Can Men Wear Women’s Watches?

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Caring about your appearance is important if you want to make a great first impression, and it often sets the tone for the following relationship. As a gentleman, you may want to be appropriately dressed, well put together, and look stylish. 

And one item that can help make you stand out is the watch. A watch can create and define your style, especially when you shake hands and hold the phone. 

But what if the watch you like is labeled for women? What do you do? Will you, as a gentleman, still proudly wear a women’s watch? 

In today’s post, I want to share with you the answer plus a list of women’s watches or unisex watches that you can wear without feeling that it threatens your masculinity. 

Here we go!

How To Tell Men’s Watches From Women’s Watches

Men’s watches are distinct from women’s watches because they have a masculine appeal. Even when worn on a woman’s wrist, a man’s watch is still a man’s.

Men’s watches generally have style differences from women’s watches, which is why some men buy from the women’s range. 

  • The wrist size – Men’s watches are more extensive than women’s timepieces. As long as the watch looks simple enough and can fit a man’s wrist, they would be encouraged to wear it.
  • The color – Men’s timepieces are more likely to come in plain or darker shades, while women’s watches are in softer colors, like paler leathers and rose gold.
  • The weight – Because of their delicate details, women’s timepieces are usually much less heavy and come in smaller sizes.
  • The dial – Ladies’ watches tend to be smaller in dials to match the smaller straps. This balance in design gives ladies’ watches a daintier look while men’s watches have a more dial design. 

A women’s watch tends to have more embellishments than a men’s watch.

  • The strap – Men’s watches have much thicker straps compared to women’s watches. Such difference makes men’s watches appear less delicate and a lot chunkier.

The overall look of women’s watches on men is that they have fewer unnecessary frills, oversized, and more functional features. 

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So, Can Men Wear Women’s Watches?

Yes, of course. Men can wear women watches. People should wear timepieces they want, what makes them happy, and what fits their style and wrist.

The women’s watches that could usually appeal to men checks some or all these boxes:

  • Looks sporty
  • Unique design without being overly flashy
  • Durable
  • Less maintenance
  • Fits their budget 
  • The dial displays simple hour indexes

Still, most men don’t want to wear women’s watches, even if some women want to wear men’s timepieces. The reason is that men wish to pure masculine things. Men wouldn’t often want to wear a wristwatch that appears feminine.

But for what it’s worth, no one will randomly look up on the wristwatch you’re wearing. So, you shouldn’t worry too much. 

Plus, it’s now easier for men to wear a ladies’ watch because many women’s watches have also grown in size. Micheal Kors, for instance, has plenty of women’s watch models that come in 42 mm diameter cases. You can also opt for a unisex watch because it can look manly on men and feminine on ladies.

Top Women’s Watches That Are Popular With Men

1. AGPTEK Smartwatch IP68 Waterproof Activity Tracker – Best Smartwatch for Men and Women

This AGPTEK Smartwatch is one of my favorites because it is a smartwatch and because it has a long battery life (can be used for 7 to 10 days, a whole month on standby time) – longer compared to other smartwatches within this price range.

Moreover, this women’s watch that men can wear is waterproof, so you can still wear it when washing your hand, and it is safe. Exposure to sweat and rain is also okay with its IP68 waterproof rating.

Another advantage of this women’s or men’s watch is that it comes with an advanced sensor for effective and accurate heart monitoring so you can better understand your health. 

I like its watch strap. It’s easy to install, and you can easily wipe away or clean it after exercising and then allow it to dry before putting it back again.

It has a setting for vibrating alert levels that you can use for work. Overall, this watch is incredible for its price. 

Get this AGPTEK Smartwatch IP68 Waterproof Activity Tracker here.

2. Nordgreen Native Scandinavian Rose Gold Watch – Best Minimalist Watch

Featuring straightforward time-telling mechanisms and simplistic design, this Nordgreen Native Scandinavian Rose Gold Watch is one of the best-looking ladies’ watches out there and something that can be worn by men too.

It offers excellent value with great functionality. It comes in 32mm size with scratch-resistant mineral glass, making the material heat-hardened so the glass’s surface won’t scratch or break easily.

Compared to other men’s watches or unisex watches, this Nordgreen Native Scandinavian Rose Gold Watch with Interchangeable Straps, this one is quite classy. The genuine leather band looks elegant too and is suitable for any purpose.

It’s a watch that meets functionality, precision, and aesthetic appeal. So, if you ask me, “Can men wear women’s watches?” the answer is yes with this ladies’ watch.

Get this Nordgreen Native Scandinavian Rose Gold Watch here.

3. Timex Expedition Digital Chrono Alarm Timer Watch – Best Budget Outdoor Watch

This ladies’ watch is suitable for men. Despite being smaller in size (aimed at the female audience), the design is also masculine enough, and you can even wear this if you go outdoors.

This 33-millimeter Timex watch also features an alarm, chronograph, and timer and is water-resistant. It has all the features you need for swimming, biking, hiking, and more! 

And because it has a chronograph feature, it automatically works as a watch and a stopwatch.

Remarkably, this timepiece tells the time accurately as well. With its 10-year battery life and water-resistant feature for up to 30 meters, this Timex Expedition Digital Chrono sports watch is something worth owning.

Get this Timex Expedition Digital Chrono Alarm Timer Watch Here.

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4. Michael Kors Pyper Three-Hand Stainless Steel Watch

The Michael Kors brand has been manufacturing many beautiful timepieces for people who want to appear stylish without breaking their bank. And that’s what exactly this Pyper three-hand stainless steel watch is.

As women’s watches tend to be more subtle on the wrist, this timepiece is also like that. It complements the rest of your style but is also something men can enjoy to express their personality, character, and passion.

Men and women wear this dress watch because it’s not girly – just simple and elegant. The iconic Pyper watch features a 38mm case, scratch-resistant mineral crystal glass, an 18mm band width, and a quartz movement with a three-hand analog display. This feature makes this timepiece more energy-efficient so that you can wear it for longer. 

Just like a woman wearing a man’s watch would feel comfortable in a timepiece if it suits her feminine style, a man is willing to wear a woman’s watch if they still look masculine. This Pyper watch is perfect – it has an innate sense of glamour and goes with every occasion.

Get this Michael Kors Pyper Three-Hand Stainless Steel Watch here.

5. OUPINKE Leather Tank Square Classic Watch

This woman’s watch is classy and professional but also suitable for men. First, I like that its rectangular shape. Few ladies’ watches designs are in that shape with a Roman numeral display.

The 7.9 inches band length makes it suitable for men, and the refined leather strap is breathable leather, making it comfortable on the wrist. As for the dial size, it’s a 24mm case diameter – not too small, and the numbers are easy to see.

Overall, the OUPINKE  Leather  Tank Square Classic Watch is worth buying as it can match any outfit.

Get this OUPINKE Leather Tank Square Classic Watch here

Final Words

The watch industry is in the business of celebrating personal style. People should wear whatever they want, whether in watches or clothing. As the saying goes, each to their own.

If you are a man and you want to buy watches from a woman’s section, there’s no reason why you should not. Just take time to consider if you will feel comfortable in it. 

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