Do Tag Heuer Watches Hold Their Value?

Whether you’re searching for a new watch or the perfect present for someone special, a Tag Heuer wristwatch is worth considering. You might also wonder, “Do Tag Heuer watches hold their value?”

Tag Heuer manufactures tens of thousands of products. The watch brand makes quartz watches far less expensive than watches with mechanical movements. They also use movements similar to those of a standard Seiko or Citizen.

However, do Tag Heuer watches hold their value? Are they worth investing in? Read this article to find out! 

History of Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer’s history is one of the most influential Swiss watch brands.

The Swiss company was founded in 1860 and has been a vital contributor to the advancement of watchmaking’s precision and performance. Additionally, it was initially known as Heuer and renamed TAG Heuer in 1985 after the TAG Group acquired majority ownership in the business.

Edouard Heuer used to make silver pocket watches in the early days when Heuer was merely a workshop. Soon, it swiftly evolved into a business. In 1864, Edouard established its Brugg headquarters. 

In 1867, Edouard relocated its corporate headquarters to Bienne, where it remained until ultimately relocating to its current location.

So, Do Tag Heuer Watches Hold Their Value?

Many watch models increase their value over time, and brands like Rolex, Audemars Piguet, and Patek Philippe are excellent at doing this. 

However, these are a few of the most reputable luxury companies. The TAG Heuer brand produces high-quality timepieces. But generally speaking, they fall short of the standards the brands mentioned above.

Usually, TAG Heuer timepieces lose value with time. A TAG Heuer watch usually loses value between 10 and 20% annually for the first three years. The value then begins to stabilize. 

However, vintage TAG Heuer watches make an exception. These watches are still valuable and can even increase in value.

3. Reasons Why TAG Heuer Watches Hold Value

1. Crafted from precious or semi-precious materials 

A watch made of gold or another precious metal will naturally be worth more than timepieces made of lower-grade materials.

2. At the hands of shifting consumer trends 

The desirability of a watch is another crucial issue to take into account. Some timepieces are collector’s items, and their value may increase over time.

3. Features solid internal mechanisms 

Their ability to keep good time and be dependable is another factor in their ability to hold a good value. This factor also entails that they might be marketed as working timepieces when other watches merely malfunction.

Thus, luxury timepieces like TAG Heuer are more likely to retain their worth over time due to the high quality and costly materials used to make them. Another reason TAG timepieces will maintain their value is that they are dependable and keep accurate time.

Ultimately, though, how well you take care of your TAG watch and the model you choose will determine whether or not it retains its worth.

Is Tag Heuer a Luxury Watch?

The watch brand TAG Heuer is not regarded as a luxury one. It manufactures expensive, high-quality watches but is not considered a luxury watch company because they outsource its movement. 

TAG Heuer is, in most regards, a luxury watch brand outside of the movement.

Moreover, a watch must adhere to specific requirements to qualify as a premium watch brand. The first is the “sense of luxury,” frequently derived from the brand’s name and price. Other examples include using unusual materials and a movement created internally.

When TAG Heuer advertised that they had created their movement—which turned out to be a movement from Seiko—they found themselves in hot water.

Even though Seiko creates excellent movements, TAG Heuer does not always craft their movements. Therefore, they are ineligible to sell luxury watches.

In addition to the movement, TAG Heuer also uses rare and superior materials. They frequently use sapphire crystals for the watch faces because they are the most outstanding available alternative. They also add diamonds or 18K gold to their timepieces.

How to Find the Right Value of a Tag Heuer Watch

The best way to determine the worth of vintage watches is to speak with a horologist or jewelry expert. These experts can advise you on any repairs or upkeep needed to keep it in excellent condition because they have received training in various watch evaluation techniques.

On the present market, Tag Heuer watches tend to only have a primary model value of $150 to $250, with scarce limited edition mint watches selling for significantly more to passionate collectors. 

Furthermore, watch models with more intricate movements or many functions, like their chronographs and diving watches, can fetch a few thousand dollars at the market. You can also find the watch’s serial number on the back of the watch case. 

If you need clarification on which Tag you’ve got, you can compare it to the list of verified Tag Heuer watches. To find out if you have an authentic Tag and what year it was created, you can also get in touch with the company and ask them to check their archived inventory.

Selling a Tag Heuer Watch

There are several options available today when selling a timepiece. The most common options for selling watches are straight to jewelers, online platforms, and auctions.

However, you might sell the watch more quickly if you sell it yourself rather than looking for a specialist dealer to buy it. Examples of such retailers are eBay, Etsy, and specialty watch resellers. 

Additionally, you can find a buyer who needs to be more knowledgeable about the current market and is prepared to pay a premium price. You could also sell it on your own and make a higher profit. Meanwhile, if speed doesn’t matter, selling to a dealer is a better alternative.

In addition to being able to provide you with more details about the watch, they may often pay you more for damaged timepieces that other individuals would rather avoid purchasing.

5 Tag Heuer Watches You Should Invest In

1. TAG Heuer Carrera Plasma Tourbillon Nanograph (Reference XCBN5A90.FC8315)

(Source: Tag Heuer)

In 2015, TAG Heuer introduced its first tourbillon timepieces. In 2019, the brand modified a version of the movement known as the Nanograph to integrate the nanograph in-house (through LVMH) hairspring technology.

Moreover, an anodized aluminum makes the Carrera Plasma Tourbillon case, which is then embellished with 48 sizable diamonds. The black DLC coating gives a significant amount of scratch resistance to the sandblasted casing. 

After the case-coating procedure, the diamonds are either covered or later wiped off. The tachymeter bezel is made of black ceramic, another scratch-resistant material, to increase durability further.

2. TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 02 Automatic Chronograph

(Source: Tag Heuer)

A 12-hour chronograph and date complication are hallmarks of the Heuer 02 movement. TAG produced the Heuer 02 movement to fit some of their most iconic watches. 

With this invention, TAG could advance its watchmaking skills and compete with other well-known brands.

Furthermore, the mechanical movement is graceful and athletic. Cote de Genève striping, a skeletonized black rotor with red engraved inscriptions, and a carefully brushed finish give it a great finishing touch. 

Moreover, the movement, a 4Hz caliber, beats at 28,800 VPH. It has a fantastic power reserve of almost 80 hours and has 39 jewels.

One of this watch’s standout characteristics is its split-tone scratch-resistant ceramic bezel, which is black on the top and almost cobalt blue on the bottom. The 24-hour indicators on the bezel are carved all over it.

3. TAG Heuer Formula 1 Calibre 16 Automatic Chronograph

(Source: Tag Heuer)

The 43mm wide case of the TAG Heuer Formula 1 Caliber 16 Chronograph is highly unique. It features alternating mirror polished and satin finishes on the carrure, which creates a relatively excellent and well-balanced combination. 

They offer four variations of the model, three with anthracite dials and one with an innovative contrast of orange detail on a black canvas. The watch also has large dimensions and solid, masculine lines. Another feature of this watch is its massive 44mm diameter, which can be too big for certain people.

4. TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 12 Final Edition

do tag heuer watches hold their value
(Source: Tag Heuer)

In 1969, Tag Heuer released Monaco in automatic and manual models with blue, gray, and black dials. 

It was phased out in less than ten years but returned in 1997 under the reference CS2110. It is worthwhile to consider incorporating Monaco into your collection because it is currently more famous than ever.

The Calibre 12 is superbly polished and features a Cotes de Genève striping design that rides vertically along the weighted automated winding rotor. 

You can also see two rounded triangles with skeletonized sides on the rotor. It bears engravings of the TAG Heuer wordmark, “Calibre 12,” and “SWISS MADE” in black paint. Perlage, a brushed design in a circle, is used on other plates in the movement.

Only 1000 of these unique Tag watches are available throughout the entire world.

5. TAG Heuer Aquaracer Bamford Professional 300 Limited Edition collaboration

do tag heuer watches hold their value
Source: Tag Heuer

The most recent project of this kind between the cutting-edge Swiss company and the renowned British watch-personalization business is the TAG Heuer Aquaracer Bamford Limited Edition. 

In 2018, the two businesses worked together for the first time to create the TAG Heuer Monaco Bamford, which was a phenomenal success. The Aquaracer Bamford Limited Edition is a dependable, professional tool watch with eye-catching titanium construction and striking orange accents. 

Moreover, the design philosophy of TAG Heuer and Bamford Watch Department is ideally suited to this timepiece, which is a brand-new and thrilling representation of that.

Since it is hypoallergenic and corrosion-resistant, the lightweight and incredibly durable titanium metal is also commonly employed in producing sporting goods. 

Additionally, it is fitting that the new Aquaracer, a timepiece renowned for being durable enough to confront any task, was made of this fashionable and adaptable material.


do tag heuer watches hold their value

Tag Heuers and other historic luxury timepieces can be an excellent investment for future family heirlooms. Even while these watches might not generate significant profits in the years following their sale, the people who wear them can nonetheless experience tremendous satisfaction.

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