How to Set Time On a Rolex Watch

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Setting a Rolex watch is not difficult, but you may have to do it repeatedly (typically twice a year) to keep it in top shape. Therefore, we created a complete guide on how to set time on a Rolex watch.

To avoid misalignment of date in the window and broken components floating around in your Rolex movement, follow these simple steps on how to set time on a Rolex watch. 

5 Steps on How to Set Time On Rolex Watches

Step 1. Unscrew the crown

The first step to setting a Rolex watch is to unscrew the crown counterclockwise. You’ll find the crown on the right side of the watch. That small circular dial allows you to control the mechanism of a Rolex.

Step 2. Pull the crown

The next step is to pull the crown all the way out. You may feel or hear a soft click once you reach the last crown position.

Rolex timepieces have two or three crown positions that allow you to set time. The first position usually winds it, while the second position will enable you to change the date and day. 

The third position alters the position of the hour and minute hands. Begin in the third (or farthest) position to set time and work your way.

Step 3. Rotate the crown clockwise

For the third step, slowly turn the hands clockwise until you reach the correct time. 

Step 4. Push the crown and rotate

The fourth step is needed if you only have to adjust the date. Push the crown to the second position. Then, rotate clockwise until you reach the correct date and day.

Step 5. Push the crown back

Once you set your Rolex watch’s time, day, and date, push the crown back in place. It’s vital to fully tighten the screw as the seal is what makes the watch waterproof.

Non-quickset, quickset, and double quickset Rolex models may be set differently. 

Setting Time on Non-, Single, and Double Quickset Rolex Models

A quickset feature in Rolex allows the date, day, and other features to be advanced rapidly by rotating the hour hand repeatedly. All Rolex Submariner models, for instance, have a quickset feature that makes it effortless to change dates.

To know whether your Rolex has a quickset feature, you must pull out the crown and adjust it to a winding position. If you notice the date changes when you turn the crown clockwise, it has a quickset date function.

How to set time on a non-quickset Rolex

For non-quickset Rolex watches, start setting time with the crown to the last position. Advance the time past midnight. Do this while the second hand is put to a stop. Then, rotate the crown counterclockwise until you get to the correct day and date.

Rolex watches with this feature are usually vintage. Here’s a YouTube tutorial on how to set up a non-quickset Rolex.

How to set time on a quickset Rolex

To set time on a single quickset Rolex, unscrew the crown to the first position. Turn it counterclockwise for men’s Rolexes and clockwise for women’s watches until you set the correct date. Next, pull the crown to the last position for setting the time.

Here’s a YouTube tutorial on how to set a single quickset Rolex.

How to set time on a double quickset Rolex

To set the time and date on a double quickset watch manually, pull out the crown and put it in the first position. The starting point is just like the single quickset model.

Next, turn the crown counterclockwise to set the week and clockwise to set the date. Once you set the date and day, pull the crown to the last position. Then, twist it clockwise or counterclockwise to set the time. Most vintage Rolex watches have a double quickset feature. 

Here’s a YouTube tutorial on how to set a double single quickset Rolex.

Most Popular Rolex Watches 

If you’re thinking about buying a Rolex, here’s a list of the most popular watches based on reviews and people’s recommendations.

  • Rolex Submariner – designed for diving with a rotatable bezel
  • Rolex Daytona – has a perfectly balanced design; comes with a tachymetric scale
  • Rolex Oyster Perpetual – with a self-winding movement and chronometric precision
  • Rolex Air-King – has a distinct black dial; guarantees reliability and accuracy
  • Rolex Datejust – the first self-winding chronometer wristwatch
  • Rolex Sea-Dweller – features a Cerachrom bezel; corrosion and scratch-proof ceramic that’s unaffected by UV rays
  • Rolex Yacht-Master – a nautical watch; a tool watch for sailing

When to Set a Rolex Watch

How to Set Time On a Rolex Watch

Set your Rolex watch whenever you need to change the time or date. Most timepieces must be set at least twice yearly as they vary for daylight savings. If you don’t wear your watch daily, it’ll slow over time, and you may have to set or wind it.

Still, not all Rolex models can be set in the same manner. For Rolex women’s watches, for instance, the crown has to be turned counterclockwise.

Some Rolexes continue to operate for 48 hours in between windings. After this period, people who wear their Rolex daily will notice that time slows down a bit. This signifies that you already need to reset the time.

If you haven’t worn your timepiece for a couple of days and it has already stopped ticking, it’s best to manually wind it before putting it back on. Remember that Rolex is a 

mechanical watch, so it has to be winded regularly.

Do you set Rolex replicas the same as the authentic ones?

Whether you purchased a Rolex replica because the authentic one is beyond your price range or you’ve been fooled into buying a fake Rolex watch, the operation and function of a replica are the same as the real thing in terms of time setting.

You still have to locate the crown on the right side of the Rolex and release the crown. Once extended, you must put the watch in a position to be wound. 

While the crown dial of a Rolex replica is in the same position as authentic Rolex modes, there are still apparent differences. That includes the “Officially Certified” lettering on a Rolex watch written in a noticeably different font style. Hence, anything that looks aesthetically off deserves a closer examination.


How to Set Time On a Rolex Watch

When you own a Rolex, it’s unquestionably one of your most valued assets; taking care of it should be a priority. And one way to do that is by resetting the date and time now and then to stay running. 

The steps we shared above will guarantee long-term watch health, so it retains its value for the next generation.

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