Is Citizen A Good Watch?

Citizen is currently the second-largest manufacturer in the watch market. More than 20% of its timepieces come from the Japanese company. So, you might wonder, “Is Citizen a good watch brand?”

For this blog post, we created a Citizen Watches Review so we can dive in and better understand if the brand is worth it.  

Keep reading if you’re interested to know if Citizen is a good watch!

So, Are Citizen Watches Good Quality?

Yes. Citizen creates good to high-quality watches. They are also more known for its Citizen Eco-Drive watches. However, the price-to-quality ratio is what makes the Japanese brand a reliable timepiece. The brand’s slogan, Better Starts Now, has driven them always to craft quality watches. 

Citizen still offers watches of various standards, just like any other watch brand. For instance, don’t have high expectations if you don’t want to break your bank account. Meanwhile, if you’re not on a tight budget, rest assured that your timepiece is top-quality.

Therefore, you have a lot of options to pick from. Above all, the value for money is outstanding.

Moreover, many watch enthusiasts and regular consumers shared their feedback on different forums. Generally, many people are satisfied with what they paid for. They also think purchasing Citizen watches gives them better quality compared to others.

There two watch collections of Citizen that offer mid-to-high overall quality: Promaster Diver and Eco-Drive line of solar-powered watches. In fact, the industry admires these two watch collections and many collectors look up to them. 

History of the Citizen Watch Brand

Citizen’s history may be shorter than its other watchmaking brands like Bulova. However, many consider the brand one of the oldest companies in the watchmaking industry. The vision of Citizen Trading Company for their watches being affordable and suitable for everyone inspired its name. 

In 1918, Citizen took its first baby steps to build the brand from the ground up. However, the official foundation dates back to 1930. 

Rodolphe Schmid registered the company in his country with the primary goal of marketing his watch products in Japan.

During Citizen’s first years of existence, a versatile Swiss watch manufacturer needed investment to launch the brand successfully. Fortunately, a Japanese count named Goto Shinpei helped make his vision come true.

Through the 1920s, Shinpei supported Citizen when the company also grew in popularity. 

In 1930, Schmid finally and officially established Citizen in Asia with the support of other Swiss and Japanese investors. Soon, the watchmaking brand took off for good after taking over Shokosha Watch Research Institute and other establishments in Yokohama.

Even though their watches are produced in Japan, they also create watch models from different countries. For instance, the brand’s electrical watches come from France. Meanwhile, its tuning fork watches are made in America.

However, Citizen watches implemented a strict quality assurance protocol despite its international manufacture. This protocol ensures that all its timepieces meet the company’s core standards.

6 Reasons Why Citizen is a Good Watch

Is Citizen A Good Watch?

1. Affordable 

As mentioned above, Citizen offers their watches at an affordable price. The brand’s vision is simple: to make its timepieces accessible to the general public. 

However, one thing to remember is to manage your expectations when you buy a specific model. If you purchase a budget-friendly watch, the overall quality may not be as high as from a luxury brand.

2. Stylish

Apart from its inexpensive price range, Citizen produces timepieces in various styles. From dress watches to pocket watches to quartz watches, the brand has a broad range of options for you to select from. 

3. Japanese Quartz Movement 

Citizen uses Japanese quartz movements for their timepieces. Although, they may not be as accurate as watches with Swiss-made movements since they are more costly. 

4. Quality Craftsmanship

The Citizen brand also uses durable materials for its watches. For instance, some of their watch models come with either a genuine leather strap or a stainless steel bracelet. 

Another feature they include for their watch collections is a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal for the dial’s protection. Many luxury brands in the watch industry also use this material. 

5. Reliability

Citizen is a watch company that is also known for its reliability. One proof is that it was the official timekeeper of the US Open. Another huge supporter of the brand is Walt Disney, whose company’s watches will be shown in Disneyland resorts worldwide.

6. Water resistance

Another excellent feature of Citizen is its superior water resistance. So, if you’re searching for a good dive watch, this company provides you with many options. Their water rating can stand the depth from 50 up to 200 meters. However, this still depends on your budget and preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

How expensive are Citizen watches?

The Citizen watch’s price is approximately $250, less expensive than Seiko’s at a $450 mark. 

Are Citizen watches good watches?

Yes. Besides its affordable price range, Citizen watches offer a balance of quality and value. The timepieces include durable materials, build quality, and top-rate quality control. 

Moreover, other watch brands align with the company’s standards. Therefore, they control every aspect of their watch’s production.

Are Citizen Eco watches good?

Yes. Citizen is known for its Eco-Drive timepieces, which have stayed on the same level as their competitors. They utilize an Eco-drive technology or Eco-drive movement, which is second to none and has placed the brand above many wristwatch brands. 

Moreover, Citizen timepieces are suitable and hold up well to their standard.

How good are Citizen Eco-Drive watches?

Citizen’s Eco-Drive watch is another well-respected solar watch technology in the watch industry. Thanks to its mechanical movements, many consider this collection some of the best solar watches.

Furthermore, the various awards the brand received for its quality craftsmanship add to its popularity and credibility.

The Verdict: Is Citizen a Good Watch?

Is Citizen A Good Watch?

We hope that this Citizen watches review helped you find out if they are a good watch brand.

To summarize and answer your question, Citizen is a good watch. If you ask us, it’s the whole package: affordable, durable, stylish, and top-quality. Its inclusive and diverse marketing vision to the general public makes it a great brand. The brand has it all whether you’re looking for a new dress watch or sports watch. 

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