How Much Does Rolex Scratch Cost?

Rolex has secured its place with other traditional items that can pass on to the next generation.  That’s why the brand uses a 904L stainless steel material in its collections to ensure that its timepieces are not just exquisite but also tough and long-lasting. 

However, it doesn’t mean such a trustworthy companion won’t be subjected to wear and tear over the years. Sure, you can expect accuracy and reliability for a couple of years, but it can only tolerate much beating. 

Sometimes, a Rolex watch may even get scratches and dents. But don’t let that scare you. Repairs are just a normal part of taking care of your timepiece. If you’re wondering how much a scratch devalues a Rolex, you’re in the right place. 

Keep reading to know how much it costs to service a Rolex with a scratch and the costly reasons why you shouldn’t DIY your Rolex watch repair.

So, How Much Does Rolex Scratch Cost?

A slight scratch on the Rolex’s bezel or case can lead to a minor decrease in price. Scratches on the sapphire crystal may decrease the Rolex’s value by about 5-10%, depending on the severity of the scratches.

Larger scratches can heavily affect its value. You’ll either have to polish it or sell the timepiece with large scratches, leading to a decrease in value.

A typical Rolex repair cost is around $600 to $1,500, with an average price of $800. Early repairing the scratch helps you maintain Rolex’s condition for the future. It’s also better to have regular service appointments to keep the timepiece running smoothly.

Rolex repair is a simple process, just like band replacements and cleanings. Meanwhile, if the internal mechanisms of the Rolex are the problem, you may need the help of a skilled watchmaker. He can ensure that your luxury timepiece will last as it was initially designed.

Why the Watch Model and Case Material Influence A Rolex Service Cost

The Rolex model and case material impact a Rolex service cost. Even if two Rolex watches share the same movement, an Air-King or a Submariner is more likely to be more expensive than the Oyster Perpetual. That’s because professional Rolex watches are more expensive compared to simpler classic timepieces. 

Rolex watches are made from different precious metals, including white gold, everose, and Rolesor (Rolex patented material that combines Oyster Steel and everose gold), which increases the price of the service and maintenance.

Costly Reasons Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Rolex Watch Repair


Choosing the DIY route to fix your Rolex may be more expensive in the long run than having a professional do it. If you need more convincing, here are a few reasons you shouldn’t DIY your Rolex watch repair.

1. You may damage parts

Having your Rolex serviced professionally is a pricey endeavor. However, doing it on your own may prove more costly. For instance, incorrectly and accidentally removing some components may damage the watch parts and lessen the timepiece’s lifespan.

Some damages may not be immediately evident. However, they can increase the friction that gradually wears out watch components.

Whether removing scratches from a stainless steel watch case, replacing its crystal, changing the bracelet band, or replacing the Rolex parts, professional watch servicing guarantees that your timeless Rolex looks new. It also gives you that peace of mind that your valuable timepiece is well taken care of.

2. It may void your warranty 

One of the most common things that could happen when you fix your Rolex is voiding the five-year warranty. Rolex may later consider it an unauthorized source for repair.

3. You may over-polish your Rolex

Watch scratches are usually removed using a soft polishing rag and a gentle, circular motion. But as you know, even the edges of Rolex are intricately chamfered and beveled to an exacting standard.

When you attempt to polish it on your own, you may overpolish it. And unlike a painting mistake you can cover up, a lousy watch polishing is irreversible.

More so if you over-polish a vintage Rolex. It could lessen its value compared to the untouched one in the eyes of potential buyers. Most serious watch collectors initially prefer fewer restorations, modifications, or flawless condition.

Therefore, it’s crucial to trust a watch expert to do the job, as polishing requires specialized equipment, experience, and great skill. In-house polishers in Rolex even have a three-year apprenticeship plus five years at work to master different polishing techniques.

4. It may result in frequent servicing

Even if you don’t break the watch components outright, it’s unlikely that you’ll clean them thoroughly or fix them the way watch professionals do in a Rolex service center. There’s a possibility that the watch pieces will eventually break and will cost you more money because of the frequent servicing. 

5. You need specialized tools

Like Rolex, the interior of luxury watches is made of small, delicate parts with extreme precision. So, you’ll need specialized tools that are precise enough to fix the pieces of your Rolex and not traditional tools lying around in your home.

6. It may cost you more in the long run

Repairing a Rolex timepiece when you’re inexperienced may cost you more than taking it to an authorized dealer or service repair professional who knows exactly what they can expect for your watch.

The initial repair cost may be higher than doing it on your own, but it’ll be worth knowing that they will repair your watch accurately and safely.

Tips for Avoiding Rolex Scratches

One of the most important steps to avoid Rolex scratches is to take them off your hands before doing heavy activities. Doing this applies when you play sports, whether indoors or outdoors. 

Having your watch on during these activities risks sustaining scratches and wear and tear because of the trauma. Meanwhile, there are watches designed for sports, such as diver watches with functional bezels.

Another tip to avoid Rolex scratches is to store the watch away from other jewelry made of metals. Doing this lessens the chance of getting the crystal or case from being accidentally scratched.

Lastly, wrap your watch in a microfiber cloth or clothes when traveling. Put your watch in a hard case exterior to protect the wristwatch from getting crashed. Do this with a soft interior to protect it from scratches.

People Also Ask: FAQs About Serving Rolex Watches

Are Rolex watches easily scratched?

No, Rolex watches are built using durable materials that are the least resistant to scratch. However, like any other luxury watch, Rolex watches get scratched, especially when worn daily.

To prevent scratching their Rolex watches, Rolex owners can lay them on their original boxes or a soft cloth when they sleep. Another step is to avoid doing DIY or household tasks when wearing their Rolex.

Does a Rolex need to be serviced?

Yes. Owning a Rolex recommends that owners have their watches serviced every two years by their service center or certified watchmaker. Most Rolex USA service centers completely dismantle the watch and all its components to have it ultrasonically cleaned.

Do scratches devalue a Rolex?

Yes, but how much scratches devalue a Rolex depends on the severity of the damage. Minor scratches may degrade a Rolex by about 5%, but it won’t have as much impact as deep or large scratches.

Can a scratch on Rolex be fixed?

Definitely, yes. You can have a Rolex watch polished and cleaned during a Rolex service. Some watch enthusiasts prefer to have their Rolex serviced every five years, others ten years. 

A service cycle that’s less than five years is feasible but is not advisable unless the watch is running very poorly or is damaged.

Are scratches on Rolex normal?

Yes, scratches on Rolex are normal. While the Rolex luxury watch comes out scratch-free from the factory, it is meant to wear it. If you wear it daily, you can expect scratches. Of course, there are steps to avoid scratching.

Scratches on Rolex bracelets are usually found on the center links on two-toned watch bands or the polished center of Oyster bracelets.

How often should you service a vintage Rolex watch?

How often you should service a vintage Rolex (30 years or more years old) depends on how the movement performs. 

Since vintage models are fragile, their parts may likely be prone to damage or are already very worn. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a vintage Rolex watch serviced every two years. Rolex models that are seven years old or less don’t need much servicing.

What is the Rolex service center turnaround time?

Most US-based Rolex service centers take four to six weeks to service a watch. However, some can finish it as early as three weeks. The easiest way to get information or have your Rolex serviced is to contact a Rolex Service Center near you.

Wrap Up

man wearing a watch

You probably know by now that many factors come into play regarding a Rolex watch’s service and maintenance cost. As discussed, removing a scratch in Rolex costs an average of $800. 

The watch model, type of service needed, and the condition of the watch are all considered for the pricing when a watch is brought to an authorized service center or dealer. But don’t worry. Consider regular service as an investment to extend the life of your Rolex.

Even if you’re confident to DIY your Rolex repair, it’s still better, in the long run, to have it professionally handled to prevent voiding the warranty or accidentally damaging the watch parts and lessening its lifespan.

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