How to Set a Moonphase Watch

how to set a moonphase watch

The moonphase watch is one of the most aesthetically pleasing complications in watchmaking. As the name suggests, the moonphase watch keeps track of the moon’s many phases as they change over its lunar cycle. This article will discuss everything you need to know about moon phase watches, their accuracy, and how to set them up.  … Read more

Swiss Moonphase Watches – Our Top Picks 

Swiss Moonphase Watches - Our Top Picks

As its name suggests, Swiss moon phase watches include a complication that tracks the moon’s phases. You can detect whether the moon is full, half, quarter, or new with a quick glimpse, as it serves as a moonphase indicator.  Despite being simple to read, moon phase watches are highly complicated on the inside. The moon … Read more

Gold Moonphase Watches – Our Top Picks

Gold Moonphase Watches - Our Top Picks

Gold moonphase watches have always been the pride of any watch enthusiast owing to their fantastic features, and various brands have continued to manufacture them over the years. These watches are known to have unique complications and are always coveted by any watch lover. They can also be skimmed and are designed with the most … Read more

How To Get Moon Phase On Apple Watch

how to get moon phase on apple watch

Do you want your Apple Watch to resemble a deep blue, starry sky? Do you love the aesthetic appeal and function of the moon phase complication? If you answer yes to both of these questions, you’ve come to the right place. Below, I share with you four easy ways how to get the moon phase … Read more

Quartz Moonphase Watches – Our Top Picks

Quartz Moonphase Watches - Our Top Picks

Unlike mechanical watches, which have to be self-wind, quartz moonphase watches are automatic as they can work anytime. It runs on a battery and a quartz crystal. They are more accurate than mechanical watches as they come with a crystal oscillator that produces a signal at an exact frequency. Its inner workings are not affected … Read more

Ladies Moonphase Watches – Top Options

ladies moonphase watches top options

It’s incredible how far watches have come from the earliest timekeeping devices, like the sundial and hourglass. This time, let’s shift our attention to the beautiful moonphase watches, how they came to be, and some of the top ladies’ moonphase watches nowadays. The History and Beauty of Moonphase Watches Lunar calendars were identified some 34,000 … Read more

Luxury Moonphase Watches – Our Top Picks

Luxury Moonphase Watches - Our Top Picks

Luxury timepieces with a moon phase display, more known as luxury moonphase watches, are reputed to be one of the most attention-drawing pieces. Over the years, various brands have continued to manufacture them to the pleasure of watch enthusiasts. Derived from astronomical clocks, they have a unique watch complication and do not cease to catch … Read more

Best Moonphase Watch Under 2000

best moonphase watch under 200

Timekeeping was born out of people’s desire to make sense of the movement of the constellations, the moon, and the sun. No wonder why watches equipped with a moon phase complication are growing in popularity, especially for collectors. So, if you’re among the people looking for watches that follow lunar cycles, we’ve got the list … Read more

Best Moonphase Watch Under 5000

Best Moonphase Watch Under 5000

Moon phase watches are a trend nowadays and they’re classic timepieces that one should invest in. If you’re a watch enthusiast, a moonphase watch is a piece that you should definitely add to your collection.  Before modern watches were discovered and produced, men used the moon’s lunar cycle or moon phases to determine the time … Read more