Cheap Men’s Watches That Look Expensive

cheap mens watches that look expensive

Expensive watches are truly mesmerizing, both in terms of price and materials. In fact, as of writing (June 2021), the most expensive watch ever recorded is the Graff Diamonds Hallucination. Luxury at its finest, the quartz watch was priced at $55 million! But it’s a misconception in the watch industry that a watch needs to … Read more

Swarovski Watches Review

swarovski watches review

When you hear or read the word “Swarovski,” what can you think of? Jewelry? Crystals? Or watches? What if we combine all these three? Wouldn’t it be a perfect match for women who love fashion and those who want to make a strong impression? If you’re interested in finding the best feminine watch with Swiss-made … Read more

Best Chronograph Watch Under $200


Did you know how chronograph watches were invented?  In the year 1821, King Louis XVII commissioned his watchmaker to create the first-ever timepiece that could time horse races. And so, the chronograph watches were born! This invention revolutionized the timing of sports events all around the world.  Since then, the chronograph has come a long … Read more

Best Women’s Waterproof Watches


Women’s participation in watersports activities has risen over the years.  Along with this trend, trips to the beach, outdoor swimming, and coastal walking also increased up to 10.1 million, 3.2 million, and 7.7 million, respectively, shared by a group of marine bodies. These water sports and activities are a brilliant way to relax, stay fit, … Read more

Best Entry Level Luxury Watch


Owning a luxury watch signifies a celebration, it could be to mark an important milestone in our lives. And when it comes to cherishing memories that we associate with valuable timepieces, longevity is key. After all, the watch carries with it precious memories that can be passed down to future generations.  The exceptional quality of … Read more

Best Automatic Watches Under 200


Some people love automatic watches, and what’s great about this kind of timepiece is that they don’t need batteries to operate. Automatic watches or self-winding watches get the energy from the gesture or movement of the wearer, making manual winding unnecessary if worn enough. This means that since there is no battery, it has an … Read more

Best Luxury Watches Under $1000


Luxurious watch brands may have been affected by the first global lockdown, but they have adjusted to the new consumer priorities and demands. And the top brand in Q4 2020 in terms of revenue? Still, Rolex! This is according to LaunchMetrics’ Data Watch Report. Collectors, high-income earners, and bored and curious newcomers who did not … Read more

Best Seiko Watches Of All Time


Who does not love owning a good wristwatch? Aside from keeping you punctual during a date or a meeting, watches are also functional and they signal your sense of style. It’s a form of self-expression! And one of the most popular watch brands in the world today is Seiko. For years, it has consistently delivered … Read more