How Many Watches Should a Man Own?

Watches not only tell us time, but they also serve as a fashion staple in any jewelry collection. It tells a lot about you and your personality. 

Wearing a watch might be one of the simplest ways to accessorize a man. No matter the event, you should have high-quality timepieces that go with every outfit. However, how many watches should a man own? Is it okay to own just one watch or more than one watch?

With so many different types and brands of watches available, you might need clarification about the one watch you should buy that goes with everything you wear. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. 

This article will answer how many watches a man should own. Furthermore, we will also elaborate on what types of timepieces you should consider buying. Sounds interesting? Keep reading! 

So, How Many Watches Should a Man Own?

Wearing the wrong kind of watch on the wrong occasion is not ideal for many reasons. 

First, since a watch tells a story, it showcases the wearer’s style and personality. As a result, wearing the wrong watch will negatively impact your overall style. 

For instance, a flashy and tacky watch with a classic tuxedo will not look nice together. It will look out of place and clash awkwardly with the rest of your suit. Therefore, you should wear a timepiece that never overpowers your clothing and always works as a compliment.

You cannot wear a dress watch when you are hiking outdoors or going for a swim. A dress watch is not durable as an outdoor watch and can get damaged, so you require an outdoor timepiece. Meanwhile, wear a dive watch if you’re going for a swim.

Generally, a man should own at least three timepieces: a sports watch, a dress watch, and a casual watch. Holding these three types will give you enough flexibility to accessorize your outfits. 

In a perfect world, you can own every watch you can. While owning more than three timepieces is great, owning fewer could limit your style possibilities. 

Different Types of Watches a Man Should Own

Casual Watch

how many watches should a man own

The primary wristwatch every man should own is a casual everyday watch or a beater watch. It is a timepiece that complements your regular attire and works well for your daily activities. 

Casual watches go well with almost every outfit because simple timepieces are not completely occasion-specific. You can wear any watch — gold or silver watch, mechanical or digital, made of plastic or metal, with a rubber or leather band — as a casual timepiece.

So, you must thoroughly research your options because it’s likely to be the watch you wear the most. Doing this will also help you choose anything that goes with your casual wear.

Sports Watch

Sports watches offer a lot of advantages. For instance, a high-quality sports watch can be helpful in your workout routine. Many of them include GPS features, which you can use to monitor your exercise and sleeping habits. 

Moreover, it gives you access to your preferred virtual assistant and sends alerts to your smartphone. Some even control connected home appliances.

If you exercise, run, or hike, consider owning a solid and reliable sports watch. These smartwatches also act as everyday watches, another reason to add to your watch collection.  

Dress Watch

Dress watches are elegant timepieces and essential watches that you should own. A luxurious dress watch works best for formal settings. However, leather-strap watches are frequently the ideal dress watch that flawlessly complements the style of a man in a tux. 

Even if a black leather strap is traditional, you can still get creative and experiment with other hues, including brown or white. Even better, think of wearing timepieces with easily interchangeable leather straps.

The classic dress watches feature a leather strap, a sleek precious metal casing, and a clean dial face. So, know that aesthetics is an essential factor in a dress watch. Timekeeping comes in second.

You can also accessorize the watch by wearing jewelry such as a bracelet. But before doing that, remember that you must first understand how to style the said jewelry properly. 

Other Timepieces To Add To Your Watch Collection

If you are a watch collector and want to add some fascinating timepieces to your watch collection, consider buying the ff.:

Dive Watch

Dive watches were initially designed for people who are often surrounded by water. But just like dress watches, the regulations for diver watches have been slightly altered.

Nowadays, many wear diver watches for their aesthetic appeal and practicality due to their toughness and distinctive appearance. A nice-fitting diver watch can look fantastic when worn with a rough outfit, such as a leather jacket and jeans. 

In addition, what makes a diving watch stand out from the rest is its utility. There are many features that diver watches have that other watches lack. For instance, the most prominent feature is that they are waterproof and capable of withstanding various underwater pressures.

Chronograph Watch

Another watch you should consider buying is a chronograph watch. These timepieces have a particular function: tracking two events simultaneously, determining your average speed, and measuring your heart rate. 

Additionally, certain chronographs contain telemeter features, which tell you how close an event is that you can see or hear. Amazingly, despite having all these intricate features, these clocks can still tell the time accurately.

Moreover, they are regarded as luxury timepieces, serving as status symbols. But, the timepieces’ superior craftsmanship more than justifies their astronomical cost. Such watches are valuable because of their high resale prices and many years of use.

Finally, they are quite aesthetically pleasing and multi-purpose. You can use them for aviation, car racing, and naval operations.

Luxury Watch

Luxury timepieces are essential fashion accessories that help you seem and feel chic; thus, they will never go out of style. 

High-end timepieces can accommodate the most refined tastes, making them worth buying. Nothing is more pleasant than wearing a watch that reflects your style, which you can only achieve by purchasing high-end watches from reputable manufacturers like Rolex or Patek Philippe.

The second justification for purchasing a luxury watch is its longevity, which might cost more than most watch brands. These watches are made of high-quality materials, so they will last a long time, even with frequent use.

Final Thoughts

how many watches should a man own

A man should choose the best watch individually because what suits one person’s style may not fit another. 

For instance, a tool watch would be handy if you are a hobbyist. Tool watches such as a GMT watch work great if you are a traveler. It allows you to see what time it is in your hometown and your current location.

Even if you are modest, having multiple watches will help you put together a variety of styles. You can win the accessory game by wearing just one gold watch with leather bands.  

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