Invicta Vs. Seiko

Many watch enthusiasts wonder which watch company is the best. Is it the famous and exquisite Grand Seiko watch or the affordable Invicta watch? We created this Invicta vs. Seiko article to review the differences between the two watch brands. 

When you’re done reading, you’ll know what each brand stands for and which is the best.

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TL;DR: Seiko vs. Invicta

Invicta Watches

The watch-buying community widely recognizes Invicta. Its history begins in the 19th century, in the center of the Swiss watchmaking industry. Raphael Picard specifically founded it in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1873.

The watch brand produced various collections, from intricate pocket timepieces and mechanical watches. They also crafted exquisite calendars, chronographs, and quartz watches. However, Invicta and other illustrious watch manufacturers were forced out of business during the Quartz Crisis.


  • Value for money.
  • Reliable and accurate
  • More than 4,000 watches are available on their website, all with distinctive designs


  • Poor quality 
  • Some users complained of it being too large and bulky on the wrist
  • Poor warranty and customer service

Seiko Watches

A Seiko watch is a symbol of innovation and technology in the watchmaking industry and is renowned worldwide for its accuracy and usability. The brand was founded in Tokyo, and thanks to its long history of invention, it is now widely regarded as a premium brand that watch enthusiasts adore.

In 1881, the history of Seiko officially started when Kintaro Hattori opened the first K. Hattori watch and Jewelry store in Tokyo Ginza’s district. They introduced the Seikosha Time Keeper, the company’s first pocket watch, in 1895.

Additionally, Seiko has expanded its reach of high-quality timepieces as an innovation-driven company while competing companies only offer a small selection of luxury watches. There are also advantages to both processes for creating high-quality watches. 

However, very few companies are renowned for their collection of high-end watches made of rare materials and for producing reliable, excellent timepieces at more reasonable prices.


  • Includes well-liked and collectible limited edition watches
  • Utilizes high-quality materials
  • Strong enough to uphold high standards in harsh settings


  • Some watches run on the larger side
  • Pricey for some customers

In-Depth Comparison Of Invicta Vs Seiko


Founded in18811837
DesignClassy and MinimalistBold
WarrantyFive yearsThree years
Price$275 to $6,500$50 to $6,599

Build Quality

One of the critical distinctions between the two brands is that Seiko produces all of its watch parts in-house. They also license its movements to other watchmakers, including some Invicta models like the Pro Diver, which uses the Seiko NH35A 24-jewel caliber.

In contrast, Invicta watches are produced by third parties using various components, which many industry experts believe leads to lower-quality watches. In this brand head-to-head comparison, Seiko has a clear advantage because it creates its movements and chooses to use them in its watches.

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Invicta watches are renowned for their innovative designs, top-notch engineering, and capacity to appeal to various preferences while fueling the collector’s passion. In addition, they have licensing agreements with well-known companies like Disney, DC Comics, and Garfield. Both adults and children adore these timepieces.

Furthermore, the Pro Diver, Speedway, Subaqua, and Russian Diver watches are some of the most popular watches produced by Invicta, which also makes many other watches. They also offer various large, bulky watches. Invicta shines in this market because of these larger watches’ cult following.

Seiko is also one of the top manufacturers of automatic watches, which are accurate, robust, and stylish. They are not only of excellent quality but also clever and innovative. These timepieces include Seiko’s exclusive technology and a variety of fantastic designs.


Seiko makes every component of its movements in-house, from top to bottom. For instance, their quartz and mechanical watch movement powers many timepieces worldwide. 

Meanwhile, the watch brand’s technology is equally broad.  Their movements range from vintage automatic calibers to GPS-enabled solar-powered quartz timepieces that automatically set themselves while traveling across time zones.

Like several larger watch companies, Invicta does not manufacture its inner movements. Instead, they employ well-known, accurate Japanese or Swiss movements. Their quartz movement is also good but not great.


Both Seiko and Invicta have been known for being reasonably cost-effective brands, which is true. However, you’ll discover that these brands’ prices aren’t comparable. Seiko diving watches are typically more expensive than Invicta diving watches.

Sure, you can find Invicta watches that are more expensive than Seiko or in the same price range as Seiko. However, mostly it’s the Seiko watches that cost more.

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Seiko Vs. Invicta Watches: Popular Models

The Seiko 5 SNK800s

(Source: Amazon)

The Seiko 5 appeared during rapid technological advancement, giving everyone access to the novelty of the automatic watch with a date display. It did so with exceptional value for the money and models of countless kinds and types, ranging from strict dress watches to pilot watches and even the first dive watches.

Furthermore, the Seiko 5 SNK800s are among the most popular Seiko 5 versions available. These watches are wonderful casual daily wearers for less than $100. You will also receive their 7S26 automatic movement, which operates without your assistance. 

The Invicta Pro Diver

(Source: Amazon)

The Invicta Pro Diver watch is generally made from titanium or stainless steel, so they resist corrosion and scratches. 

It is also essentially a tribute to the Rolex Submariner. The dial, handset, case, and band all share a general aesthetic with the traditional Diver. People will probably ignore the similarities between the two watches because many have never worn a Rolex Submariner.

Additionally, this dive watch is comfy enough to wear all day. The Pro Diver measures 40mm across, 48mm from lug to lug, and 14mm thick. It also has excellent diving characteristics, including 200 meters of water protection and excellent hands. 

One of the main factors contributing to this item’s exceptional worth is the materials used to make it. Pro Divers also come in various colors, dimensions, and styles. All of the timepieces in the collection share Invicta’s commitment to quality and longevity.

What Do People Say About It?

Amazon Reviews

An Amazon Customer named Jeff Gregory left positive feedback for the Invicta Pro Diver watch. He wrote, “I have avoided Invicta for years. I started to miss my Submariner (I traded it for a Panerai), but with the current market, I am not willing to pay the secondhand price or buy other things just to get on a dealer’s ‘good side.’

“[However,] this watch is so close that I forget it is Invicta. To add to the greatness of this watch is that it is running an NH35, truly one of the most reliable movements you could ask for. I would buy this watch over again. I have a new respect for Invicta.”

Another Amazon customer, Jeffrey George, wrote a review for the Seiko 5 SNK807 watch, saying, 

“This Seiko watch has exceeded my expectations. I’m writing this review after owning the watch for six months. I had originally ordered this watch to be used as an everyday/work watch because the $10 Timex I’ve had for years finally quit working. I have several Seiko watches and thought upgrading to this cheaper Seiko from the Timex is well deserved because I love the brand so much. 

“As usual, I am blown away at the quality of this watch considering the bargain price this watch is listed at. The strap that comes with the watch is of great quality. However, I decided to replace it with a ‘Ritche’ genuine leather band to dress it up.

“This watch has become my go-to watch, and I choose it more than my more ‘fancy’ Seikos. The case is solid, and the matte style finish is pleasing, which helps the watch look higher quality. It loses a few seconds daily and maintains a 15-20 hour charge. Overall, I love this watch and am happy I bought it. I recommend it 100%.”

Reddit Reviews

A Reddit user, psychedelicchurro commented, 

“The Pro Diver is an interesting case. It is a good watch for the price, and I’d say go for it if you can find it cheap. But Invicta tends to get a lot of flak in the watch community for large, gaudy watches and questionable pricing tactics.

“The Pro Diver is a pretty good value for the money, but it gets some heat for essentially being a 1:1 replica of the Rolex Submariner design.”

“If the stigma around Invicta doesn’t bother you, wear it with pride. It’s a good value for the price and will likely last you a while. If it bothers you, there are quite a few good $100 autos from other companies.”

Another user, huazzy reviewed, 

“If you’re on a tight budget and want a versatile military-style watch, look no further. This is what you should go for. It’s beautifully executed, and the sword hands with the red-tipped second’s hand is a winner.”

Final Verdict: Which Is Better?

invicta vs seiko

Opt for Seiko if you want a timeless, high-quality timepiece at any price range. They are the most expensive watch company but offer many good value choices for only a bit more money than Invicta.

But there are wise reasons to get Invicta, as it’s a great watch too. Remember that what matters most, in the end, is personal taste and need. 

That pretty much brings today’s comparison to a conclusion. The data in this comparison should be regarded in generality as both are amazing watches. Lastly, we hope this article has been helpful if you already have a rough idea of what you’re looking for. 

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