Cartier Watch Service Cost

cartier watch service cost

If you own a Cartier watch, you should know that it is essential to service it. Servicing your luxury watch from a good watchmaker ensures maintaining its longevity, value, and performance. However, you might wonder about the cost of a watch service, especially if you own a luxurious timepiece from a Paris-based company. In this … Read more

Best Watch Investment Under 2000

Best Watch Investment Under 2000

Just like the saying, “You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes,” it’s the same with women’s and men’s watches.  Some people wear expensive watches to express their style and refinement. Meanwhile, others wear digital watches to show their sense of adventure. Moreover, people who wear watches are usually seen as reliable … Read more

Grand Seiko Vs Rolex

Grand Seiko Vs Rolex

Rolex and Grand Seiko are two popular brands of wristwatches. These expensive watches are also well-known in the international watchmaking industry for their exceptional quality and features. But which of the two watches is superior? Rolex or Grand Seiko? We created an in-depth comparison of the Grand Seiko vs Rolex to find out which watch … Read more

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400 Vs 15500

audemars piguet royal oak 15400 vs 15500

Audemars Piguet is a brand at the forefront of innovation, watchmaking, and luxury. They even created their timepieces to make you fall in love with timekeeping. And among its most notable models are from the Royal Oak collection: the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400 Vs 15500. These timepieces have become design icons, and their popularity … Read more

Luxury Moonphase Watches – Our Top Picks

Luxury Moonphase Watches - Our Top Picks

Luxury timepieces with a moon phase display, more known as luxury moonphase watches, are reputed to be one of the most attention-drawing pieces. Over the years, various brands have continued to manufacture them to the pleasure of watch enthusiasts. Derived from astronomical clocks, they have a unique watch complication and do not cease to catch … Read more

Rolex 14060 Vs. 14060M

Rolex 14060 vs 14060M

Are you considering buying the Rolex Reference 14060 and wondering how different it is from the 14060m version? First, congratulations on being a few steps away from becoming a part of the exclusive community united by this excellent watch brand. Second, the “M” indicates a slightly updated movement on the Rolex watch. I don’t intend … Read more

Best Watches For Navy Suits

best watches for navy suits

Blue is a color that’s associated with clear skies, clean water, tranquility, truth, and power. No wonder men like it and are associated with blue or its shades, including navy. Even baby boys wear blue clothes and gentlemen wear navy blue suits during formal events and weddings. In case you’re wondering why – it’s because … Read more

Oris Vs. Tag Heuer

oris vs. tag heuer

Oris and Tag Heuer Carrera are legendary watch brands that produce luxury timepieces. Both have achieved outstanding reputations and successes in innovations, watchmaking art, and technology, making the Oris vs. Tag Heuer debate a complex topic to answer. So, if you want to know which is better among the two brands, you are on the … Read more

Best Protective Film For Rolex

best protective film for rolex

No matter how reasonable the function and performance of a Rolex watch or how high its price is, there are still factors that can impact its lifespan. Dust, humidity, and scratches are some of them. So, to ensure that your Rolex watch performs well for many years as on the day you bought it, all … Read more

Best Watch Investment Under 5000

Best Watch Investment Under 5000

Investing in wristwatches might sound unreasonable, but it’s one of the best options for investment. Unlike some other considerable options, it is easy to store, requires minimal maintenance, and doesn’t occupy too much space. 5,000 is a general scale for purchasing a functional watch that possesses mind-blowing qualities and serves the essential purpose. These watches … Read more