Do Tudor Watches Hold Value?

Tudor watches are becoming a more common and comprehensive watch brand to invest in. In addition to having well-made watches, the company has a rich history and a compelling tale to share. However, do Tudor watches hold value?

Since in-house movements operate Tudor watches and have very well-made designs, they are also popular as beginner watches. These are also suitable for experienced collectors wishing to invest in a timepiece that will keep its value. 

However, several other factors influence how much a Tudor watch is worth. Keep reading to know more about why you should invest in Tudor watches.

So, Do Tudor Watches Hold Value?

Tudor is a luxury watch brand, and their watches are high-end goods. Therefore, their worth will continue to increase with time.

However, you must know the price point at which you purchased the watch. It is crucial since it will maintain its worth whether you bought it brand-new at a discount or used it at market price. Your purchase would also lose value if you paid MSRP or even more for some models.

Additionally, you should know that Tudor doesn’t make all their watches similarly. Below are some factors that affect the value of Tudor watches.: 

4 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Tudor Watch

1. Supply and Demand

The so-called scarcity principle is one of the critical determinants of whether it will hold its value. This principle indicates that people are willing to pay extra to own an item in high demand. Additionally, the timepiece’s price will increase even more if more people are interested in buying it.

Due to the high demand for watches from collectors and investors, the most difficult to find tend to fetch the highest prices. This demand means that if you obtain a valuable Tudor watch, its value will undoubtedly hold, if not rise.

Moreover, luxury watches of this caliber are often scarce due to the production process’s difficulty. For instance, the movement and crystal are fitted, the dial and hands are set, and the entire timepiece is hand-assembled at Tudor’s factory, even if they may produce only some movements for their watches. 

As a result, a Tudor watch’s worth is already starting at a respectable level.

2. Market Price

There are a few points to keep in mind when examining the pricing on the used market. For example, authorized Tudor retailers must adhere to the suggested retail price. Tudor also charges a fair fee for their timepieces that accounts for the product’s future value.

Moreover, the pricing on the used market comes next. The price the market is willing to pay also determines the value of a pre-owned Tudor watch.

Therefore, the Tudor company’s price policies must be adhered to by authorized Tudor dealers. The more closely a pre-owned watch is priced to its retail value, the better its value retention.

3. Watch Condition

If you want to sell a Tudor watch for good money, it must be in excellent condition. For instance, a Tudor watch with minimal evidence of wear will be more valuable than one worn regularly.

The value of a watch may also reduce if there is noticeable wear and tear. However, remember that timepieces are meant to be worn. Few people purchase a timepiece purely for aesthetic purposes.

4. Popularity

The Tudor brand is quite popular, and the popularity of the models is one factor that affects the value of Tudor watches.

These watches are not produced equally to other timepieces. Although very well-liked, the Rolex and Tudor brands have yet to surpass each other in popularity and desirability.

In light of this, not every Tudor watch will be able to retain the same amount of value. Some will deteriorate far more quickly than others. Therefore, it is crucial to look for the most well-known Tudor watch models since these are the ones that will hold their worth the longest.

Is Tudor Watch a Good Investment?

Rolex’s sister business, Tudor, is usually brought up in the same conversations as their older sibling, Rolex. However, many Rolex enthusiasts also look into Tudor and wonder whether Tudor watches are a wise purchase. 

We typically only advocate purchasing watches as investments unless you want to switch them. Still, we appreciate the need to have the security that, should the unexpected occur, you may sell your luxury purchase for more than you paid.

Furthermore, we consider not all Tudor watches a wise investment, even though they retain their worth if purchased at the correct price.

To summarize, a Tudor watch is not a wise investment because it loses value over time. In the first three years, a Tudor watch often loses up to 60% of its value.

You might be disappointed to learn that almost all Tudor watches will lose value over time if you intend to purchase one to sell for a profit in a few months or years.

Therefore, if you own a vintage Tudor watch, someone looking for a Tudor watch will simply go to a Tudor store and get a brand-new Tudor watch rather than a more expensive second-hand watch.

5 Vintage Tudor Watches You Should Invest In

1. Vintage Tudor Submariner Watches

The Submariners unmistakably influence the Tudor Submariner from Rolex. Still, it also has features demonstrating a steady evolution into a more distinctive brand. One example is the snowflake hands that marked a clear departure from the Rolex style. 

Additionally, the so-called MilSub models, provided to the French National Navy (the Marine Nationale), are among the most renowned Tudor Submariners and may be distinguished by their blue dials and bezels.

2. Snowflake Vintage Watches

Watch collectors and enthusiasts use the word “Snowflake” to refer to the Tudor Submariner watch with reference numbers 7016/0, 7021/0, 9104/0, and 9411/0 manufactured from 1969 to 1975 (except for some reissued models). 

With their distinctive handwriting and square hour markings, they stand out.

Moreover, Tudor gave these timepieces to the Marine Nationale (the French Navy), who later served as tool watches for the French Armed Forces. 

Tudor also marketed the Snowflake Submariner as a more affordable alternative to the Submariners made by Rolex. Despite being primarily a diver’s watch, it was stylish enough for everyday use. 

3. Tudor Black Bay 58

Tudor Black Bay models are one of the most popular dive watches. You might wonder if the Tudor Black Bay 58 holds some of its value, given that it costs over USD 3700. In contrast to its competitors, the Tudor Black Bay fifty-eight is renowned for maintaining its worth reasonably well.

This watch model also has a self-winding mechanical movement and a domed sapphire crystal. With this particular model, there is a great demand for the timepiece but a small supply available. 

Fortunately, this watch will likely retain its value over time. Unless you purchase it with one of the discontinued ETA variants, the value of this watch is likely to stay the same.

4. Legendary Tudor Chronographs

The Tudor chronographs are the second most famous vintage series. The Tudor Home Plate, rapidly updated and reintroduced as the Tudor Monte Carlo, served as the catalyst for everything in 1970. 

Meanwhile, the Monte Carlo, which stands out from Rolex watches with its extravagant and daring dial designs, is very well-liked by collectors of classic Tudor watches. 

The company recently debuted the Big Block chronographs, which resemble the Rolex Daytona replicas but feature various movements and dial designs.

5. Tudor Black Bay GMT

With the manufacturing of Caliber MT5652, Tudor incorporated world-time features into the Black Bay. The GMT version has a 70-hour power reserve and runs more precisely than many other chronometer-tested watches. However, it also offers multiple options to set the time displays.

Moreover, the Black Bay GMT’s case back is substantial and sturdy. Since the Tudor Black Bay GMT is on the chunky side, the wearing experience will vary based on the size of your wrists.


Do Tudor Watches Hold Value

Almost anything you purchase from a retailer in a store will lose value over time. Having said that, if you buy a Tudor watch from the used market, someone else will have already taken most or all of the depreciation. 

Choosing vintage or modern Tudor watches can be wise if you want a Tudor timepiece but don’t want to save money.

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