How Much Does A Rolex Weigh?

If there’s one luxury watch brand that almost everyone recognizes, it’s Rolex. But have you ever wondered how much does a Rolex weigh?

From former US President Barack Obama’s Rolex Cellini to Warren Buffett’s Rolex Day-Date, Rolex is everywhere and anywhere. Moreover, the watch brand has probably become the most successful watchmaker in their century of operation.

Yet, their exclusive price tag and widespread demand meant that the brand became a victim of counterfeiting. Fortunately, watch buyers and collectors can spot a fake Rolex using its weight.

This article will give you an inside look at Rolex, especially how much popular Rolex watches weigh with a full-linked bracelet. This Rolex weight guide can also help those who want to gauge how a Rolex will feel on their wrist before purchasing.

Keep reading until the end to know what makes a timepiece heavier or lighter. Let’s get started!

Rolex Watches Weight: Does It Affect The Comfort Level?

Some people love light watches, while others prefer heavy timepieces. Therefore, a Rolex’s weight affects how it sits and feels on the wrist. 

Additionally, Rolex timepieces that are a little heavier typically have a sporty feel. Still, some people prefer it that way, so it sits nicely on their wrist.

Gold, Oystersteel, Silver, or Platinum?

All Rolexes include high-quality materials (i.e., stainless steel 904L) or deluxe precious metals (gold, silver, or platinum).

Meanwhile, counterfeit Rolexes use inexpensive materials, so the weight is considerably lighter than the original. But you can’t fake the weight of these metals. Moreover, the bracelet of a fake Rolex would feel slack, cheap, and hollow than the real one.

For instance, an original Rolex stainless steel Submariner weighs about 153 grams. Meanwhile, a counterfeit weighs around 124 grams.

With that in mind, Oystersteel is the lightest metal from Rolex. A silver Rolex is heavier than Oystersteel, yet gold is heavier than silver. Platinum is the heaviest of metals used in Rolex watches.

The weight of gold models ranges from 190 to 220 grams. For stainless steel Rolexes, their weight ranges between 100 and 160 grams, while platinum is between 240 and 270 grams.

Sometimes, Rolex mixes materials, like their patented Rolesor, a mix of gold and Oystersteel. A Rolex that uses Rolesor material weighs more than Oystersteel, yet less than a yellow gold Rolex. Furthermore, how much a Rolex weighs varies and differs from model to model.

Now that we have the caveats above, let’s look at the weight of some of the most popular Rolex models:

So, How Much Does a Rolex Weigh? (Rolex Watches Weight List)

Rolex ModelWeight
Submariner 114060152.9 grams
Daytona 16528156 grams
Daytona 116500141 grams
Daytona 116520 140 grams
Daytona 116509200 grams
Datejust 160183 grams
Datejust 116201 145 grams
Datejust 116233 136.8 grams
Datejust 41 126334 Oyster bracelet 143 grams
Oyster Perpetual286 grams
GMT-Master II 16718164 grams
GMT-Master II 16710 127 grams
GMT-Master II 16713 138 grams
GMT-Master II 126710BLNR/BLRO140.04 grams
GMT-Master II 116710LN 152 grams
Day-Date 118206225 grams
Day-Date 118209179 grams
Submariner 5513 119 grams
Submariner 16618175 grams
Submariner 16610 135 grams
Submariner 14060M 127 grams
Deepsea Sea-Dweller 116660215 grams
Sea-Dweller 126600194 grams
Sky-Dweller 326934 174.6 grams
Sky-Dweller 326933 191.5 grams
Sea-Dweller 1665 129 grams
Sea-Dweller 16660 147 grams
Sea-Dweller 16600 147 grams
Explorer II 1655118 grams
Explorer II 16570 126 grams
Explorer 214270133 grams
Explorer II 216570 156 grams
Yacht-Master 16622 146 grams
Milgauss 116400 150 grams

Genuine Rolex Watches vs. Fake Watches

Fake Rolexes use economical materials to make them. As such, the weight of a fake Rolex will be significantly lighter than the original one.

Other ways to spot fake watches:

  • Serial number – Every Rolex timepiece has a unique serial number. To find out, type it into a search engine and put quotation marks on either side of that number. Google will then search for the exact item to let you know if it’s fake. 
  • Movement – This is the easiest way to spot a fake watch, yet challenging because you need to wear the timepiece to detect it. A genuine Rolex includes a little resistance when you unwind the crown. Then, it’ll feel super smooth when you interact with the movement.
  • Finishing – Rolex isn’t known for high finishing. However, it has excellent finishing in certain areas, including the markers and around the text. The date disk’s number and placement should be printed perfectly to determine it’s an original Rolex.
  • Laser-etched crown – You can find this crown at the six o’clock position. A genuine Rolex will have a small laser-etched crown in this part of the dial. There are also tiny dots at varying heights and depths within the sapphire crystal. It’s not a single line creating the logo.

It may be difficult to see this with the naked eye, but it is visible on a macro lens or a loupe. Fake Rolex over-accentuate the crown at six o’clock.

  • Cyclops lens– These lenses enhance Rolex watches’ date window and magnifies the tiny date number. An authentic one will have a relatively clear number as it uses an anti-reflective material beneath the Cyclops lens. Meanwhile, a fake one will have a skewed, distorted number. 
  • Winder – A fake Rolex has a basic winder on the side and one that moves both the hour and minute hands. Meanwhile, real Rolexes have beautifully crafted winders, even engraved in excellent details.

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4 Factors That Make A Watch Heavier Or Lighter

How Much Does A Rolex Weigh?

Here are four factors that impact the overall weight of timepieces – Rolex or other brands.

1. Type of Watch

Automatic watches tend to be heavier than manual ones because they have extra parts. These parts enable the mainsprings to be winded with the motion of the wearer’s wrist. Meanwhile, quartz watches weigh lighter than their mechanical counterparts because they use low-weight electronic parts.

2. Case

The case can be made of different materials and holds a larger percentage of the total weight of the watch.

Cases made of rare metals, such as gold and alloys (silver, bronze, and steel), are used in high-end watches. These metals can also be heavier than carbon fibers used in smartwatches.

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3. Bracelets or Strap

Some bracelets are made of metals, while others are of leather. The material used in straps also affects the weight of watches. However, you can lessen the weight of your watch by substituting bracelets for straps.

4. Function

Luxury watches have parts made of rare materials that make them glitter, such as diamonds. Similarly, these materials also amplify the weight of the watch.

FAQs About Rolex Watch Weight

Are heavier watches better than light watches? 

Not always, because weight can be subjective. Therefore, know what you want in a watch – whether you prefer a heavy or a light one. Even if you buy a light watch, ensure it is made of quality lighter materials.

Can you reduce the weight of your watch?

Yes, you can. The best way to reduce the weight is by switching the heavy removable parts with lighter materials. Substituting the bracelets with lightweight materials is usually an efficient way.

What are the advantages of light-weighted watches?

Light watches are comfortable on the wrist. They’re the best choice if you wear them for a long time or outdoor activities. Their weights also lessen the pressure on the wrist, thus minimizing the risk of developing wrist pain.

Does the weight of a watch equate to it being high-quality?

Yes, but not always. While heavy timepieces made of rare Earth materials are heavier because of those quality materials, heavier doesn’t always mean high quality.

Good brands, such as Richard Mille and Bulgari, make lightweight watches. For instance, Richard Mille released a timepiece weighing 18.83 grams using a titanium-lithium alloy movement, a titanium case, and skeletonizing the movement.

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Are real Rolexes heavy?

Yes, genuine Rolexes should feel heavier than standard watches. These watches also have a solid feel, which comes from the heavy weight of the actual metal throughout the timepiece.

What is the weight of a Rolex Datejust?

Depending on the reference numbers, a Rolex Datejust weighs around 117 grams (Rolex Datejust 36 126234 Jubilee) to 145 grams (Datejust 116201).

How much does a gold Rolex weigh?

A Rolex gold weighs roughly 179 to 225 grams, depending on the materials used. Some Rolexes are made of yellow, white, or Everose gold.

The watch company uses primarily 18-carat gold for its timepieces, which means it has a purity of 750% of pure gold. The remaining 25% comprise other elements, like platinum, palladium, copper, or silver, depending on the alloy it wants to achieve.

The Bottom Line

How Much Does A Rolex Weigh?

We’ve now seen that the weight of Rolexes ranges between 140 and 180 grams. However, it could be heavier if it features a larger case and includes heavier metals.

In the end, the perfect weight of a watch depends on the wearer’s preference. A watch that’s heavy for one person may be ideal for another.

Moreover, the total weight of a timepiece depends on the parts they are made from and the materials used.

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