Best Garmin Watch for Ultra Running

Best Garmin Watch for Ultra Running

Many brands produce excellent and functional GPS running watches, such as the apple watch or the apple watch series.  However, when it comes to the best GPS watches with excellent battery life, Garmin is at the top of the category. So, we gathered some of the best Garmin watches for ultra running. Since 2003, the … Read more

Nixon Unit Watch Review


Watches have become so versatile over the decades. Different watch brands innovate from daily casual watches to more functional ones for leisure and recreational activities, be it fishing, camping, hiking, running, exercising, swimming, and other outdoor activities. One brand that offers sports and fitness watches is Nixon, an American brand founded in 1998. The founders … Read more

Best Military Watch Under $200

best military watch under 200

Military watches are far more than just functional fashion accessories. They represent the utmost tier of resilience and utility.  No wonder that survivalists and soldiers alike make tactical field timepieces as an essential part of their Every Day Carry (EDC), meaning the few items they carry on a daily basis. Even if you ask a … Read more

Best Women’s Watch Under $200

best womens watch under 200

Technology may have given us another way to track time, but wristwatches will never become obsolete.  Sure, their energy sources or forms may change, but they remain as timekeeping devices that are important in our everyday life. Some even consider wristwatches as collectibles, fashion items, or practical works of art, like skeleton watches. So, if … Read more

Best Luminox Watch

best luminox watch

Are you fascinated with Luminox watches? Well, we cannot blame you.  The California-based luxury watchmaker does have military-grade timepieces that are durable and of high quality.  The Luminox watches are known for thriving even in the toughest environmental conditions and their groundbreaking illumination technology works even without exposure to light. That means a constant glow … Read more

Luminox Watch Review

luminox watch review

Luminox is America’s iconic sports watch manufacturer. It has a fantastic reputation for durability and quality – so much so that it became the official watch provider of The United States Navy Sea, Air, and Land Teams (Navy SEALs). Not only that. The brand’s watches also feature borosilicate glass capsules on the hour markers and … Read more

Best Garmin Watch For Triathlon

Best Garmin Watch For Triathlon

Triathlon incorporates swimming, running, and biking all in one race. And if you’re craving for this challenge, you know that it takes dedicated weeks of training before you actually get to the race and that having the minimum gear is important. By gear, we don’t just mean your bike helmet, triathlon shorts, workout shirt, sunglasses, … Read more