Best Seiko Dress Watches


You have probably heard about Seiko and even own one. Well, it’s because Seiko has already established itself as one of the best watch brands in the market.  Seiko is a globally recognized and trusted brand for quality timepieces. They offer a tremendous collection of different types of watches from dress watches, dive watches, quartz … Read more

Best Thin Watches for Women

Best Thin Watches for Women

A watch is one of the most timeless pieces and important staples that any woman should own in their wardrobe.  However, for women with very thin wrists, the search for the perfect watch that fits right for your small size can be difficult. Luckily, the market offers a wide variety of options for you to … Read more

Lucien Piccard History

lucien piccard history

Lucien Piccard watches may not be as popular as Seiko, Rolex, or Swiss Legend but back in the day, many movie stars and aristocrats wore their devices with style and pride. Their watches were favored for their precision and they were not also too pricey. And even up to today, the Swiss brand continues to … Read more

Akribos Watch Review – Are They Any Good?

Akribos watch review

Akribos (also known as Akribos XXIV) may be a new brand in the watch industry but it is definitely making a splash because of its affordable and reliable timepieces.  This American watch company derived its name from a Greek word, meaning “Precise,” “Dear,” or “Beloved,” and the Roman numerals XXIV symbolizes 24 hours in a … Read more

Best Looking Dive Watch Under $1000

A watch is one of the most important fashion staples that any person should own. However, if you’re a diver or someone who simply enjoys doing water activities, a dive watch is a good investment and addition to your wardrobe. Dive watches are timepieces and owning a good one allows you to enjoy and focus … Read more

Best Looking Dive Watch Under $500

Best Looking Dive Watch Under $1000

First manufactured in 1950, a professional dive watch is an essential piece of equipment to any type of diver, with its main purpose to keep track of time and monitor how much remaining oxygen supply they have. Over time, its unique design, aesthetics, functionality, and durability are not only used for water sports activities but … Read more

Best Field Watch Under $200

best field watch under 200

Field watches were originally designed for militaries in the trenches during World War I. But today, they continue to be popular because they are simple in design, lightweight, and are often shock-resistant that you get to wear when you’re out on a hike, getting to work, or training in the gym. The best field watches … Read more

Best Watches For Police Officers

best watches for police officers

Police officers usually have demanding and tough jobs that require a lot of physical activity. As such, they need a timepiece that can stand up to the challenge of their profession. Not only does such a tactical watch need to be waterproof or durable, but it also needs to be very easy to read and … Read more

Best Watch For Hunting And Fishing

best watch for hunting and fishing

For any sport or activity, whether you’re hunting or fishing, you want to make sure that you’re equipped with the right accessories and tools. Some of these tools may just be for convenience, but others are crucial to improve your performance. Whether you do hunting or fishing as a hobby or professionally, you can find … Read more