Cartier Watch Service Cost

If you own a Cartier watch, you should know that it is essential to service it. Servicing your luxury watch from a good watchmaker ensures maintaining its longevity, value, and performance.

However, you might wonder about the cost of a watch service, especially if you own a luxurious timepiece from a Paris-based company. In this article, we will talk about the service cost of a Cartier watch. 

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About Cartier Watch

Cartier is one of the most famous watch brands, founded in 1847 by Louis François Cartier. This high-end luxury company is known for crafting exceptional watches and jewelry. 

Additionally, it has a rich history, and many celebrities and athletes wear it. Cartier watches come in various models and is available in multiple colors. Even though they are pretty durable, there will come a time when you will have to opt for a Cartier watch repair service. 

Cartier Watch Service Cost

Cartier offers two of the most popular services: battery service and complete watch service. Below is a detailed guide on the service cost of a Cartier timepiece:

Maintenance ServiceServiceUS Dollars
AverageComplete Service$385-$450
ChronographComplete Service$400-$450
MechanicalComplete Service$415
QuartzComplete Service$375
Battery Replacement$40-$90

Battery Service

The battery replacement cost varies according to the watch’s movement and model. Moreover, different types offer various services and carry movements that demand different kinds of care. 

Consequently, the price of a Cartier battery servicing might range from $40 to $95. Your Cartier watch won’t generally require a complete disassembly if it has a quartz mechanism. Possibly, the secondhand needs a new battery if it ticks oddly or has stopped working. 

Any watchmaker familiar with Cartier watches can do a quick battery change for you. 

What Does the Battery Service Include?

The battery service includes back case opening, battery checks, simple battery replacement, case sealing etc. Your timepiece needs a battery service to stay functional. It won’t maintain time effectively without a periodic battery replacement and may eventually stop.

Cartier Complete Watch Service

Generally, a complete Cartier service starts at around $385. For a timepiece by Cartier, the service starts from $450. A quart-powered watch will cost you about $45 to $100. Getting a complete service every five years is recommended. 

The cost of their battery service to have the battery in your quartz movement watch replaced is about $60. Depending on the timepiece you choose, prices may vary.

If the price appears costly, remember that it represents the prestige of the brand, the use of premium materials, and the skilled labor of its expert watchmakers.

Cartier’s extravagant and frequently diamond-studded timepieces are made from pricey and long-lasting materials like rose, yellow, or white gold. These materials are less likely to scratch or break than cheaper components, including mineral glass, used in less expensive timepieces.

Another reason the Cartier service cost is considered costly is the watch casing is made of scratch-resistant sapphire, which is far more durable than mineral glass and extremely difficult to shatter. 

What Does the Complete Service Include?

A Cartier professional will check your watch numerous times as part of a comprehensive watch service to ensure it is in proper working order. Then, they will disassemble the watch, repair the movement, and clean and polish the case and bracelet. 

Finally, they will conduct further inspections to test the watch’s functionality before it is reassembled. Please remember that you will be required to pay an extra price to get any repair parts for your Cartier watch. 

You will also need to pay for additional features that a skilled watchmaker finds broken or defective, such as the metal bracelet, crystal face, dial, hands, or leather strap, and the standard service charge.

How Much Does a Complete Cartier Watch Service Cost?

The cost of watch repairs and servicing will depend on the Cartier models. Here is a breakdown of the different types of Cartier watches and their service cost:

Automatic and Mechanical Watches

The total servicing cost for automatic and mechanical watches is around $415. The Tank Solo and Tank Cintree are Cartier watch with mechanical movements. 

Quartz Watches

Cartier servicing for quartz watches will cost you from $45 to $100. Their servicing cost is low because they are powered by a battery and have few parts compared to automatic and mechanical watches.

Chronograph Watches

Cartier also produces stopwatch-capable chronograph watches, which are operated by automatic movement. Numerous chronograph watches will have additional features to the stopwatch, like a pulsometer or telemeter. A Cartier chronograph watch typically costs $450 to service.

Should I Invest In a Cartier Watch Service?

Although Cartier watches are built to last, they require maintenance and repair every few years. However, if you take proper care of your timepiece and believe it is in good functioning condition, you can extend its useful life.

Specific Cartier models must maintain the best possible condition if you want to buy them as an investment. In this situation, it’s crucial to keep your watch in the best possible condition and wear it for the advised time.

Luxury watches generally require maintenance every single time. It’s a good idea to have it serviced sometimes. Additionally, the value of your watch will undoubtedly outweigh the few extra dollars you spend on high-quality servicing.

How Often Should I Service My Cartier Watch?

Your watch needs servicing if you want it to last for many years. You are undoubtedly purchasing one of the most expensive fashion goods on the market when you purchase a Cartier. 

Given their expensive metal composition and exclusive brand motions, you’ll want to catch the damage early. For a complete service, the brand recommends servicing it every five years. However, this amount might change. 

If you use your watch daily, you may want to consider servicing it before the five-year mark. You should send your watch in for service when you realize it is running too slowly or quickly or when you want it to feel brand-new once more.

It would be best if you opted for a battery service every two to three years. A high-quality watch should typically last between seven and ten years in various circumstances. 

A high-quality watch might last longer, depending on how its owner cares for it. The majority of watch brands last longer than what the company typically claims. Moreover, it will most likely function for ten years or more if you don’t do anything and provide no servicing or maintenance. 

Tips for Maintaining Your Cartier Watch

Below are some tips you can follow to take care of your Cartier watch:

1. To prevent damaging the watch, avoid wearing it when engaging in strenuous activities like sports.

2. Avoid exposing your watch to magnets for an extended period because it could harm the movement.

3. Do not forget to take off your watch when going to sleep. Wearing it while you sleep puts it at risk of injury.

4. Avoid going to places where the humidity or temperature can drastically change when wearing your Cartier watch.

Cost to Repair a Watch Strap

Standard leather replacement straps starts at $350. However, the price to replace a strap varies depending on the watch type and material.

Cartier offers an extensive collection of timepieces, many of which have lovely straps rather than metal bracelets. Moreover, standard Cartier leather straps should remain in good condition for up to a year. 

Although a repair is not required, it is usual to change your watch strap to preserve your timepiece in optimal condition. The typical lifespan of a Cartier regular strap is between six and twelve months when used commonly.

How Long Does It Take to Service a Cartier Watch?

A complete watch service will require you for about three to five weeks. It all depends on where you choose to get it serviced and the condition of your watch. However, it might take longer if some parts are missing and need replacement. 

If you need battery or strap replacement, your watchmaker will get those done on the same day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Cartier timepieces maintain their value? 

Cartier watches are commodities since they keep their value and appreciation over time, much like gold or silver. Due to their high demand and rarity, Cartier watches are resold at auctions for a premium price.

How long does the battery in a Cartier watch last?

The battery’s typical life lasts up to two to three years. You should take your watch to a Cartier boutique or authorized reseller to get the battery changed. Cartier advises against leaving an old battery inside your watch to avoid corrosion or oxidation.

What is the Cartier warranty period?

The Cartier watch is warranted against manufacturing defects for twenty-four (24) months from the day of purchase (the “Warranty Period”). With the launch of an expanded, eight-year guarantee for all watches, Cartier has now introduced Cartier Care, an online platform to improve customer assistance.


cartier watch service cost

If you own a Cartier timepiece or considering investing in one to add to your collection, it’s essential to have it serviced every once in a while. Having it serviced will maintain your watch’s value, longevity, and performance.  

We hope this article helped you understand Cartier watches and their services. 

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