko timepiece ensures that your investment is profitable.

5. Water Resistance

Water resistance is also one of Seiko’s most excellent watch features since any type of moisture is terrible for the metallic components of a watch. 

Consequently, a good watch brand has a minimum water resistance of 3 ATM. The levels of water resistance offered by Seiko watches are 5 ATM, 10 ATM, 20 ATM, and 60 ATM. It also follows that the better the resistance, the higher the number.

5 Best Seiko Watches

Listed below are the best Seiko watches:

  • Seiko 5 Sports Watch SRPD53K1
  • Seiko Prospex Watch SRPB51K1
  • Seiko Prospex PADI Sumo Watch SPB181J1
  • Seiko Presage Cocktail Watch SRPE15J1
  • Men’s Seiko Automatic Watch

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Seiko’s mechanical watches last?

Seiko’s mechanical timepieces are renowned for their durability. Many families have made fine Seiko pieces into family heirlooms. You may have also heard of generations passing it down to another. 

Seiko uses spring energy in their mechanical watches. The springs turn the gears, which finally cause the hands to move. 

Moreover, there are between 50 and 300 finely designed pieces. The addition of diamonds helps mechanical watches last longer. These gems are a part of the watch’s automatic movement system. 

As a result, they lessen the effects of friction often developing when metal-moving elements are combined. Another secret to Seiko’s longevity is service and maintenance.

Is Seiko a luxury brand?

Readers frequently pose this question, and the quick answer is no — Seiko is not a luxury watch brand.

Seiko watches are not luxury timepieces, but the Grand Seiko series are. Most watch collectors and enthusiasts consider Seiko an “entry-level” or high-quality consumer watch brand.

Is Seiko as good as Rolex? 

The quality of a Grand Seiko watch is on par with that of a Rolex watch. However, they are not intrinsically better than Rolex, but also not worse. Since both brands are of equivalent quality, much will depend on personal preference.

Do Seiko watches need servicing?

Seiko timepieces make for a very long-lasting and reliable time-telling partner. It is a sensitive, precise instrument despite its durability. Due to this, it requires routine maintenance to work correctly.

Moreover, the use and condition of the quality watch determine how frequently it needs servicing. Nevertheless, Seiko advises servicing your watch every three years or so.

The Verdict

is seiko a good watch

While Seiko might not be the first watch brand to mind when discussing luxury timepieces, it is unquestionably among the top few names on a list of value brands.

Seiko sells a variety of timepieces at reasonable rates that serve a range of functions, improve your lifestyle, and generate income. Moreover, they are currently the market’s best substitutes for pricey watches. They are also among the best watchmakers in history, as shown by the high worth of their models.

Hopefully, this article successfully answers your question, “Are Seiko watches good?” 

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