Is Invicta a Good Watch?

If you are a watch enthusiast, you probably know about Invicta. Even though the watch brand has only recently gained popularity, it is considered one of the world’s leading high-end brands.

However, the Invicta watch reviews are mixed. Some watch collectors describe it as a good, handy watch, while others are unsatisfied with this product. So, you might wonder, “Is Invicta a Good watch?”

We created an in-depth Invicta watches review to help you determine whether they are worth it. If you’re interested to learn more, keep reading!

So, Are Invicta Watches Good?

Regarding automatic watches, Invicta has long stood for “supremely designed watches that offer reasonable prices.”

Moreover, the watch brand is worth checking out for a few reasons. Firstly, their watches are well-known among watch buyers in general. They create reputable, affordable, and stylish timepieces. 

If your financial situation allows it, Invicta is a good choice. You will likely find something you like because there are many distinct styles to choose from.

Secondly, many vocal “aficionados” who disapprove of the brand based solely on its name are unaware that the company’s history goes beyond its current image.

Overall, they create affordable watches. They look better than most timepieces at the same cost  and have several features in more expensive timepieces.

In light of their price range, their timepieces are well worth it!

History of the Invicta Watch Group

In 1837, Raphael Picard founded the Swiss company Invicta, which they formerly used to make excellent mechanical wristwatches. 

Furthermore, the watch brand continued to be a family-run company until the Quartz Crisis. In 1983, they sold the company, and its current owners reopened it in 1991.

The formerly Swiss business is now American-owned, has its headquarters in Florida, and is a part of the Invicta watch company, which also owns the famous Glycine brand. Other watches are still made in Switzerland today.

6 Reasons to Buy Invicta Watches

Is Invicta A Good Watch?

1. Affordable 

Invicta’s watches are popular due to their affordable prices. These timepieces start at around $40 after being discounted from their MSRPs.

Depending on the model, the costs can reach about $1,000. However, they are usually significantly less expensive than other watches with comparable features.

2. Craftsmanship

Watches made by Invicta are premium. They blend age-old Swiss automatic movement and craftsmanship with an innovative 21st-century design.

Therefore, you buy a product from Invicta crafted over many generations. After all, they have been in operation since the early 19th century.

3. Quality

Invicta makes these timepieces of excellent quality materials by using mineral glass or stainless steel casing for their watch.

Meanwhile, their bands, wristbands, and straps often use materials that meet industry standards. However, when purchasing a colored band, you need to exercise caution because there seem to be numerous discoloration issues.

4. Various Designs

With more than 4,000 timepieces currently available, they feature various distinctive styles. Most companies typically only offer a few dozen different watch models at a given time.

Moreover, Invicta watches frequently work with other people. Marvel, Spongebob, and South Park, to name a few of their collaborations.

Other popular models include homages to well-known luxury watches. For example, their Invicta Pro Diver series is a tribute to the Rolex Submariner dive watch.

5. High-End Features

The number of features you get for the low price they charge is its key selling point.

For instance, they sell watches for around $100, with features often reserved for timepieces costing $300 or more. 

The Invicta 8926 is a fantastic example because it costs less than $80 and includes a Japanese automatic movement (SII NH35), a display case back, and 200m water resistance.

6. Japanese Quartz Movement

Almost all of their watches have a Japanese quartz movement, which functions without the assistance of a human. Also, because they have fewer moving parts, they require less maintenance. 

Since there are fewer moving components, there are also more occasional potential repair needs, which increases their durability. Quartz movements are also more economical for you because they are more cost-effective.

Moreover, Japanese Quartz watches are among the most accurate on the market, so you know you’re in good hands.

5 Best Invicta Watches

Here are a few excellent models from the watch collection:

  • Invicta 14330 Specialty
  • Invicta Pro Diver Men’s Automatic 8926OB
  • Invicta Men’s 17203 AVIATOR
  • Invicta Women’s 5168
  • Invicta 0072 Quartz Chronograph

People Also Ask: FAQs About the Invicta Watch

Where are Invicta watches made?

Although Invicta is an American company, third parties in Switzerland, Japan, China, and Malaysia manufacture their watches. On their website, there is a section devoted to their Swiss-made timepieces.

With less expensive production costs than in the US, the watch company regularly releases new designs as a part of its business strategy. It is also a factor in its ability to support thousands of watches simultaneously.

Moreover, some of the timepieces created by Invicta have components made in one nation and the rest in another.

Is Invicta considered a luxury brand?

Most avid watch enthusiasts wouldn’t consider the Invicta brand a luxury one because it is reasonably affordable compared to other luxury brands. 

Since most watch enthusiasts prefer to refer to it as “cheap luxury,” it cannot be categorized as a luxury brand. However, Invicta continues to provide top-notch watches with stylish designs.

How much do Invicta watches cost? 

Although Invicta watches frequently carry high price tags, these timepieces are only worth so close to their retail prices. Additionally, they initially set their watches at an absurdly high selling price before being sharply lowered.

This price range may give the impression that the watch you are considering is of great value. After all, they offer it at a significant discount for a brief while — but that’s wrong.

Their watch models may be worth their asking price, but they are only worth a little. Just because the watch says it is on sale, don’t expect to purchase it and resell it for more money. 

Moreover, this price is merely a ploy by the company to deceive you into thinking that these watches are of far more excellent quality than they are.

Where can I buy Invicta watches from?

You won’t have trouble locating an Invicta watch because of how extensively they distributed it. So, there won’t be a problem because they are easily accessible.

The watches are frequently offered for sale as souvenirs, particularly on cruises. In addition, the timepieces are already two to three times more expensive than those you might get elsewhere, even if they list them at a discount (to encourage you to make an impulse purchase).

The Verdict

Is Invicta A Good Watch?

So, are Invicta watches good? Based on specifications, premium Invicta timepieces, and customer feedback for best-selling watches, the answer is a resounding “yes.” 

However, you won’t have a Rolex’s level of perfection, but these watches are less expensive. In terms of value, Invicta offers a far better deal.

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