Rolex Submariner Vs Rolex Datejust

Rolex Submariner Vs Rolex Datejust

Rolex is a reputable watchmaker in the watchmaking industry. The Rolex brand has a reputation for manufacturing outstanding, and eye-catching luxury watches packed with excellent models. Of the excellent models, Rolex Submariner and Rolex Datejust stand out owing to their mind-blowing features and designs. Both the Submariner and Datejust models are equal on the status … Read more

Where Are Rolex Watches Made?

where are rolex watches made

Rolex acquired the title of being one of the most renowned luxury timepiece manufacturers worldwide. However, it’s also notoriously secretive about its operations.  The watch brand is an iconic Swiss watchmaker, and the people who produce these timepieces are considered artists. These watchmakers blend design and science to create masterpieces of art. If you’re curious … Read more

How to Sell Rolex Watch

how to sell rolex watch

Rolex watches are one of the best pre-owned items to sell. While some pre-owned products diminish in value over time, Rolex timepieces are the opposite. They appreciate their value because of their exceptional quality, or they maintain it well. If you’re planning to sell your Rolex watch, you need to be smart about it. For … Read more

How to Properly Clean a Rolex Watch

how to properly clean a rolex watch

Rolex watches are designed to last a lifetime. However, built-up dirt will dull their look and cause the bracelet to stretch over the years. Condensation can form even on water-resistant Rolex timepieces when held underwater for an extended period. So, we created a complete guide on how to properly clean a Rolex watch. All these … Read more

How to Set Time On a Rolex Watch

how to set time on a rolex watch

Setting a Rolex watch is not difficult, but you may have to do it repeatedly (typically twice a year) to keep it in top shape. Therefore, we created a complete guide on how to set time on a Rolex watch. To avoid misalignment of date in the window and broken components floating around in your Rolex … Read more

Celebrities Who Wear Rolex

celebrities who wear rolex watches

What is it about celebrities who wear Rolex watches and their affinity for them? It seems like a rite of passage – become famous and then adorn one’s wrist with a Rolex. Whether it’s Paul Newman, Jennifer Lopez, Daniel Craig, or Kevin Hart, the list just goes on. There’s no denying that these celebrities got … Read more