Movado Vs Bulova Watches – Which Is Better?

Movado vs Bulova watches

Movado and Bulova are two of the most popular American watch brands nowadays. These two have been releasing varied and beautiful watches since their inception.  Movado watches are known for their unique design of a single dot at 12 o’clock while for Bulova watches, their proud symbol is the tuning fork. Such symbolizes the revolutionary … Read more

Best Movado Watches For Men

best Movado watches for men

There are plenty of watch brands for men to choose from nowadays and one name that’s taking the prime spots on men’s wrists this year is the Movado. Movado watches are recognized for their legendary design of a single dot at 12 o’clock, which symbolizes the sun at high noon. Some versions of this Movado … Read more

Best High Tech Watches – Top 9 Options

best high tech watches

Watches have come a long way from their early origins as men’s and women’s accessories.  After a lot of adjusting and tinkering, watches that were once carried in pockets or pinned onto dresses can now do more than just telling time and date. Smartwatches, in particular, benefit humankind in various ways, like checking time in … Read more

Best Vintage Watch for Under $300

best vintage watch for under 300

The vintage watch market still holds value to today’s watch collectors. In fact, vintage pieces can look more dated or modern as you prefer because of the trend towards vintage-inspired watches that combined the trend of the Swiss watch industry. So, if you’re new to watch collecting or would love to buy your first vintage … Read more

Best Vintage Watch Under $500

best-vintage watch under 500

Watches are interesting accessories to shop for. They occupy a space between art, fashion, and engineering. Vintage watches, in particular, are unique pieces of history. They have a character of their own – something that mass-produced modern men’s and women’s watches lack most of the time. And if you do your research well, you may … Read more

Best Garmin Watch for Ultra Running

Best Garmin Watch for Ultra Running

Many brands produce excellent and functional GPS running watches, such as the apple watch or the apple watch series.  However, when it comes to the best GPS watches with excellent battery life, Garmin is at the top of the category. So, we gathered some of the best Garmin watches for ultra running. Since 2003, the … Read more

Bulova Marine Star Chronograph Review

Bulova Marine Star Chronograph Review

The Bulova Marine Star is a well-acclaimed collection that offers a wide range of chronograph timepieces with a dive watch’s design.  Since it was founded in New York City and bought by Citizen over a decade ago, this brand has been recognized in the market and this chronograph collection can handle considerable depths. Not to … Read more

Best Swiss Dive Watch Under $1000

Best Swiss Dive Watch Under $1000

Some watch enthusiasts may be willing to invest in luxurious and various timepieces as the newest addition to their beloved collection.  However, not everyone can afford high-end dive watches, let alone spend several thousand to hundreds of bucks. Therefore, we searched for some of the best swiss dive watches under $1000. A Swiss-made timepiece is … Read more

Best Vintage Pocket Watch

best vintage pocket watch

How much money have you spent and are still planning to spend on collecting wristwatches? A lot, probably, right?  How about buying something horological that is a little less financially demanding but you still get the same intellectual and elegant sartorial pleasure of watch ownership? Yes, we’re talking about a pocket watch. You may be … Read more

Best Casio Vintage Watch

best casio vintage watch

Casio is probably one of the well-loved watch brands by watch enthusiasts, functional wearers, hipsters, and casual hobbyists.  In fact, the brand lounges in the spotlight on the wrists of Kristen Stewart, American rapper Tyler, the Creator, and George Clooney. And these aren’t even just the normal A-list celebrities.  Stewart wears a less bashful LA11WB-1 … Read more