Is Rado a Good Watch?

Rado is one of the biggest watchmakers in Switzerland that focuses on new technologies, high-end materials, and creative designs. 

Founded in 1917, the brand has become one of the major Swiss watch companies due to its technological advancements and innovations.

Keep reading if you want to buy a Rado watch or know more about the entire watch brand. We created a Rado Watches Review to take you on a deep dive into the world of the brand, where we’ll go through some of the most important things you should be aware of. 

So, Are Rado Watches Good?

The short answer is yes. The Rado brand is indeed a good watch. It is known for its durability, style, craftsmanship, and unparalleled precision. Rado has also produced some of the most recognizable timepieces in the history of horology. It is durable, cutting-edge, and stylish, like most luxury timepieces. 

Moreover, they make timepieces resistant to water and scratches, so your watch will always look good. It is also known as the master of materials due to the advanced materials used in its design, 

The watch company is most known for its ceramic watches, and some of its popular models are Rado Captain Cook, HyperChrome, and True Thinline collections. Rado has also long been a leader in developing high-tech ceramic timepieces, and its current line-up still heavily features the material.

Rado Watches: History

Rado’s journey began in 1917 in Lengnau, Switzerland, with the brothers and watchmakers Fritz, Ernst, and Werner Schlup. First named Schlup and Co., it was later on officially changed to Rado in 1950.  

The company’s timepieces were sold in more than 60 countries in the 1960s, making them accessible globally. They also debuted their renowned DiaStar 1, called “the world’s first scratch-proof watch,” during the same year. 

Furthermore, this watch demonstrated Rado’s inventiveness by using unheard-of materials like hard metal and sapphire crystal.

By the time World War II was over, they had become a well-known manufacturer of watch movements. Later, it served as a platform for their most significant undertaking, the Rado watches.

Swatch Group, the company responsible for some of the most prestigious timepieces in the world, includes Rado. The brand is a force to be reckoned with in the world of expensive watches. Additionally, it should be on your radar if you’re a watch collector or you want to acquire a treasured luxury watch.

7 Reasons to Buy a Rado Watch

Is Rado a Good Watch?

1. Brand Appeal

Luxury is no longer synonymous with extravagance. In today’s corporate world, it is more of a personality expression than a status one. It shows more than your purchasing power; the brand symbolizes style and class. 

In addition, it showcases matching personalities to the brand, raising awareness of its values and — most importantly — developing a nearly connoisseur-like understanding of what is trendy and unique.

Rado is unbeatable regarding the brand appeal. The watch brand’s exceptional reputation for its materials knowledge, design dedication, and distinctive craftsmanship turns each watch into a work of art. Additionally, it makes the perfect option for the contemporary executive or entrepreneur.

It is everlasting, effortlessly worn by young and old, and has a unique aesthetic. The cost is reasonable. For novice watch enthusiasts in the luxury category, you can still include Rado in the list of luxury watches priced under $600.

2. High-Quality Materials

Having a watch made of unique materials is fascinating. Wearing a scratch-proof timepiece that differs from everyone else’s stainless steel in composition awards specific points. 

In 1962, Rado released the Rado Diastar 1 using Hard Metal, the first watch resistant to scratches. In 1986, the brand introduced the Rado Integral, which included revolutionary high-tech ceramic technology in the bracelet to prevent scuffing. 

The watch model is also well renowned for being more resilient to wear and tear from regular usage than steel, gold, and platinum. Rado performs exceptionally well in this area.

3. Rarity

You only sometimes come across iconic watches like Rado every day. Most people spend time looking into where they can purchase one. Therefore, a Rado timepiece should be on your wish list if you enjoy the rush of discovering unique items. 

The company only makes 500,000 units each year. Additionally, a few physical and online businesses exclusively offer this. However, only 60 countries can purchase these items, and their corporate office is in Lengnau, Switzerland.

4. Durability

Rado produces highly durable timepieces. So, there is no question about the company’s reputation for producing reliable and unique watches of the highest caliber. Every collector and enthusiast is constantly searching for the newest corporate technology. 

Because of nanotechnology, Rado uses hard metals, such as a natural high diamond. The manufacturer also uses sapphire crystal, which naturally produces a sturdy dome.

Rado was one of the leading watch brands when high-tech ceramics were first introduced to the watch industry. These innovative materials are highly resilient and high-strength. They also produce lightweight, scratch-resistant watches. NASA uses these watches in the engineering and medical fields. 

In addition, ceramics are exceptionally delicate and skin-safe because it contains no metals. Rado’s design is based on this material, allowing for the best comfort.

The watches are also water-resistant. If you enjoy swimming, you don’t need to worry about your watch’s condition when diving into the pool. Maintaining a log of your time spent is not a problem because wearing a timepiece in a six-foot swimming pool is safe. 

5. Design

Rado’s design is their basis for maintaining time. The watch brand is known for influencing design debates all over the world, in addition to receiving awards for design on a worldwide scale. 

As a result, Rado asks many bright and up-and-coming designers to collaborate through Rado Star Prize competitions.

The most intriguing excursion in recent memory is the True Thinline Les Couleurs Le Corbusier. It is a collection of limited edition watches in nine distinctive, vivid, and colorful colors from Le Corbusier’s renowned Architectural Polychromy color theory in Hi-tech Ceramic. However, Rado only produced 999 timepieces of each color. 

6. Accuracy

Rado creates timepieces with remarkable accuracy in addition to durability and creativity. The company recognizes the value of every second. Therefore, they ensure you never miss a moment and are always on time with their clocks.

7. Affordability

Lastly, Rado watches are authentic Swiss-made timepieces featuring premium materials, Swiss movements of the highest caliber, and expert craftsmanship. Amazingly, you can buy the majority of Rado watches for less than $3,000 or nearly $2,000.

A $3,000 price tag may be expensive for some. However, the worth of the materials and craftsmanship is maintained. Despite how expensive it might be, the price is more than reasonable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rado a luxury watch brand?

Yes, Rado is a luxury watch company. Rado watches are scarce because of the use of intricate materials and supplies in small quantities. The high price and prestigious brand name also adhere to norms, which are crucial qualities of expensive timepieces in the luxury watch game.

Where can I buy Rado watches?

Rado timepieces are available for purchase through the company’s official web retailers. It is currently offered in the following four countries: Österreich, Deutschland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. 

You can order online or locate a shop in your area using the suggested retail price listed on each page. Additionally, you can look up Rado locations worldwide on the Store Locator page of the Rado website.

Amazon and eBay also sell Rado watches. However, some of them do not include warranties.

How much does a Rado watch cost?

Most Rado watches cost from  $200 and $5,000. Both buyers with low and high budgets can find anything. Due to the worth of diamonds, timepieces made from them are typically more expensive.

Do Rado watches have natural diamonds?

Rado clocks only use premium white Top Wesselton diamonds. The brand exclusively purchases diamonds that abide by the Kimberley Process’s guidelines, which forbid the usage of blood diamonds.

How should I maintain my Rado watches?

Rado is both aesthetically pleasing and robust. However, it also requires routine maintenance and, if necessary, repairs, much like most watches.

Since it is a premium watch, Rado requires different maintenance than ordinary watches. In other words, local retailers cannot and should not repair your Rado timepieces.

How often should a Rado watch be serviced?

Rado advises that a quartz watch should have a battery service every two years and a full service for all timepieces every four to six years. However, they also recommend testing the watch’s water resistance annually if it is used in water and is suitable for diving and swimming.

What movement does Rado employ?

Rado’s watches feature ceramic and plasma high-tech ceramic, or ceramics, and a Swiss automatic movement. Rado made a creative material selection for the cases. With valuable stones, it embellishes the dials. 

You can also find self-winding, mechanical, and quartz movements in their catalog.


Is Rado a Good Watch?

We hope this post clarifies your queries about Rado and its watch products. This Swiss company has demonstrated that they are one of the top brands in reasonably priced Swiss watchmaking with an extensive collection and awards.

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