Orvis Watch Reviews

Orvis watch reviews

If you’re the type of gent who loves fishing or going outdoors on an adventure rather than hanging out at home, you’ll need a functional, durable, and lightweight timepiece. In this article, we gathered some of the best Orvis Watch Reviews for you to choose from. Luckily, one brand that can match your adventurous lifestyle is … Read more

Rolex vs Cartier

rolex vs. cartier

Rolex and Cartier are two of the most well-known Swiss watchmakers in the world. Rolex is recognized for producing extremely high product quality, while Cartier is renowned for its impeccable sophistication, art influence, and quality.  But, which of the two watch brands do you think is the best? If you’re asking for advice on choosing … Read more

Seiko Women’s Solar Watch Review

seiko women's solar watch review

If you think solar watches appear more purpose-driven and are less stylish, then it’s likely you haven’t taken a look at some of the best solar-powered watches on the market nowadays. One of my favorites in the solar-powered watch categories is the Seiko Prospex Ladies Street Series Safari Solar Watch – SUT405P1. Its function and … Read more

Sekonda Watches Reviews

sekonda watches reviews

I’ve been collecting watches for about eight years, and I’ve noticed how my tastes have evolved over the past years. Many of the timepieces I’ve covered in this blog, like Bulova, Swarovski, Omega, and Victorinox, remain close to my heart. However, I’m now more drawn to watches with a story to tell, which makes me … Read more

Can Men Wear Women’s Watches?

can men wear women's watches

Caring about your appearance is important if you want to make a great first impression, and it often sets the tone for the following relationship. As a gentleman, you may want to be appropriately dressed, well put together, and look stylish.  And one item that can help make you stand out is the watch. A … Read more

Olivia Burton Watches Review

How did Olivia Burton mark its spot in the watch industry? It’s a pretty recent entrant. Then how it’s getting all the attention of women of all ages? Well, Olivia Burton is not just a watch brand! If you take an honest look, you’ll notice that it’s a watch brand for women by women. Who … Read more

What Wrist Do Women’s Watches Go On?

What Wrist Do Women's Watches Go On?

Everyone assumes it’s an obvious answer for the right wrist for women’s watches, “Women wear watches on the left wrist, no debate.” And if you choose to wear a watch on your right-hand side, it might appear awkward to people. But have you ever wondered how this came to be? Who made the rules, and … Read more

Best Moonphase Watches

best moonphase watches

People have been bewitched by the Moon ever since they lift their gaze into the night sky. Even long ago, our ancestors used the moon to keep track of time by counting how many and what kind of moon appeared. That’s why primitive lunar calendars were conceived because people were observing the cycle of the … Read more

Nixon Time Teller Review

Nixon Time Teller Review

Buying a new watch can sometimes feel like traveling to a new country, complete with its own culture, history, and language. And as you get to know this new territory, you may be unsure which watches for men are worth your attention.  Have no fear though, because you’re exactly in the right place if you … Read more

Best Thin Watches for Women

Best Thin Watches for Women

A watch is one of the most timeless pieces and important staples that any woman should own in their wardrobe. A watch is not only used for checking the time and date, but it can also complete an elegant outfit and add a bold statement to your look. However, for women with very thin wrists, … Read more