Is Armitron A Good Watch?

is armitron a good watch

A high-quality and stylish timepiece should be essential in every lady’s and gentleman’s wardrobe. Yet, it often means spending some serious cash. For this reason, one watch brand took the challenge of producing sleek, durable, and functional watches that everyone can afford. It’s the Armitron watch brand, a combination of “Armin” and “electronics.” But are … Read more

Is Bulova a Good Watch Brand?

Is Bulova a Good Watch Brand

Bulova has established itself as one of the top and longest-running watch brands throughout its history and has left its cultural impact.  In this article, we will discuss the brand, review some of its best timepieces, and answer the question, “Is Bulova a good watch brand?” Bulova, adorned by soldiers and astronauts, continues strong today … Read more

Is Citizen A Good Watch?

Citizen is currently the second-largest manufacturer in the watch market. More than 20% of its timepieces come from the Japanese company. So, you might wonder, “Is Citizen a good watch brand?” For this blog post, we created a Citizen Watches Review so we can dive in and better understand if the brand is worth it.   … Read more

Is Invicta a Good Watch?

Is Invicta a Good Watch

If you are a watch enthusiast, you probably know about Invicta. Even though the watch brand has only recently gained popularity, it is considered one of the world’s leading high-end brands. However, the Invicta watch reviews are mixed. Some watch collectors describe it as a good, handy watch, while others are unsatisfied with this product. … Read more

Are Watches a Good Investment?

Are Watches a Good Investment

Investing in watches is a controversial topic. Some watch collectors say it’s fruitful, while others say it’s a waste of money. So, you might wonder, “Are watches a good investment?” Luxury watches are thriving in the marketplace. They can also be an excellent investment if done wisely. To assist you in making better judgments, we … Read more

Is Seiko a Good Watch?

Is Seiko a Good Watch?

Seiko is one of the world’s most famous and well-respected Japanese watch brands. The brand started as a small shop in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan, owned by Kintaro Hattori. It produces high-quality timepieces and promotes Japanese craftsmanship. However, you might wonder, “Is Seiko a good watch?”  Seiko’s name means “exquisite,” which the watchmaker has stood for … Read more

Do Citizen Watches Hold Their Value?

do citizen watches hold their value

The best watches you can find in the market are classic, sturdy, beautiful, and inexpensive – the kind you’d want to wear daily. And Citizen is one watch brand that hit those marks.  It’s a Japanese company that has been producing watches for over 100 years. However, do Citizen watches still hold their value in … Read more

Affordable Pilot Watches

Affordable Pilot Watches

Pilot watches are one of the most famous timepieces, known for their sporty, appealing, and functional features. Since they are designed for a pilot, they can be expensive. Luckily, the market also produces affordable pilot watches. Like dive watches and other timepieces, many individuals wear pilot watches for their purpose and simply because they appreciate … Read more

Are Fossil Watches Good?

Are Fossil Watches Good?

Fossil watches are one of the most well-known brands of fashion watches. These watches are renowned for offering a solid compromise between reasonably priced rates and high-quality components.  However, you might be wondering, “Are Fossil watches good?” Founded in the mid-1980s, this watch brand is known worldwide for its watches, leather goods, and clothes. Moreover, … Read more

Best Vintage Watch Under $100


In the watch world, the term vintage can be quite subjective. Some timepiece designs may be classified as a classic by some age groups but contemporary by another.  There’s no really one size fits all classification when it comes to categorizing a certain timepiece as vintage except for the fact that it stood the test … Read more