Best Time Teacher Watches

Best Time Teacher Watches

Learning the time is relatively easy with children’s watches if you pick the right one. The learning process tends to get tricky. Consistency will allow one to get the logic in no time. Therefore, we collected some of your kid’s best time teacher watches. To enhance consistency, wear a wristwatch to ensure familiarity with the … Read more

Best Dive Watch For Small Wrist

Best Dive Watch For Small Wrist

The underwater experience has never been the same since dive watches were invented. Although they were made initially for the simple task of telling time underwater, recent brands have included essential mechanical tracking and health monitoring features for divers. Since diving watches typically have a rugged and masculine design, they are made to accommodate the … Read more

How Long Do Quartz Batteries Last?

How Long Do Quartz Batteries Last?

Have you ever asked yourself, “How long do quartz batteries last?” Ninety-five percent of battery-powered watch users have asked about the battery life of their watch. However, the battery’s lifespan depends on the movement used.  Generally, most quartz batteries last about two years before requiring a battery change. Sometimes, it may last longer than this, … Read more

Celebrities Who Wear Rolex

celebrities who wear rolex watches

What is it about celebrities who wear Rolex watches and their affinity for them? It seems like a rite of passage – become famous and then adorn one’s wrist with a Rolex. Whether it’s Paul Newman, Jennifer Lopez, Daniel Craig, or Kevin Hart, the list just goes on. There’s no denying that these celebrities got … Read more

Bob’s Watches Reviews – Is the Site Safe to Buy From?

bob's watches reviews

Some of the big names in watches are known for their high rates. Meanwhile, some brands excel in offering quality timepieces without the hefty price tag. While scrolling through the different watch options on purchasing sites, you may have come across some listings for Bob’s Watches. These timepieces may have looked too good to be … Read more

Breitling Vs Rolex

Breitling vs Rolex

Breitling and Rolex are two popular choices for choosing luxury watches. But which one is the better option? To find out, we created an in-depth comparison of Breitling vs Rolex. Throughout the years, these luxury watch brands have established themselves as leaders in the industry. Breitling with its innovative designs, while Rolex with its timeless … Read more

Is It Safe To Buy Rolex On Amazon?

Is it Safe to Buy Rolex from Amazon

Rolex timepieces are popular among many people for their style and durability. While Amazon sells various products, you may wonder if it is safe to buy Rolex watches on the site. Rolex is one of the well-known watch companies that produce high-end watches. The watch brand has been in business for over 100 years and … Read more

Breitling Service Cost: How Much Should You Expect To Spend?

Breitling Service Cost: How Much Should You Expect To Spend?

Have you ever wondered about the Breitling Service cost? Over time, your watch will experience the natural wear and tear of everyday use. Whether it’s a scratched crystal or a malfunctioning chronograph, sooner or later, your watch will need some TLC from a professional.  Like other watch brands, Breitling watches hold their value exceptionally well, … Read more

Rolex 14060 Vs. 14060M

Rolex 14060 vs 14060M

Are you considering buying the Rolex Reference 14060 and wondering how different it is from the 14060m version? First, congratulations on being a few steps away from becoming a part of the exclusive community united by this excellent watch brand. Second, the “M” indicates a slightly updated movement on the Rolex watch. I don’t intend … Read more